Blind Item – February 2018 – Bollywood 5

The other blind item for today is by Telegraph India. It is not a blind item, per say, but a mixed one that comes in the form of a gossip news and blind item. It’s not that difficult at all to guess who this news item refrained from naming. We don’t even know why it’s this way when everyone can already guess who it’s referring to. What we want to know is, why in the world does this man think that he is the one who should advised someone else on marriage decisions? And, his logic does not even make sense.

Is it because he lost face and got humiliated because of her? If he had listened to her concerns, he wouldn’t have been used or he wouldn’t have gotten his b!tch taken over by some male dog in heat (his words not ours, he said that in an interview with Zoom that he was doing with Asin to promote ‘Ready’). So why the hate? It could be something deeper than that. Like, she refused to be part of his films, she refused to work with him or she refused his advances. Or maybe he was OK with his girlfriend at that time straying into the arms of this young actor? Any of these is possible. Still, if he doesn’t like people to advise him, he shouldn’t be doing that either!

Check out the not-so blind item to know who we are talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 5


Meanwhile, one isn’t sure if all other celebrity relationships will reach the altar. There’s whisper that one of the big Khans, who doesn’t much care for Deepika Padukone and has never worked with her, had a man-to-man conversation with Ranveer Singh, wondering if Khilji was moving in the right direction with his choice of life partner. One can’t say if Ranveer was influenced but we’ll know soon if there’s turbulence in his friendship with DP.

So why doesn’t this Khan like DP? There’s a story that when she was seeing Ranbir Kapoor and found him straying, she went to the Khan and told him that his girlfriend was double-timing him with her boyfriend. It is said that the Khan wasn’t amused with this tattling and whining. The temperamental Khan felt that instead of complaining about his girlfriend, DP should have been looking at her boyfriend’s jumping hormones. How much of this is garnish, one doesn’t know. But it is a fact that he has avoided working with DP ever since. Even though Deepika was eventually proven right – the girlfriend did move in with Ranbir soon enough.


OSOP Guess

Khan: Ultimate Godfather/Being Human/Salman Khan

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 5

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53 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Dp does charge a lot. Good for her. Age will catch up soon and she has to, make the best of her youth.

    • naughtytrini says:

      I doubt age will catch up on her. Kat’s age aint catching up on her. Every year she is celebrating her 30th birthday, so Deepika could do the same too. I can see the headlines will head the similar routes for Kat when she die as for Sridevi…. is she 52? is she 54? or is she 55?

      • Dee says:

        she’s closer to 60…if you see pictures of her first film she does not look 4 at all, more like 8-10. And, all the plastic surgery (skin, nose, lips, lipo, teeth) made her look young, very sad that she was chasing a unreasonable and dangerous notion of beauty. Very sad how she saw her close, I wish the family strength during such a tough time.

        • naughtytrini says:

          I am glad that somebody at least is bringing this up although I know now is not the time. I think you can pinpoint the actors who do numerous jobs (plastic surgeries) to those who enhance their beauty the healthy way (exercises, eating healthy, yoga etc.). Does anyone know if Malaika is into plastic? I can’t help it but even going to the funeral she had this sexiness about her. She and Shilpa have bodies to die for. I think putting aside all the circumstances that lead to sridevi’s death, we should really try and learn a lesson from this…easy way out? or hard way out with more benefits? I mean, going under the knife will make you look a certain way for a time but what are health benefits of that? there are more cons than pros that way. Yoga would actually not only help your outer image but also helps with depression, stress; in order words it helps your inner being as well. Just a thought. I know am am blabbing.

          • Admin says:

            These days, you don’t have to go under the knife. There are injections that can do the job. Malaika and her sister have their regular dose of injections. You can see it in the papz videos of them. The cheeks are puffier and lips are swollen. The problem lies with our society and the film industry for making these weak-minded women think that the only way to stay pretty is to have cosmetic procedures to stay young.

          • naughtytrini says:

            But isnt those injections harmful and just as bad as plastic surgery? Are these injections the injections that it is alleged that Kat does? I think injections may agree or may not agree with people in terms of swelling of the face, prolly if injected in the wrong spot wrong places are swollen and looks hideous. If Malaika is doing injections she sure is a pro at that, I couldnt have tell. I wonder who her doctor is….

