Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ February 2012

This month’s Blind Gossip from Rajeev Masand is very entertaining and clear indeed on the concept of award shows. This does explain why every huge star who attend an award show ends up with an award. Cast your vote below on who you think Rajeev is talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

Award Quotas: All About Quid Pro Quo

Youโ€™d think the classy ones would be above pettiness, but no. Turns out one of Bollywoodโ€™s most cultured male stars, an actor of impeccable pedigree, made it very clear to the editorial team of a Bollywood film publication that there was no way heโ€™d show up for their awards ceremony if he wasnโ€™t nominated for an award.

Problem is, the actor had only been in one film last year, and not only was the film a pretentious and boring flop, but his own performance in it hadnโ€™t exactly won him any raves. Still, the team decided they needed as many stars to attend the show as they possibly could, and apparently decided that giving this gentleman a nomination was a reasonable price to pay for his attendance.

As agreed, he made it to the list of nominees. Weeks later, just hours before the big awards show in fact, when representatives from the publication called the star to ensure he was going to turn up and on time, he sprung another unpleasant surprise. He informed them he wasnโ€™t going to attend, as his girlfriend hadnโ€™t been nominated.

The lady in question, a major star herself, had been in more than one hit film last year, but nothing that merited an award or so much as a nomination even. The organisers of the show had taken her attendance for granted, as she regularly accompanies her boyfriend to public events.

In the end, the actor didnโ€™t show up. Neither did his girlfriend, naturally. The organisers felt like idiots. Not only because he hadnโ€™t kept his end of the deal, but because theyโ€™d decided to give him the award too. He was the only significant A-lister in that category, and it made sense to get him up on stage. But by the time he informed them he wasnโ€™t coming, it was too late to pick another winner. They had to settle for a no-show when his name was announced. That, and the criticism for giving an award to an actor whose performance clearly didnโ€™t deserve one.

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