Blind Item – February 2018 9

This blind item below is by That website sometimes posts blind items, but most of these blind items are rehashed from other websites. The blind item below was shared by a reader and we are sharing it with all of you here. Before we start, let us let you that this blind item was released last year in September so we are going to go by what happened last year based on the clues and decide who this blind item is about.

It’s not that hard to know who this blind item is about. This young actor is the only one in his generation of actors to have a good success rate at the box office. It’s not that crazy to think that he used to feel this way because now things are actually going to really get competitive. Just check out the blind item to know more. What do you think is the secret to this young actor’s box office success? Is it his affordable and not-exaggerate acting fee or is it his fanbase?



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February 2018 9

This Bollywood Heartthrob Is Spending Sleepless Nights

He is hot, a good performer, has some of the most amazing film offers up his sleeve and is part of one of the most awaited films, slotted to release soon. You’d expect him to spend sleepless night worrying about the upcoming release and it’s reception among the audience and the critics. However, that’s not on his mind at all.

The actor is running worried about something totally unrelated to his film and it is unfortunate. We hear, that the young actor is living in a state of constant paranoia. He started his career by signing one commercial film after the other and just when people started talking about his professional choices and were about to dub his work as β€˜stereotyped’ and his acting skills as β€˜non-versatile’, he surprised us all by doing a dark role.

Now, he has undoubtedly become one of the most successful actors amongst his peers and he feels that isn’t making his contemporaries really happy. He feels that peeps in Bollywood are scheming against him and are looking for a chance to see him slip or commit a mistake – personal or professional – to take him down.

So bad is his paranoia that it has forced the actor to distance himself from his contemporaries, some of whom are also his friends. He is reluctant about going to parties and even if he does, the once β€˜party ki jaan and shaan’ actor has started to make an early exit. He had always kept his personal life underwraps and now, with his current state of mind, he has become all the more guarded.

Well, I feel he has nothing to worry about since his upcoming film, that sees him fill big shoes, has great buzz around it. He also has some very interesting projects coming up next year. He is certainly getting better in his craft and we are sure success will follow!


OSOP Guess

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Blind Item – February 2018 9

With 9 Straight Hits, ‘Judwaa 2’ Lead Varun Dhawan Has Become A Bona Fide Bollywood Superstar

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27 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    Why do you think it’s Varun? It rings more close to Rs. And Rs being an outsider has more chance to be the soar eye for industry insiders than Varun.

  2. Universal says:

    Dhishoom was an avg grosser at best, Dilwale was flop. Except Badlapur, he looks and acts almost the same in every movie. Sorry to his fans here but I don’t think he is a good actor.

  3. Samantha says:

    How many feel its a PR stunt fr his upcoming secretive movie October? Cmon Daddy David Dhawan can be like sugardaddy KJo, planting stories!!

  4. prvilla says:

    ROFL!Looks like someone was snooping around OSOP and happened to stumble upon the comments section!Some of these lines look copy pasted from our very own commentators here..the interesting part is those blinds were referring to Varun’s peers not him!Good that Varun is taking a cue but honestly I think he’ll be fine with KJO aunty and his fathers support.The real one’s who should be worried are those poor outsiders without a famous godfather or father for that matter!Gosh these days even this nepo mafia is trying to appear more relatable to the general public,starting with the ” kind and large-hearted soul ” bs karan was trying to shill and now this!Honestly read between the lines people..

    • leap says:

      @prvilla true bw going through the finical crisis the first victims will always be outsider the star kids will still get movies no matter how crappy their acting. Also with varun everyone knows by now he will eventually take salamn’s place

      • prvilla says:

        @leap He may be gaining some momentum in his own right but frankly IMO he is no Salman!Salman may be from a filmi family aswell but the guy had his fair share of struggles and wasn’t always a flowery path for him!Back in the day he paved his own way,unlike these easy come, easy go spoiled brats who literally are handed everything on a silver platter!Also this guy does not exude the effortless charm and wit Salman has,love him or hate him he has immense screen presence and does have a unique aura which is not easy to emulate!It is still too early to determine anything!The industry is quite unpredictable as it is..I mean Ranbir Kapoor was touted as the biggest thing to hit Indian cinema since Raj Kapoor so yeah..let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet..This is one of the reason’s I respect all the old school heroe’s including Akki,whose antics I despise btw!

        • leap says:

          @prvilla I agree salman in the 90’s had the charm and yes they had their struggles, they didnt have PR it was public and their movies that made them stars.Also when actors have survived in Bollywood that too on top for 20+ years you cant take that away from them . I meant in the style of movies varun does or seems be fallowing his footsteps.or the david dhawan brand of movies.

        • Rashmi says:

          just super. You despise Akki’s antics, but Salman’s drunken antics are an example for respect and a huge charm in your opinion. double standards

          • prvilla says:

            @Rashmi YUP!Anything else?It’s my personal preference and you have NO right to jugde!You can happily stick your favs,who care’s?