          • Admin says:

            It’s not as harmful as going under the knife because of the anesthetic difference. With injections, doctors won’t really require the patients to go under anesthetic first. Most injections are just in and out. But going under the knife, another type of anesthetic is used and that sometimes, can be harmful to the heart and other health issues especially high blood pressure.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin, off topic but can you tell me if Deepika has done skin lightening. Tbh at one point I believed she did it but even now she looks brown at times. So is that also an injection that she takes time to time? Or just make up?

          • Admin says:

            Lighting and good makeup…even Rajnikanth looks fair at times…we have met him and he’s not the same skin tone as he appears onscreen, but he is a thorough gentleman..

          • naughtytrini says:

            I agree with the lighting and good makeup…maybe photoshopping too? that is pics that are posted? She sure doesnt look the same way as she did in Om Shanti Om though… I dont know if it is the makeup that is getting better every year or maybe you just got to be rich enough to look so exotic…. rich people always looks so nice because they have the time and money to go do their hair, nails every week. Poor me could only splurge if a big function coming up…thankfully that dont happen too often.

          • Admin says:

            She was very young when OSO released. She grew up and became an adult.

          • aishu says:

            Deepika seems to be a kind and nice girl. It is good she is getting to marry Ranveer who loves her. She is so popular that even after marriage she can keep working in films. All the best to her.

          • Ananya says:

            Ok so she hasn’t done it. Thanks for clarifying.

            Rajnikanth is gentleman? I thought Nasrudin Shah role in Dirty Pic was based on him.

  2. Monalisa says:

    Dabang 3 going to be released on the same day as RS’s Simmba. Looks like the curse/jinx of the Khans/ bollywood bigwigs trying to bring down emerging super stars from the next-gen is true. The announcement of Simmba’s release date was announced last year. Why all of a sudden talks of Dabang 3 releasing 9n the same date.

  3. Venus says:

    Love is blind, and sallu is so much in love with Kat that even till today hes holding a grudge against DP for tattling on her. I don’t understand, if he’s so much in love with her, y does’nt he just get back with her

  4. naughtytrini says:

    I can believe that Salman have given relationship advice to Ranveer as it concerns Deepika. Salman is no stupidy. He is seeing the proximity between Ranveer and Deepika, that chemistry they share, like what SRK and Kajol shared. He knows that that duo could take away box office successes from him. He knows that the both of them could actually make him non-existant. So he is doing what he can to stop that. Can anyone say there was any chemistry between Salman and any actress that was worth talking about? He dont have that type of chemistry with anyone but in real and in reel life. Maybe he could have had that with Aish but he blew it away. There is so many reasons for Salman to feel jealous and to want to put a stop to that equation of Ranveer and Deepika, one as written above, for he must remain a success as long as possible to satiate the greedy appetite of his overly extended family, and two because he is jealous he dont have anyone like that who could love him for himself and not what he can do for them to make them a success in life. Sadly I kind of feel sorry for him. All that money and all that success and he seem so sad.

    As for Ranbir, one day he will meet a girl who will do him just as he does all these girls, and when that happens he will end up like how SRK ended up in Devdas.

    • Monalisa says:

      @naughtytrini I never thought Sallu’s advice regarding DP may have something to do with the power struggle in bollywood. So many bollywood bigwigs/ star kids/ nepo kids are getting insecure of RS and DP individually and as a couple onscreen and offscreen as well. They are the most bankable and successful onscreen pair and if they get married they would become the ultimate power couple offscreen as well. They already have high brand values indvidually their union will increase it Other married acting couples like Saif-Kareena, Ash-Abhi, Kajol-Ajay are not bankable onscreen couple so RSDP have that advantage over everyone else. I don’t think RS is dumb enough to believe anything Salman says. Hope they make it through all this negativity and envy that surround them.

      • Ananya says:

        True I would really like to know what Rs replied if this blind is true. Lol.

        Plus @admin, Rk is bad news. DP knows it first hand. So why would she still be friends or let’s say cordial with him?

        Plus I’ve always wondered what actually happened between Kat and Dp other than Dp getting them red handed. Did she slap or abuse which is why the equation is still strained?

