Blind Item – January 2018 5

Today’s blind item is about this actress, who still has a job but it’s a job that is hanging on by a thread because people have realised that she’s just a pretty face, who can’t act. It’s funny because she was once called a lucky mascot when her films were doing well and she was in high demand, as an actress. A couple of solo and flop films later, people realised that she is the same in every film and when she’s not the same, she’s acting like a Hollywood legend on screen like she did in her last film.

The movie that she’s working on is a biopic, which she confirmed herself earlier this week has been postponed because she is currently focusing on the South film that she’s doing. We are guessing the blind item below took place in the biopic that she is working on. Also, we are going with her as our guesses because she’s the only young actress with a boyfriend, who also happens to be an actor and filmmaker. Check out the blind item below from IndianExpress.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January 2018 5



As this is our actress’ first time with the director of her upcoming film, the starlet expected that she will be treated like royalty and given a free hand to do what she wants to. Alas, things did not go exactly her way. Our source from the sets blurted that our young actress was on several occasions rebuked for wasting time on her phone talking to her alleged boyfriend, who himself is also trying to get his film on the floor soon.

The lovey-dovey chatter during outdoor schedules was rather annoying for the director especially because they got delayed only because the actress just did not to get off the phone. After several polite warnings in person, almost towards the end of an outdoors schedule, the actress got reprimanded in front of the crew for not getting off the phone and shoot the scene that has been ready for more than half an hour. Our actress quickly got rid of her phone and started shooting after she apologized to the filmmaker. Post that incident, the actress has maintained a distance from her phone especially when the filmmaker is around. Of course, she doesn’t want the word to spread around that she is reckless on a set especially given the number of films in her kitty.

Better late than never we say, girl! You will get all the love but work is worship, darling. Take a cue from friends and family, dear! So have you guessed who this cute actress is and which director reprimanded her? If yes, then show off your awesome puzzle solving skills in the comment section below. Until next time, Ciao darlings!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Boyfriend: Farhan Akhtar

Film: Sania Nehwal Biopic

Blind Item – January 2018 5

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18 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    @admin you seem to have missed a couple of blind items posted by pinkvilla on this blog. Are you avoiding posting blinds by pinkvilla? Here is the latest one regarding Dimple and Sunny getting married. But isn’t Sunny still married to his wife.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have a question. Is it true that Vicky Kaushal was supposed to play Maharawal Ratan SIngh but Deepika Padukone wanted a bigger star?

    • Pooja says:

      I don’t know to what extent this is true but, if it is then it’s kind of good for the film i guess coz Vicky Kaushal will kind of look young in front of Dp , sasha although not well buit looks more mature . Anyways read slb rubbished all these rumors. I’ve read articles on slb approaching hritik and srk for rawal ratan singh’s role – but they declined as the film was titled padmavati and there will be two heros .

      • Lisa says:

        You think so? I feel like Shahid was horrible in the film. Couldn’t stand him. I have also heard that some actors refused the role because it was called “Padmavati”.

        Dear Admin, could you enlighten us about this. Did SRK really decline to star in it because the film was named after a woman? And was Vicky Kaushal approached but Deepika didn’t want to?

    • sweettooth01 says:

      back then there were rumours tht the actors approached for that role were not happy with the screen time allotted to tht role..later slb increased it for shahid..even if DP wanted a bigger star,then its totally understandable since shes reached a stage where she gets to decide who gets to act next to her(something a lot of heroes do)..

      personally i found shahid short and tiny and not havng a king like stature in the in the full length shots he looks too weak..maybe its just me but he dint look like a king at all..he acted well but no king like aura to him..

      • Amanda says:

        I agree with Shahid not having a king like aura.. That’s the reason,he cant be a superstar…… But,his was the most one-dimensional role…I can understand why he isn’t getting that praised… I liked all the emotional scenes having him… If the role was done by a lesser known actor,then padmavati(role) would have got more screen time and he(the rajput king role) would have been used only for basic scenes..The overall length of the film would have been shorter too…

        Breaking news :

    • Monalisa says:

      There was a blind or maybe a news article (can’t recall what exactly it was) that DP put her foot down when SLB suggested Vicky Kaushal for the role as she wanted a better known name casted opposite her.

      • Lisa says:

        I actually really like her but this is such diva attitude. What if SRK had said that in OSO?? Then she never would have gotten the chance to act. She litterly took the chance away from Vicky Kaushal, who isn’t lucky enough to be a star kid to break into mainstream cinema. This is actually really wrong from her side. Thanks to Deepika Shahid was cast who almost ruined the film for me!

        • Pooja says:

          Wow Diva attitude??? Like really???

          Hero’s like literally get to decide who stars opposite them like srk,amir,salman,ranbir- gets whichever heroine they like onboard – but no one questions them . Society is always biased towards women – they call women diva’s , bitch and what not when they call the shots. In my opinion vicky will look total mismatch( he looks younger than her ) opposite Dp – i can imagine sonu sood or fawad khan etc.

