Blind Item – February 2018 – Bollywood 4

The blind item below is by Mumbai Mirror, which was posted today. We are sharing it here to take the attention away from the tragic and shocking news that have kept us all occupied since it happened. The blind item is not that hard to figure out since things have been out in the open. It’s about this actress turned chat show host, who gets to invite her friends over for a talk and then have everyone listen to that chat. It’s good that she found someone and that someone is not that bad either; he’s pretty good-looking and was one of the actors in ‘Inside Edge’.

Know that this blind item was posted by Mumbai Mirror today and that nothing else in that column suggested that the writer was aware of the latest happenings in Bollywood. It seemed that it was written beforehand. It won’t be long before we start getting blind items on the shocking situation. For now, check out the blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 4


This beautiful chat show host β€” who has just had a major film behind her β€” may not have had much luck in love. But she doesn’t waste time in going out and looking for it. We hear she’s been spending lots of time with this hunky wannashine actor (he’s handsome and loaded, thanks to his daddy’s career innings). The two have been spotted at lunches and parties galore, and always head to each other’s home for their own private after-party. We like.


OSOP Guesses

Host: Neha Dhupia

Actor: Angad Bedi

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 4

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 4


Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 4

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18 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Neha Dupia ruined Vogue BFF show for me. The first season was great and fun with some interesting combo of celebs but (going by the promos of the second season) she is hosting, feels like one is watching KWK part 2. Promoting Kjo gang by inviting people from that gang (Kjo, Shweta Bahchan, Manish, Alia), all the talk about RK-Alia hookup and Sid-Alia breakup and asking the celebs about the type of gossipy stuff Kjo asks them on KWK.

    This lady is cunning and very opportunistic. Poor Sophie C. is also hanging out with Manish-Kjo gang but never get the opportunities and exposure thia lady get.

  2. Universal says:

    Wasn’t Angad Bedi with Nora fatehi not long ago? Even in Yuvraj’s wedding photos!

    • Shivanisd says:

      Thats what I was wondering! But these BW ppl move fast. Nora was with prince narula in bigg boss now hes engaged to yuvika. How can yuvika accept him when he rejected her in favour of nora i dont understand.

      • Universal says:

        That was a diff case actually. Before they could get close, yuvika was evicted. Also, they have been dating since 2 years now so it was natural progression to engagement.
        While in this case, there were a lot of pics of Angad and Nora till recently. Now suddenly with Neha. Funny world of bollywood!

        • Shivanisd says:

          I dont know. If i had been publicly rejected in favour of another girl i would have rather stayed single my whole life than be with that person. But this nora doesn’t seem to me like a decent woman.

      • Alice says:

        Yuvika has dated one Politician Son and even dated many Industrialist But Got no Luck and marriage didnot happen. Yuvika has always been a smart girl and even after Bigg Boss she dated some Producer but again Zero Luck…

        She has seen Prince has connections with Ranvijay and MTV people, Prince-Yuvika has signed shows contract with MTV also. Age is also catching up, So finally she is settling with Prince But God knows for how long.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Thnx Alice for the info. I think yuvika is quite cute and wish her all the best with prince in her future married life. Though he still should not have chosen nora over yuvika.

  3. Nimi says:

    Yuck lol BW is a giant incestuous party – everyone is doing everyone. My god!!!
    On that note, I do like Angad, he’s handsome and he was good in Pink. Haven’t seen TZH so can’t comment.
    I don’t like Neha however for many reasons! Oh well!

    • Shivanisd says:

      Agree with u he was good in pink. Neha seems too full of herself. When she won miss india there were prettier girls than her like sonal.

  4. Mona says:

    How has Neha become such a hot property all of a sudden? She was B grade actress and now she is in KJo’s inner circle. Such movement rarely happens in B town,

    • lightsaber says:

      Neha’s movement into KJo/Manish M’s inner circle has been in the works for several years now. For the longest time, she used to be quite the gossip girl feeding Btown blind item fodder to news outlets. She is a part of MM’s set of party girls that always shows up at celebrity parties in MM clothes. She is also known to moonlight as a high-end escort. Contacts go a long way in Btown.

    • Alice says:

      I was watching Roadies promos, Yes I’m Sorry, I am an adult and should not have seen that stupid show, but yeah whatever!!! …. And i noticed Ranveer Singha telling a contestant tha KJO is Neha Dhupia’s Best friend and I was like… WHATTTT!!!?!!??!!
      Neha Dhupia is surving in this industry for so long without doing anything is really surprising and same for Sophi Chaudhary. Even DIa Mirza is visible in every party, I wonder HOw??? Admin, pls bataoooo……

      • Admin says:

        Connections and A$$ licking (Pardon our French), what else!

        • Alice says:

          Admin, Thanks for replying. I have a request and I am sure you have all the answers. Pls do a post on Aditi Rao Hydri. People say she is about 40 but I really wonder, How she looks like in early 20’s… I really admire her beauty … Pls do a post on her.

          Also, can you pls do a post on page3 Delhi socialities or Instagram Models /Bloggers .. That will be a lot of Fun πŸ˜‰

      • Shivanisd says:

        U cant compare dia to thesr wannabe stars, like neha and sophie! Dia is decent, married to a movie producer. So obviously she will be in parties.

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