        I mean if Dp can be cordial with Rk then why not with Kat. And now that she has experienced the same stuff as Dp, why can’t Kat extend an olive branch too? In fact I see a lot of pr articles of them patching up and Rs playing a role in it. So ddoes that mean Kat wants to patch up but Dp is still in grudge?!

        But in a way Kat saved Dp life. Or is it bz he actively pursued Dp during yjhd, Kat feels insecure of her. But now the common reason doesn’t remain. I don’t understand their cold war even now!

        • naughtytrini says:

          oh honey dont even go there. Kat is bad bad news. Kat cannot be friends with anyone in bollywood. Kat’s past life have had such an effect on her she cant trust anyone and she is all about pursuing her fame and fortune no matter who she have to rub up on or screw over or walk all over. I dont want her anywhere near Deepika but I dont have to worry, Deepika will never ever truly trust her or even take her as a friend. She will be cordial with her as she is with everyone, like RK but I doubt Kat would even want that because of how Deepika is such a bigger star than her, the jealousy will prevail. By the way everyone want to associate their name with Deepika now, even in negative modes too so dont be surprise if you see fake Kat extending olive branches although I doubt she would since she have bhai supporting her right now. Also about that in a way kat saved dp life lol that was so hilarious lol I think RK is heartbroken that he allowed Kat to come into his life and mess up what he had with Deepika hence him always trying to hinge onto back to her. He knows Deepika was the best thing that ever happened to him but sadly I think he met her too young in life when he is in playboy mode. Later on in life he will regret it even more. Kat doesnt save anyone but herself and she only cares about herself and her family (sisters).

          • Ananya says:

            I don’t know. I just didn’t mean like thick friends. But you know the cordiality Dp and PC maintains despite the cut throat competition.

            In the case of Kat, the past is long gone and in the case of Anu, I thot her to be mature. So I don’t understand why these ladies can’t at least maintain a cordiality instead of giving vibes of jealousy. Think of me as naive, but I’d like to believe all of them have some good in them and none are bad like, literally bad. So can give it a shot.

            And yes that was meant to be hilarious. I feel like sallu still hung on Ash in a way tho there are girls walking in and out of his life, maybe Rk also sees what he lost is too precious to be lost. At the cost of sounding cheesy! I don’t know how else to put it. Back then I don’t think anyone would think it like this. But today with the kind of success and mass appeal she has and how the relationship with her gives Rs a stability in personal life as well as professional image, I’m sure Rk regrets big time.

            But Rs earned both unlike Rk who got it all too easy to realise it’s value. Yes he met her too early but I still don’t know if that’s an enough excuse. Rs was also a playboy when she met him and maybe Rk age at that time. But he changed and he has no qualms in admitting that he did shit in past but now he’s growing up. So it’s not actually about the time!

          • naughtytrini says:

            Oh my gosh, poor ananya πŸ™‚ I remember when I was like you, wishing everyone would just kiss and make up and everything would be nice, darn I miss those days πŸ™ I think the main reasons why they can’t be like that is that they are competitors in their career fields. Movies that might have been offered to Kat will now be offered to Deepika first, since she is more ‘bankable’ with her success. I do think that because Deepika is more successful than Kat it would Kat who would have to make the bigger sacrifice in mending bridges and not be envious of Deepika if she actually wants to do that but I dont think that would ever happen. And I reiterate, I doubt Deepika could ever forgive Kat for taking her boyfriend away from her. She is human after all and if I could talk about my own experiences, I didnt have a girl take my boyfriend away but I know for a fact I can never even be friends with any of my boyfriend’s exs. Thats too gross.

        • Monalisa says:

          @ananya RKDP ship is the biggest ship after RSDP ship. Also RK may not be doing well in his career but he is still a star kid, Due to his surname he got connections with the bigwigs in the industry like with Kjo. I think after Rishi blasted DP regarding the KWK episode, she learned her lesson, going against RK means going against a lot of bollywood bigwigs and patched up with RK and signed YJHD. No matter what she said during promotions of their movies her equation with RK is strictly professional. RK and his pr is taking advantage of her by attaching his name with her by painting her as someone not over him, still running after him and people believing the nonesense is due to the bad press she got during Tamasha promotion. People who actually know their history will know she will never go back to him.

