Blind Item – February 2018 2

You might or might not know about the subjects in the blind item below. From Filmfare, this is about a part-time actress and a cricketer. They got married last year and were the first big cricket/Bollywood wedding that happened. Though, the actress is a small-time actress, she is not that popular so you might not know her. As it is with most just married couples, differences do come up and sometimes it just takes a while to adjust to each other.

As for this couple, a lot of people might just blame his mum or his family because it seems they are always meddling in his affairs and having a say in his relationships. We don’t know how true this is this time, only the wife can answer that. In the meantime, check out the blind item below from Filmfare.


Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – February 2018 2


Trouble in paradise! This super good-looking Bollywood couple is heading towards divorce

Sadly, this good-looking couple’s marriage has hit rough weather. Everything looked hunky dory when the sportsman married the small-time actress. Their alliance looked like one made in heaven. But within a few months, there was news of a rift. According to sources, things have gone so ugly between the two that they’re on the verge of divorce.

Apparently, the lady is too possessive of the man, trying to keep him away from his friends. We hope the two resolve their differences and give their relationship one more shot.


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Bollywood Couple: Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech

Blind Item – February 2018 2

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15 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Well hes an out and out Punjabi theres no way his mom wont interfere in the marriage. But jokes apart this one is quite shocking. They, made such a big hoopla when they got married like they are soulmates, coming on kapils show. Hope this blind is untrue.

  2. Amanda says:

    a new blind from pinkvilla..

    I think the senior actor is sanjay dutt.. Not sure of the movie

  3. Kali says:

    Are we sure this is Hazel & Yuvi? They celebrated their wedding anniversary not too long ago and are still in each others social media. But I have to say I won’t be surprised if this is true.

    I’ve read the interviews that Yuvraj’s ex-SIL Akanksha had given regarding the dynamics in Yuvi’s family. Granted that Akanksha was no dood ki dhuli and neither was her druggie loser 8th standard dropout husband Zoravar (Yuvi’s bro). A couple of things from the interview that really struck me: Apparently Shabnam would call up her mother and complain if she was going for a bath late and her watsapp DP’s, If Shabnam left the house, her servants would spy on Akanksha and order her around. Even her mobile was taken away from her. Akanksha even went as far as saying ‘Zoravar se jyaada, meri shaadi Shabnam se hui thi’.

    To make matters worse Shabnam blindly follows some Babaji. Because of this Yuvi’s parents aren’t even together anymore. They have a very bitter relationship. When Yograj was said to be having cancer, Shabnam said, ‘Achcha hua’. Shabnam didn’t even allow him to attend either of his sons weddings. After reading all that I’ve wondered why Hazel would want to be part of such a family at all. Oh wait, she’s not even Hazel Keech anymore. Babaji has renamed her to Gurbasant Kaur.

    Anyway, on a side note, I’ll take this opportunity to say that Yuvraj and Gurbasant’s wedding outfits were the tackiest I’ve ever seen.

    • prvilla says:

      @Kali Uufff too much..what kind of sick rural mentality is this warped family suffering from..disturbing!Kaha phass gayi hai ye bechari..

    • nefarious says:

      some are saying its Lara and mahesh. but shabnam does seem to be very overbearing.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      and calling anyone loser is soo high schoolish..

      • Kali says:

        Ok, lets give Zoravar the benefit of doubt for being an 8th standard dropout. School isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, this is a 26 year old man who is unemployed, has cultivated zero skills and lives off his brothers money. Instead of looking after the family marble business, he is out playing cricket with the neighbourhood kids. When the kids grow up, he plays with a new set. He went to ‘acting school’ and is so spoon-fed that Yuvraj is in talks of launching him. Iss type ke aadmi ko loser na kahu toh kya kahu? Baaki tumhari marzi.

        • sweettooth01 says:

          dunno i still wudnt call him a loser as long as hes not hurting another person and committing crimes..he seems to be doing some shitty things and is irresponsible..i dunno him personally nor is he a public figure yet to call him something..

          on a side note, i want some one to spoon feed me now πŸ˜›im just having one of those days when being lazy and careless feels like a luxuryπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ and as i read ur description about how he lives his life i just went woww now thats a priviledge lol

    • Shivanisd says:

      Yograj himself is no saint. Treated his wife like shi* and he was accused of harbouring a criminal (Manu sharma who shot Jessica lall) Why should shabnam care for a man like that? Hes the real loser.

  4. Neena says:

    There’s something wrong with Yuvi family, even his brother’s wife said this in bigboss

  5. b52bomber says:

    This was bound to happen, sadly. And it was only a matter of time. Yuvi’s mom has been known to be interfering for a long time now. His ex-sister-in-law alleged something similar during her divorce from Yuvi’s brother.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Well she did play a huge part in his recovery from cancer. I think now she feels she owns him. Sadly this is the story of most Indian love marriages, especially in out of caste marriages.

  6. Amanda says:

    I thought it was zaheer Khan and sagarika ghatke 😁

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