Blind Item – December – Bollywood – 2018

This actor has been in one of the most recent blind items, which was published last week. Today, Mumbai Mirror talks about him again as the subject for the blind item. The funny thing is, we were just talking last week about how this actor and one of the top actresses are always pictured together, especially when they are attending the same events. Does he go to her to take the pic or does she come to him?

According to this blind item, the boy has a crush on the lady. As we were saying also last week, if she was not married, Kebab Jo would have send out gossips about them being together already. Most of these young actors today grew up watching this actress, so it’s not wonder that he tried his chance when he got one. He went from being nobody to somebody to someone being in KebabJo’s circle the minute his film entered the 100-crore club. So obviously, he is like a kid in a candy store owned by Kebab Jo.

The thing we wonder is, if he will be kicked out of that store the minute his next release flops? These industry people are not his people, so he has to watch out. Not everyone can be Pringles man, dancing around this actress whenever he meets her and talking about how he became a man to her. If his films hadn’t worked, he would have been kicked out because by then the actress was already turned off his behaviour, which, to be fair, might seem creepy if you don’t know the guy.

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018

Do you see it too?

Check out the blind item to see who MM is talking about. Hopefully, this actor doesn’t think that the ticket to his stardom is to date as many girls as possible in Bollywood. We are only saying this because he mentioned he would like to go on a coffee date with the stepdaughter of this actress when all this time, he has been busy flirting and wanting to take this one out.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018

A young actor has been making the most of his time with a seasoned heroine we hear. By which he means, he has been sharpening his flirting skills. The two had accompanied each other for a fashion show out of Mumbai, when the young rake began hitting on her. The lady, happily married of course, has been cold-shouldering him. We hear his behaviour also cost him a film with her and one mega production house. Ouch, that ought to hurt.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Kartik Aryan

Actress: Kareena Kapoor

Doesn’t she have this look of “Oh no, this guy again?!”

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018

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12 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    silent gentlemen types? khiladi and jay

  2. sharuna says:

    choosha hua aam, nichooda hua nimboo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Most Bollywood lead actors are creepy. They just conceal it well. Ranveer was probably too frank and mostly just all talk. It’s the silent gentleman types you have to watch out for.

    • Monalisa says:

      Kareena was so pissed with Ranveer that she was giving interviews praising him at the time of RL signing. She already signed the movie and was aware of the script if she had problems with doing kissing scenes with him she would not have signed the film. She signed the movie after the kwk episode where he talked about her and the filmfare imcident where he was hopping around her was not a creepy story. He was gushing about her as fan but she made fun of his fan moment even kkk in an interview said she was embarassed because he was gushing about her so much. There is yt video interview of her talking about the incident. This story is also talked about Anu-RS kwk episode. She gave interviews praising RS and how she liked him in BBB in 2012. The kwk episode was in 2011.

      Here is excpert and links from KKK interviews before RL shooting.

      Kareena, who is busy shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, says she is excited about Ram Leela for various reasons. β€œFor an actor, such films are landmarks. I am looking forward to working with Ranveer too. He was fantastic in Band Baaja Baarat,” she says.

      She walked out because she did not want to work the extra days without payment and SLB did not budge on her fees. She had her costume fittings, poster shot for RL before she walked out. Her look test pics of RL were leaked. Link to the pic of her RL look. She did all this knowing what RS said she was aware of script demands. She walked out 50 days before the shooting was to commence because of her fallout wit SLB.

      And he never said he go to watch her in a hotel. Ranveer is a rich Bandra boy who went to the same exclusive otters sports club same as KKK. There he saw her swimming. And he told the incident about KKK which he should not have.

      And of you watch that kwk episode it was Anu who said she wished something like that will happen to her when RS described a situation where one fan pinched his butt and he said do you want me to pinch your butt.

    • Monalisa says:

      @anonymous my comment is not a reply to your comment so ignore. I’m having trouble with commenting thats all.

  4. Lucy says:

    Well that was also a reason.slb refused to replace him.also she was asked for 200 days without extra pay instead of 150.and honestly at that time slb was having two mega flops so Kareena didn’t want to invest that much slb is not an easy person to work with.even after ram Leela was a hit Kareena still refused two more films with him.sadma remake and ddd if I am not wrong . although for ddd she Sadi she didn’t want to leave said for so long and go on a cruise.she didn’t have problem working with and kissing Arjun but ranveer made her very uncomfortable.also he was very crass and would make cheap statements.deepika surely has done a good job of refining his way of talking about women.because Anushka was very irritated with his way of talking.he once told her he will pinch her butt if she wants on National yeah that’s how he used to talk then.

  5. Wokeperson says:

    Kareena didn’t rejected Ram Leela she legit walked out of it just 10 days before shooting was to start. She and Ranveer signed the film months ago and if had any problem then she would have rejected or got Ranveer replaced at first place. She was the no.1 heroine at that time and Ranveer just another newcomer if I am not wrong. I think she walked out becuse Slb was demanding 150 days and her marraige was falling in between. She consulted Kjo and he recommended ger to walk out and do that shitty movie with Imran khan instead. I remember Kareena telling Karan on kwk that he was also resonsible for some of her career choices and he laughingly denied.
    Anyways that decision was disasterous for Kareena and made Deepik’s career.

  6. Lucy says:

    Kareena freaked out when she heard she would have to do passionate kissing scenes with ranveer.

    Until that point he had done many things and made certain statements which embarrassed her.

    At Yash Raj studio when he saw her for the first time he was dancing like a mad man around her and she had to call for help to have him removed.

    Second on kwk said that she ushered me into manhood from boyhood.

    Third he said he used to go to some hotel where Kareena used to come to swimπŸ˜‘.to ogle at her as she would be in a bikini.

    I think she was okay to act opposite him but when slb informed her that there are very stramy lovemaking scenes she panicked.also she was almost engaged to saif.

    Honestly I wish he hadn’t made her so uncomfortable and embarrassed.they would have roched as a pair.

    • NewGirl says:

      I don’t like Kareena but cant blame her, tbh. I think Ranveer was pissed cuz the next time he came on KWK, he put her at the bottom of some list.

      i think Raveena also had him removed from a film set because he stared. lol

    • Random Person says:

      Yes, we all now know that Ranveer may act like a tapori but seems like a true blue gentleman in reality, BUT I have to agree, what ever he said about Bebola was creepy as fuck.
      Just image the things from her point of view. You have to do intimate scenes with this guy who is talking super sleazy stuff about you in front of media. Wofff! Ranveer was acting like a total fanboy, his intentions were definetly right but still, he totally crossed the line.

      I am surprised Kareena didn’t got him threw off from the movie lmao. She was contrary to popular belief very dignified with walking out of the movie herself.

  7. LondonThumakda says:

    kya kare bebola just gets hotter with age!


    “Not everyone can be Pringles man, dancing around this actress whenever he meets her and talking about how he became a man to her. If his films hadn’t worked, he would have been kicked out because by then the actress was already turned off his behaviour, which, to be fair, might seem creepy if you don’t know the guy.”

    whats the story here between ranveer-kareena? did he really creep her out? i thought she refused ramleela cos he wasnt doing that well and had a couple of flops..

  8. Pooja says:

    Kartik behavior remind me ranveer Singh earlier days in Bollywood that y bebo rejected ramleela get backslash.

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