          Kat and DP can never be friends just like Anu and DP can never be friends. Kat and Anu made it clear that DP is not their friend on KWK. They are just jealous of her. She got the career Anu wants and the stable, loving relationship Kat wants. So at the end she got the best of both worlds.

          • Ananya says:

            Yes Mona I think you’re right. Maybe 2010 when he suddenly again became outsider, she learned the game harsh way. She plays her game too but it’s only to save her skin I feel. Unlike how it’s put across as to pull down other actresses, I feel her pr has done a good job by helping her not to he pulled down. She is too introvert to build an image on her own and she used her pr where she failed or for her weaknesses. But she has,developed a lot too over the years in acting and in person. So it’s hard earned.

            And you concluded it well with the ending line.

        • kiran101 says:

          DP said she is friends with Anushka… she is not. She probably meant friendly with Anushka and RK. Frankly DP’s english is not so great.

          DP loved RK , she had memories and so maybe can forgive him due to residual feelings for her past. What does she have with KAT to forgive her for. This is the same reason why other women are hated but not their husbands…You never had any connect with the other woman.

      • naughtytrini says:

        Ranveer is surely not dumb. He loves Deepika and I dont think he would do anything to jeopardize that relationship with her especially as she is now coming out about her feeling for him and being seen comfortably with him in public. As for marriage, I hope they milk their courting period for all its worth. I long to see them get married but the naughty side in me wants to see as much drama about their relationship before they actually seal the deal.

        • Monalisa says:

          @maughtytrini I hope they will get married soon, just to see the reactions of these bollywood bigwigs/nepo kids/star kids. Just hearing rumours of marriage are making them so uncomfortable just wonder what will happen when they do get hitched. The drama.. Hope they have big fat wedding reception and invite all these people justo rub it in their face. Especially RK, Kat, Anu. Lol..

          • naughtytrini says:

            hahahha mona you are worse than me lol sadly I can see them having a very quiet wedding with just their immediate family and then after maybe a grand reception. Deepika doesnt seem to look like the one who would want to show off with grand weddings with lots of blings and funny designs like Sonam.

          • kiran101 says:

            their HIT movies are already burning so many asses. Who would have thought DP will move on to better and bigger person and star after RK. 2 super stars getting married…when did that ever happen…if it does this will be the first.

          • naughtytrini says:

            Actually two superstars did get married…Hema Malini and Dharmendra.. but I guess you are right, in their times we didnt have the social media to really air our views lol so this should be interesting… but dont talk to loud, if Kat reads this she might try all in her power and harrass poor bhai so she and he could be the first superstar couple to get married (in her mind she is a superstar).

  5. Ananya says:

    I don’t see why this blind is surprising to many. It can or cannot be fake. But either way its ok. Rs and Sallu was seen chilling during padma controversy and Sallu has this habit of playing godfather.

    And his dislike, I don’t think hate, for Deepika is understandable. She’s probably the only woman who rejected his films so many times. He never gave Kangana or Anushka a chance second time. But if I’m not wrong this is the 6th or 7th film she’s rejecting. And obviously she rejected his launch pad and came out in srk launch pad successfully. She made it without him and he hasn’t ever loved independent women.

    I feel after Ash she’s probably the only woman who rejected him so cruelly. And she has a stature today that’s challenging the khans. I don’t think it’s easy for any Khan to digest if a male actor superseeds them so how can they be when a female actor does it? Aamir showed his insecurity long back, srk did during Bajirao, and now Sallu. Wow I’m proud of Deepika for rattling so many feathers in industry. Mind you, I’m not a fan but it’s cool to see a woman reaching places bz I’m one.

    In a way I feel Dp had no business going to Sallu with the cheat story, maybe she thought he’ll keep Kat in control. To me it looked like the desperate attempt of a girl in love. But I’m glad she’s over that phase. All involved are in splits while she has emerged out like a Phoenix in personal and professional life. I don’t know her personally but this is my intuition. She doesn’t have the restless energy of PC or Kangana or Kat or even Anushka; she seems settled in personal and professional space for a person who’s reigning for five years and has the pressure to keep up. And please note I have nothing against the other ladies, I’m just staring my observation. Either she’s a good actress and hides her restlessness. But recently I’ve seen her really relaxed and happy and my intuitive feeling is that it cannot be fake or put on. Happy for her, if it’s true. Hope PC also achieves that in personal life. I like these two and Vidya tho won’t call myself a fan. But amazing ladies!

