Blind Item – February 2018 6

Earlier this week, there was a blind item about this actor and his movie flops. Today, we have another one and this time, it’s from PinkVilla. We don’t know how much more we can say about this actor when you all know what the deal is with him. Since his movie has been declared a flop, lots of news and blind items have been coming out about his situation. It’s like the industry gave up on him or something.

The blind items are all personal and it looks like they all came from his inside people. Just check out this one from PV below. It’s funny how he became like this now when years ago, his friend/rival was the one being asked questions about his upcoming movies. See, back then their mentor was favouring the flop actor more and giving him movies left, right and centre. So he had more projects than his rival. Flash forward to today, his rival doesn’t have a single flop at the box office. He has managed to prove his acting skills, if not great imitation or impression skills. Such is life, one minute you are a hit and the next you have four flops!



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

This actor who has delivered a DUD wants to replace his RIVAL star in an upcoming film

The managing machinery behind a promising but failed young actor believe in pushing their client even when they know that there is little hope. This particular actor’s more promising rival had already been committed and signed on for a project.

The managing machinery behind a promising but failed young actor believe in pushing their client even when they know that there is little hope. This particular actor’s more promising rival had already been committed and signed on for a project.The other actor’s well-wisher and now even his agency went to the producer wanting to push him for the film with a request to replace the other actor. Dear well-wisher, this actor does not really stand a chance and certainly cannot be a replacement. In fact some producers who have been thinking of signing him will now be looking for his replacement after what happened to his latest release.


OSOP Guesses

Failed Actor: Sidharth Malhotra

Rival: Varun Dhawan

Blind Item – February 2018 6


Blind Item – February 2018 6

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20 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    While Sid is zero expression actor; Varun is overacting ki dukaan! Period! He however has a huge teenager/kids fan following

    N Dilwale, Dishoom, Badlapur (in terms of collections, great movie however) etc are flops!

  2. Alice says:

    Yeh tho Hona hi tha…. Kjo changed his partners just like SOnam change her ball gowns.
    Varun doesnot have anything speciaal in terms of Talent, but yes , the way he acts mixture of Govinda and Salman, that was the attraction point PLUS Dad favours him too , his own brothe cast him too.
    Sid, you have no Filmy connection PLUS affair is Over. Toy boys are not permanent.
    Feel sorry for Sid . How Film industry is literally hi-jacked by Nepotism.

  3. Universal says:

    Don’t know why Siddharth Malhotra was even considered promising to begin with. Agreed he can pull off some roles where not much expressions are required, but otherwise he is just one dimensional. That he got so many solo releases is an achievement in itself.

  4. Amanda says:

    Initially KJo never wanted sid to work outside dharma, and even those outside dharma were suggested by KJo only… Look at how sid’s career is going after taking advice from Karan… Sid should have tried moving out of dharma after his three film deal and should have worked with other production houses and directors…. Varun didn’t stay in KJo camp… Now the same KJo wants sid to search work on his own.. Soon he will disown him…

    • b52bomber says:

      @Amanda: I partly agree with you that Dharma is bad news for any actor because KJo has no potential as a director and has little script sense as a producer. So Dharma movies are largely flopping these days.

      One of the reasons that, I feel, has led to more box office success for Varun Dhawan than Sid is his choice of roles (not just filmmakers). Right after SOTY, VD mostly chose characters that are not strictly urban, more loud Govinda/Salman-ish, the type that resonates with single screen audience more. And these movies were modestly successful at the BO. Unlike Sid, who kept playing suave, upper middle-class characters that don’t appeal as much to the masses (unless its KKHH, K3G, etc), and overall, most of his movies did not work at the BO. I feel that a combination of these factors (choice of role, and ultimate BO performance of their films) have made VD a more bankable actor in public perception than Sid (without getting into the discussion about their acting skills),

      PS: Both have tried a mixed bag of productions after SOTY. (Varun’s Dulhania movies were produced by KJo). Sid’s movies were mostly Dharma productions, with A Gentleman, Ek Villain and Aiyyari being non-Dharma. But Varun’s choice of roles have been very different from Sid.