  5. goldengirl says:

    These stars are the most insecure and unhappy people in the world. If they are struggling or giving flops, they are worried and sad ,If they are at the top of their game with back to back hit, still they are worried and distress. Poor people they cant enjoy their life and success neither able to handle failure. We the common people are so better than these stars. Not as rich as them , cant travel the world but we are at peace and happy.

    • Amanda says:

      Really our lives are so sorted… Despite having all the wealth, I doubt whether they eat well or sleep well… Our friendships are real and our colleagues are cooperative…

  6. leap says:

    Trend of every blind about a star kid. life of party, hot, girls go crazy for them. Also No star kid will mess with each other by airing their dirt because the other party also has enough dirt on them. Also I dont think varun will be effected by one film under performing. hes a star kid unlike outsiders he wont be written off that easily. look at arjun far worse thn varun still working

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap This was a blind from September 2017 at the time of Judwa 2 release.

      • leap says:

        @Monalisa oh ok. but still if arjun is getting work what is varun worried about . These star kids dont have to stress about losing out on good work unlike outsiders. Their basic insecurity about failing or success not lasting comes from the fact that they know none of them are self made

        • Monalisa says:

          @leap You have hit the nail on the head as to why nepo/star kids are insecure. I mean we have prime examples of nepo kids like Abhishek, Esha Deol, Tushar Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Fardeen, Tanisha, Uday Chopra and many more who were given chance after chance ( in big banner movies or movies with hit making directors) yet at the end never made it because the audience never accepted them regardless of how much they were shoved down their throat. This must be their greatest fear.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap To spread negative gossip/rumours or to plant blinds about each other, these nepo kids do not have to dirty their hands. They can simply tell or drop enough hints to Kjo or one of the other members of his gossip mongering gang, who would do all the dirty work of leaking/planting/spreading rumours, gossips blinds.

  7. Rajak says:

    Admin can you please clear the doubt whether RS is an outsider or not?

  8. Pooja says:

    Where on mars dhisoom done 70cr????

  9. Amanda says:

    I thought it was ranveer singh πŸ˜‚

    • Monalisa says:

      @amanda Me too. Because of the ‘party ka jaan and shaan’ clue. And he was avoiding diwali parties last year.. haha Thanks for clarifying @admin

      Varun should not have such worries and insecurities. No matter what happens his father and brother will produce/ direct movies for him. Just like Rakesh Roshan keep on producing/ directing movies for HR whenever his career hits the down. Perks of being a nepo/star kid.

    • Amanda says:

      This shows that even nepo kids are not safe… They too have to stay away from all jealous colleagues…. There are enough negative blinds of so many nepo kids – Ranbir, Alia, sara, Varun, shahid, hrithik etc….. RS need not worry as his pr is very smart… They know to handle any negative news about him

      • Monalisa says:

        @amanda Most blinds about nepo kids are not as negative as the blinds written about outsiders such as SSR and RS. Most blinds about nepo kids are about their relationships (eg: Natasha-Varun-Alia love tirangle) , cooked-up linkup stories (Sid-Alia, Alia-Ranbir). Almost all blinds about RK is written to show how desirable he is, how actresses throw themselves at him and we know they are mostly planted ones.

        It’s hard believe blinds/ rumours on RS and DP regarding their personal lives because they come from non- filmy background so no negative/positive news about them will leak to media through family gossip vines unlike nepo/star kids who are connected some way or the other, and their real friends are not nepo kids or from bollywood so no leaks will happen from their friends as well. There teams will never leak any negative info/ gossip about them and they both are smart enough to understand the bollywood game, so they may act friendly with bollywood/nepo kids / people but they will never air their dirty laundry to these people or do anything questionable which can be miscontrued infront of them. Blinds about their professional lives can either be true or planted. But most negative ones are planted because of the questionable timing of the release and most blinds are about things they were never known or rumoured to do previously yet all of a sudden a blind about it come out of the blue. They both seem very guarded in their professional lives as well with great teams working for them.

        SSR is totally different though, he seem to think these bollywood people are his real friends ( and he seem to not know how to play the bollywood game) so he is not so careful around them and end up saying or doing questionable things infront of them. To survive in bollywood SSR should learn and take a leaf from RS and DP’s books.

        • Rajak says:

          Non filmy background really? DP yes not RS

          • Monalisa says:

            If coming from an affluent business family, whose grandmother acted a small part in a Raj Kapoor movie ages ago that no one remember her name even makes you think he comes from a filmi background /nepo kid then believe it. Also if being third cousins with Sonam because his mother and her mother are second cousins make him a nepo kid in your eyes then believe it. Whatever float your boat man. I’m really tired of arguing with RS detractors.

          • Rajak says:

            I am not here to argue with anyone.No doubt he is a fantastic actor but you can’t consider him as an outsider when he lierally is the grand child of sonam’s grandmother….And please check the meaning of nepotism.

      • Rajak says:

        Lol RS is also a nepo product.

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