    • prvilla says:

      @Ananya The saddest part is this whole drama started because Salman allegedly thrashed up Ranbir loser Kapoor infront of Deepika and in the presence of Sanjay Dutt back in the days at some bar or something..and poor silly Deepika was caught in the cross-fire,as a result she rejected Salman’s film offer and chose to debut opposite Shahrukh in OSO..Ironically Deepika was the one who introduced RK to katrina..honestly I feel it’s Deepika who got the bad end of the stick in this entire situation,eventually this whole mess probably propelled her depression at the time and your right she seems to be in a much much better space now days and looks happy.Good for her,more power to her!

      • Ananya says:

        I agree. No the sallu offer came when she was a teenager and a model. Much before Rk. She has recounted it in many interviews.

        But yeah later offers maybe initially bz of thethe cross fire with Rk. And unlike popular opinion I don’t believe her depression was bz of Rk. Maybe it could be one of the reason. But actually such ailments don’t need a reason.

        Bwn 2010 and 2013 she was under so much pressure to make it big. I’ve heard she was hard on herself. Maybe all that broke out when finally success hit. Either way I commend her strength to come out in the open about depression instead of hiding behind ever smiling girl image.

        • prvilla says:

          It might not have been the cause but it definitely must have pushed her further into the vicious cycle,trust me i’m prone to depression and I know how certain factors can make the situation worse!But yeah agree otherwise.

          • Monalisa says:

            @prvilla I agree with you. The whole drama with RK might not be the cause but that impacted her a lot. I remember reading an article about her right after the breakup, where the journalist wrote that she used to break down in tears on Keley hum jee jaan set and the only time she smiled was when Ashutosh used to play badminton with her. She was shattered and shook. Below is what she said regarding the whole mess.

            “I was foolish enough to give him a second chance because he begged and pleaded, despite the fact that everyone around me said he was still straying. Then I actually caught him red-handed. It took me a while to get out. But having done that, nothing can make me go back. That ship has sailed.” – DP

            So it was basically a very bad relationship and she later in Simi select’s admitted they were very incompatible as well. Also she said as she was new in Mumbai and she never made friends and her only friends were his friends, so when they broke up she was lonely and we all know other heroines were never friendly with her. So she was a very lonely soul. And she was a workaholic after the breakup (she admitted during the RK phase she was not very focused on her career) doing back to back movies. All these coupled together may lead to depression. (I’m not an expert so these are just opinions).

          • Ananya says:

            Wow this is news to me. I never knew she talked openly about it and this frank. Yeah I’m not saying completely no, but it’s much more than that. One of the factors maybe.

          • Monalisa says:

            @ananya Both of them did talk about the relationship and the breakup quite frankly. Rk denied but later admitted to cheating as well. Some more details about their relationship according to one of DP’s interview in the link below. I think the main reason she is so tight-lipped about the RS relationship is because with RK she was quite openly gushing about the relationship and later had to give interviews clarifying/justifying the breakup. It seem she was quite naive back then.


          • Admin says:

            The problem with RK is that he plays with these girls emotionally and mentally. By the time these girls realise this, he has already moved on to the next girl. It’s why they find it hard to believe. It’s as if someone you believed and trusted in cheated you. Not cheated on you, but cheated you as in stabbed you in the back. The way both DP and Katrina lashed out at him pretty much showed that they felt they were taken for the RK ride.

          • Monalisa says:

            @admin RK is a manipulative psychopath..How can one forget the usually tight-lipped Kat lashing out at him and his family. That was one of the most unexpected interview ever.

            On another not, Apart from the other reaaons why I think RS cheating blinds are false, the main reason why I never believe RS cheating blinds is I can never see someone like DP, who had the courage to dump RK, someone she was clearly head over heels in love with that she got his initials permanantly inked on her body, would tolerate another boyfriend cheating on her. She had once dumped a cheater and moved on why would she not have the guts to do the same thing again if RS was a cheater. She actually have a good support system (her family and friends) who encouraged and supported her to leave RK, I think they will still do the same if RS was straying. But RS seem to be on very good terms with her family and friends.