      • Monalisa says:

        Could Varun being David Dhawan’s son play a role in his popularity with the single screen audience. David Dhawan was the ultimate king of single screen/masala movies. His surname would be enticing to the masses.

        Even though Kjo launched him and is considered as his mentor, I think Varun listen to his father’s advice more than Kjo’s advice. I feel he chooses his scripts in accordance with his father’s advice. And it is good advice as David Dawan is more in touch with what the masses want than Kjo.

        There was a blind about how Varun used to brag about his great script sense when half girlfriend flopped (he rejected it when it was offered to him).

        • b52bomber says:

          @Monalisa: The blind you mentioned fits right in. Having David Dhawan as dad must certainly have influenced VD’s choices. The public pretty much wholeheartedly accepted the remake of a Salman Khan film with VD. That’s no small feat. After all, Judwa 2’s success did not happen overnight. VD has been playing these unsophisticated, loud characters for over 6 years now.

          • Monalisa says:

            @b52bomber Kjo is offering Varun movies because he is the most bankable out of all the gen-next actors.
            I always get the feeling Varun want to be the next Salman. Have not seen much of his movies so cannot comment wheather he act like him or not. In the movies I had watched that is the vibe I was getting There was a rumour sometime back that David was remaking Biwi no 1 with Varun.

          • sweettooth01 says:

            agree with you..varun is like govinda trying to b the next salman..he overacts soo muchhh n i cannot believe ppl made judwaa 2 a hit..the trailer songs n reviews for it wr pathetic..he tries to emulate salman thats a vibe i get too

          • Monalisa says:

            @sweettooth101 Varun may try to emulate Salman but he lacks the charm and screen presence of young Salman. I agree he does over-act but the thing I find most annoying is his dialogue delivery. (FYI; I’m not a native hindi speaker so it may sound annoying to me only).

          • b52bomber says:

            @Monalisa @Sweet: Oh absolutely! VD is on his way to forging a Salman type career and I feel David Dhawan will remake more of his 90s movies with VD – in true nepo kid style.

            I made the mistake of watching Badrinath ki Dulhaniya πŸ™ Two hours of my life I’m never getting back. VD is truly over-acting ka dukaan.! And I could not figure what the big deal about Alia Bhatt is. It certainly helps these nepo kids to have KJo’s support and that there is no competitor for Alia who is in her age group (<26 year old) with her experience.

          • Monalisa says:

            @b52bomber Thank god, I never watched the Badhri movie or the Humpty movie. I feel bad for you..haha
            Varun’s career will be rock solid. If not Kjo producing movies for him, he can go to his dad or brother to produce/ direct movies for him. The perks of being a nepo kid.

            Alia is being shoved down viewers throat as the best thing that ever happened to Bollywood for the last 5 years that people have started to buy that hype. Also having no actress from the young lot who can give Alia competition is also a factor for her popularity. She seems to have connected with the tweens/teens as she is promoted as a youth icon or something.

          • prvilla says:

            @b52bomber Oh Lord have cousin literally begged me to go watch the movie with her cuz she’s in love with this Salman wannabe(I don’t see the attraction though)..OH THE HORROR!I wanted to smack her by the end of this nonsense movie..I mean I literally felt I was watching a glorified, romanticized stalk-fest..

  5. Rashmi says:

    I do not understand why Dilwale is considered a flop for the SRK, but for Varun this is not a flop?

    • Monalisa says:

      Dilwale was the only flop movie Varun was in. Also as he was the second lead of the movie most people have forgotten he was even in the movie. It was promoted as a SRK-Kajol starrer.

      • Pooja says:

        I think dishoom to was flop too its budget was 40cr n 35cr was collection even in stardust award 2017 ritesh n farah make fun of it name it in flop films of year n varun smiling on them with smirk face.varun have great PR team.y for Jacky n john dhishoom mention as flop even varun’s brother the director of film never get another film still varun refer as 100%hit records lol

      • BeingRohan says:

        FYI Dilwale was semi hit…

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