Blind Item – February 2018 – Bollywood 2

The first blind item for today is about this actor. It’s not that hard to really know who we are talking about since he has been in a lot of blind items that include the mention of his female co-stars. We don’t know the behind the scenes story on this blind item, how did he suddenly started taking an interest in this actress? He just moves on from one girl to another like he does in his professional life by jumping from one film to the other.

As of now, it seems that he is doing his best to get this girl opposite him in his films. Why? Does he want to get close to her or is he already close to her and want to spend more time with her? Only he knows! Check out who we are talking about in the blind item by Mumbai Mirror below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 2


A married actor with half a dozen films in the pipeline keeps insisting that a particular leading lady be cast opposite him. The two have already featured in one film together and have another coming up soon. Now, we’ve heard he’s bagged her a third film, also featuring him. While producers seem to be succumbing to the successful star’s casting demands, we wonder what the actress’s boyfriend of four years has to say about their fruitful partnership.


OSOP Guesses

Married Actor: Akshay Kumar

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 2


Leading Lady: Taapsee Pannu

Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 2


Blind Item – February 2018 - Bollywood 2

Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming Films:

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24 Responses

  1. shivanisd says:

    I guess its ileana and ajay. Something about their chemistry in baadshaho reminds me of ajay kangana in once upon a time in Mumbai. He looks at her the same way. So what if shes married. Akshay and ajay are married doesn’t stop them from fooling around.

  2. Pooja says:

    Its ajaybn ilena n film must be total damaal.

    • Admin says:

      But Ajay does not have a lot of films in production. He has one up for release and another one, which he hasn’t started shooting for yet.

      • Pronto says:

        So it is either AK-TP or AD-IDC – and like Admin says, we’ll know soon in the near future. Admin – pls ignore the haters & the critics – as you know, the majority of OSOP readers do not share these sentiments at all – in fact, unlike other websites, OSOP has remained unbiased – there is no prejudice or influence of anyone so far as OSOP is concerned which is why we keep coming back to you. More power to you, may your tribe increase (though I doubt it in today’s day and age!). Godspeed.

        • Pronto says:

          Also just remembered having read somewhere that Neeraj Pandey and AK had a fallout on account of Tapsee – so go figure! One more point to Admin I guess πŸ™‚

        • Admin says:

          Thanks. God bless you too. πŸ™‚
          It’s alright for everyone to have an opinion, but as for us, this is not a game and we don’t point fingers without doing a thorough research. We are reasonable with other readers’ guesses if they are right, but this time we are sure we are right.

  3. jumna says:

    i think this is ajay devgn.twinkle never allows akshay to work with actresses he had affair with.
    but kajol never does that. kangana too did many movies with ajay.when they had a thing.
    ileana has a foreigner boyfriend.

  4. AnanyaR says:

    Hi, I disagree with the previous comments stating that the admin is being biased towards Akshay. Admin don’t create these blind items and they are only giving their best guesses. OSOP isn’t supported by anyone’s PR, and the website owners should be credited for remaining that way.

    However Admin, I think the married actor here is probably Ajay Devgn and the lady is Ileana D’Cruz. Taapsee already has two films with Akshay (Baby and Naam Shabana).. Ajay however has only one film with Ileana (Baadshaho), and they have Raid coming up very soon. There were also news articles previously about Ileana being in consideration for another one of Ajay’s films. Lastly, Ileana is also known to have a long-term boyfriend (the photographer dude). These are just my thoughts…

    • Admin says:

      It’s OK, it’s fine for others to have opinions. For now, we think it’s Akshay and Taapsee. Let’s see their upcoming films then we will know for sure.

  5. Akshaye says:

    It surely is not Akshay as none of his upcoming films have Taapsee. Do not know what is the problem of the admin with Akshay. Completely irrelevant article.

    • Akshaye says:

      It is actually Ajay Devgn and the actress is Ileana D’Cruz as she has her upcoming film ‘Raid’ with him. Only if the admn could get over his hate with Akshay Kumar.

      • Kali says:

        Ileana is married to Andrew Kneebone. She has confirmed it on social media but chooses not to discuss her relationship with the media because of privacy reasons. Much appreciated that she hasn’t gone the Shahid-Mira way.

        • Amanda says:

          Looking at the number of posts on PV on Shahid and Mira,I cant help laughing…. This headline “Mira Rajput can’t handle the pain of separation from husband Shahid Kapoor; misses him majorly” made me lol

          • shivanisd says:

            Lol she should keep shahid locked up at home.

          • Monalisa says:

            @amanda After Kareena saying she cry every time Saif leave, Mira has to release an article to show that she too can’t bear to be without Shahid. Lol..

            I get the feeling that Shahid and Mira are competing with Bebo and Saif to see who can release the most pics of their babies, get random mundane articles written about them on pv, get papped going to the gym, restaurant, with their families, babies….etc..

          • Amanda says:

            There were pics of Taimur leaving a gym… I dont know about gyms for kids….

        • shivanisd says:

          Might not have gone the shahid mira way but she definitely went the vaani kapoor- nimrat kaur way ie sleeping with actors for roles ( if the ileana ajay rumor is true)

  6. Sandy says:

    I think the blind item is about Ajay Devgan and Iliana D’Cruz

  7. Rashmi says:

    . Taapsee is not even in taste Akshay. Akshay really liked Nimrat, it was obvious, but where are her other projects? Twinkle immediately forbade Akki to work with her, she saw sympathy with his and her side. Jacqueline was also the favorite of Akki, now also does not work with him. And these actresses are completely in the taste of Akshay. Does Twinkle not see that Akshay is interested in Taapsee? She’s not stupid. Of course sees and guessed, so why is Taapsee still a protege of Akshay? And how is Radhika? to be honest, these blind are more like someone’s imagination, when Akshay’s career went uphill, they began to write about him too often, as if specifically. (By the way, no one wrote about the love interest of Akki to Miss Gupta or Miss Qureshi, even gossip was not, but both of them are much more interesting and sexier than TaapsΠ΅Π΅. “Akshay with TaapsΠ΅Π΅ already had 2 films, not one.” Baby and Shabana

  8. Pronto says:

    Alternatively, could it be Ajay & Ilena?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it could be them too. However, here are all the clues that this blind item gives, which pretty much point at Akshay:
      half a dozen films = Akshay
      successful star = Akshay
      boyfriend of four years Taapsee and boyfriend. (They have been on and off for in the four years of their relationship)

      While Ajay and Ileana did act together in two films, the first one was a flop. It’s not considered a fruitful partnership. Ileana lives-in with her boyfriend, Andrew Kneebone. They have been dating for more than 5 years and she’s quite serious about him. As for her and Ajay’s relationship, it was previously reported that they were having an affair and it’s why he had her cast in ‘Raid’. Plus, Ileana is reportedly married, which is what she has been indicating since last year but won’t confirm it.

      • Kali says:

        I agree with you Admin, but it is getting quite tiresome to see all these AK blinds. There is no variety in BI these days. It’s the usual Alia-Ranbir, AK-sidepiece type ke items. The recent spate of blind items are clearly planted by KJo. IDK why Alia even consents to her name being dragged through the mud. She is talented enough and has enough filmy connections to not resort to such tactics. What is the need to be portrayed as a desperate actress in love with her co-star or as an infatuated fan?

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