          If slb did’nt wan’t shahid he wouldn’t take him no matter how much Dp asks, Read articles which stated ranveer was really upset when slb roped in shahid – why would slb go overboard with upsetting his muse and hero if he really thought shahid wasn’t worth the mess and if he didn’t think he ads value to the movie. Would slb pay shahid a whooping 9- 10 cr just to satisfy Dp’s demands???

          I’m not a big fan of shahid’s performance in padmaavat but calling out women when they call shots is biased, People would never question men when they make decisions.

          • Lisa says:

            Oh god dont make it a man-woman thing.
            I have criticized the Khans several times for being so sexist and having the power to choose over any actress they like.
            I have also criticized many production houses for always announcing the male lead first for a movie and not thinking about the female lead because according to them “actressess” can be replaceable.
            I have also criticized “actors” like Akshay K or Tiger for being sexist in their movies and playing the typical hero saving the girl.

            But that doesn’t mean I won’t critize Deepika when I feel she is wrong only becuase she is a woman.

          • sweettooth01 says:

            hi lisa..u do have a point here..
            but its a known fact after chennai express srk got insecure of dp being a reason behind his success which was why he dint take her for a lot of films pre and post happy new year as well..
            and he mustve seen something in dp when he okayed her for OSO..she looked every bit her role in that film although she ws only a beginner..
            vicky kaushal is not a star kid,but hes not an outsider either(his dad is shyam kaushal)
            also when u dont want to work with someone bcos ur insecure theyl steal ur limelight then its wrong..but if u want a bigger star next to you is quite normal (i obvsly want the best guy in the team to be allotted to my project if im in a position to choose when the stakes are too high)
            adding shahid to the cast has only increased the expectations and popularity of this film and dint do any damage but only good things..
            and dp acted next to neil nithin mukesh,irfan was irfan khan’s best commercial success that put him as a bwood hero and not as a side actor

          • Amanda says:

            @sweettooth01,you are right.. Having shahid added only increased the buzz… Deepika can chose whom she wants to work with if she feels someone chosen by production team,may not suit the character wel…. Vicky Kaushal might have looked younger than her,,,

          • kiran101 says:

            Here is the truth : DP was always Padmavathi and Ranveer was Khilji for Bhansali from the get go. His only challenge was casting Rawal ratan singh. He needed a reasonably Big star for this role…and a lot of them refused for obvious reasons. DP ,SLB and Ranveer have a lot in stake since its their consecutive period movie with very High budget …. all 3 main cast need to bring in collections which Vickey Kaushal may not fit the bill according to trade.

            They needed a star …they did not have the ego that SLB-DeepVeer trio is good enough. Vickey kaushal may have been considered for the role like many ex Fawad Khan.

            Is Shahid a good fit ? Yes , considering the circumstances and Shahid is a good actor with decent star value. He did not have projects at that time while he was doing ‘Udata’ and ‘Rangoon’ . He negotiated a good price for this role , his only chance perhaps to be part of such magnum opus which he never had and also working with Bhansali which he wanted to.

            i saw the movie Ratan singh character is kind of a loser , makes a lot of wrong moves for usool … only a good actor can do justice to that role by not making a Lame out of ratan singh.

            Yes , he does not have the statuesque for a king on a whole but he was the best SLB could get .It was a tough challenge for the team… Maybe DP also put forth her thoughts since she had to not sign any movie for 1.5 years to work on Padmavathi…I am glad she got to put forth her opinion to SLB if its true. Also, SLB is uncompromising about few things i highly doubt he would listen to anyone on casting. Everyone knows he refused salman to cast Katrina as mastani….like he would care to listen to DP unless he himself was taking that direction aneways.

  3. leap says:

    have seen this news so many times why cant they just sign another actress rather thn making a bad film

  4. Amanda says:

    Amole gupte is good filmmaker.. If shraddha concentrates and completes the film, her career may take a turn.. This film if turns out well, it may put her back in the league…

  5. FanOfBlindItems says:

    i thought anushka shetty was doing the south film Saaho with Prabhas…heard shraddha was charging wayyy tooo much….glad she is in the film….kinda bored seeing anushka and prabhas together….they gotta give some gap before pairing up again….btw anuska’s latest horror movie bhaagmathie is tooo good….please check it out if you can….

    • Amanda says:

      Prabhas and anushka are consciously avoiding working with each other… The three movies that they worked together are spaced well.. I want them to work together after some years..

      Anushka does good in horror type or regal roles.. I am keen to watch bhagmati..

    • Pav says:

      Thanks for the movie tip. I love horror movies but except for pizza and Siddharth ‘s(south) movie, I haven’t seen any good Indian horror movie

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