          • Universal says:

            DP was head over heels in love for RK. With that tattoo and pda as well. That was a terrible breakup for her. I used to wonder why she would choose someone over the top like Ranveer after dating someone classy like RK. Over the time I realized that classy image was a carefully portrayed PR exercise and RK is more like gossip aunty. Ranveer on the other hand has always shown respect towards DP. And she has turned into a gorgeous, confident woman with time.

  6. Mona says:

    DP rejected many Salman Khan’s movies – Jai Ho, PRDP, Sultan, Kick . She was right in going to Salman.
    RS and DP are thick, Salman can’t break them up.

  7. Universal says:

    The entitled attitude and self-importance of these khans is staggering.

  8. prvilla says:

    This blind is as fake as the many stories coming out on PRVILL to purposely drive a wedge between SLB and Ranveer Singh..I mean since when were Salman and RS that chummy chummy?I’ve been noticing a lot of negativity regarding these two lately(Ranveer and Deepika)’s like most people are not able to digest their success and are trying every page in the book to take them down..disgusting!READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE!

    • Universal says:

      You remember our jinx discussion about actors who reach closest to challenging superstar tag of these Khans? It has started it seems

      • prvilla says:

        @Universal oh dear..I hope not cuz I happen to like both Salman and Ranveer,respectively..Well you might be right though..

  9. Nimi says:

    Fake news lol

  10. Rad says:

    Tho DP now behaves so dignified, at the time she was dating RK she did look very vulnerable. I think the breakup with RK and his treatment of her taught her a life lesson. Nw she looks to be in a very good place in life personally and professionally. If its her relationship with RS that is making her glow and be so poised and contented, she should hold on to him.

  11. WellMeaningFan says:

    Anybody but an ostrich can tell that this BI is fake. And to the daft idiot saying DP rejected TUBELIGHT – Kabir Khan has already clarified that the film had no scope for casting Deepika. The script required a woman of Chinese heritage and they pursued Zhu Zhu as she fit the bill.

    + Aditya Chopra has had ZERO equation with Deepika ever since Aamir chose Kat over her for D3. The famous “swop” in her own words.

    I used to be an addict for this website. But I think I am done now.

    Sri’s untimely demise has certainly jolted me back into my senses. I can’t possibly engage with people who derive a certain pleasure by ridiculing/mocking/judging public figures based on such trash piece of writing.

    Cheers, everyone. Wishing you all a good life.

    • WellMeaningFan says:

      ++ This BI paints everyone ( except Deepika) – Salman, Ranveer, Ranbir and Katrina – like a grade A a$$hole.

      PLEASE TAKE THE HINT and be a little more sensible.

      • sweettooth01 says:

        how does it show ranveer in a bad light..he dint react to that piece of advice given to him..smthng we all do when an unnecessary suggestion is given by the superiors..listen and walk away

  12. leap says:

    hey admin I read sometime back salman was the one who told anuskha to patch up with virat was that true ?? Also why is he being love guru to ranveer its odd. So salman is ok with all the people who take advantage of him and keep their mouth shut and is pissed at DP the only person who told him how he was being made a fool by kat slow clap for salman thn

  13. Pooja says:

    I think last sentence is wrong its dp who rejected at least 6films including sultan tube light bajrangi bhaijaan etc.lallu is leech he was real life khilaji. If ash -lallu played padmavati n khilaji it made their silsila film moment.too real for reel.

  14. Monalisa says:

    I always thought Salman hated DP because she rejected his movie offer. After seeing her in Himesh’s video song he was the first one to offer her a movie role, way before OSO, which she rejected. Maybe she rejected because he was asking for something in return for his favour. We all know how he operates with the girls he helps. He also got Sooraj B to cast Sonam instead of DP, Sooraj’s first choice for Prem Ratan. Also there was recent news DP rejected Kick 2 as well. Looks like Salman has an axe to grind with DP. Never knew about DP telling him about RK-KK affair.

    Salman Khan giving people relationship advice. LMAO..
    I think this is fake. I don’t think RS and Salman share such a great rapport that Salman will give his two cents to RS on his relationships. Despite this, if he gave such advice, he must really think of himself as the sage, wise, godfather of BW who can give anyone unsolicited advice on everything. Also who ever listens to and follow his relationship advice must be an utter fool.

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