Blind Item – December – Bollywood – 2018 2

The blind item below is quite vague. This could just be anyone. Hopefully, the guesses are right or do drop a comment if you think it’s someone else. Now the first subject in the blind item is a producer, who this BI describes as being flirty before he got married. The guessed producer got married secretly when he was young with an even younger actress, who was famous but unfortunately became even more famous and legendary after her unfortunate young death. When she died, that was when it was revealed that the producer tied the knot with her. His late young wife was, at the time of her untimely death, working in many of his home productions.

He is quite a good businessman. Despite flops, he went on to make his way to the top. Of course, with the help of the Ultimate Godfather, saab ki Bhai. Today, he is one of the top producers of Bollywood. Loaded, freaking loaded but married. Oh and let’s not forget the many years of a relationship that he was in with another legend, Tabu. That was before the Nagarjuna episode. Word on the street was that the producer was going to marry Tabu and then something happened and everything broke off.

The producer soon tied the knot to an ex-journalist and together, they have three kids. Last he was in a blind item was when his wife got a teeny weeny bit addicted to cosmetic surgery. By the looks of her, she still has been going for some update; it’s quite visible.

2015 – August – Blind Item

So the blind item is about this producer and his flirting ways, which reportedly made a comeback. Now, who is being linked with, that’s a big question. We might have got it, but then again it might be someone else. Check out the blind item from DNA to know more.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018 2

Producer charms art film actress!

A producer, who was known to wear his heart on his sleeve in his younger days, seemed to have settled down after marriage. However, recent reports strongly suggest that he is back to flirting. Actually, it is a little more than that. It seems an art film actress, who even pulled off a film, and the producer are quite involved.

Honestly, who would have thought a commercial mainstream producer and an arty, flighty sort would start to enjoy each other’s company so much? Especially since the kind of cinema they individually stand for has no commonality.

OSOP Guesses

Commercial Mainstream Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Possible Guesses

Art Actress: Nandita Das

Actress: Taapsee

Or the obvious: Radhika Apte

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2018 2

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23 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    I’m confused by the people on here who can’t differentiate Sajid Nadiadwala of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment who is pictured with Tapsee here from Sajid Khan who was with Jacqueline. Now Jacqueline has pictures with both so I get that but Khan is the one who has been outed whereas Nadiadwala not yet, although he does message girls on Facebook asking them to gmail him their “pics”.

  2. Universal says:

    And Bollywood of 90s was totally run by Mafias. Threatening actors, killing people like Gulshan Kumar all happened. Lately, police got it under control but still lots of underworld money runs in BW.
    These 100-200 crore movies which look like made with 50 Crores are classic examples.

  3. Universal says:

    Seems it can be Daa. Tapsee can’t be tagged arty as she has done quite a few commercial movies down south too. Das looks like one of those so called liberals who would act righteous for everyone around but never for own self or those close to them. Her trying to be “Oh,I stand for weak and hence targeted” idol was so evident in directors roundtable.

    • Ana says:

      her dad is so clear cut creep and yet she had nothing to say.. someone on twitter had posted Khushwant singh’s article named “painter’s daughter”, where it was evident that everyone knew that he was sort of pedophile. Yet this holier tha though daughter was acting like it isnt true. I dont like her anymore

  4. Uyutsu Pandey says:


  5. Tina says:

    I did find the article about the day Divya died.

  6. Tina says:

    Nandita was completely non-commital when her Dad was accused by multiple women of molestation. I doubt she’s as committed to social justice and good movies as she claims to be. But this could also be Chitrangada?

    And yes, Divya paid the price for being married to Sajid, who had and is still rumored to have underworld links. His parents behavior at the hospital after her death was beyond weird. I wish I could find that article for you now.

  7. nefarious says:

    Why is this even news? Wasnt Sajid involved with Jaqueline? he has hardly an image of being loyal.
    Even if its Tapsee of Radhika, its probably to get ahead in the industry. Being involved is giving their equations more dignity than it deserves.

    • kala says:

      It’s a pity that women like Jacqueline stoops to sleeping with sleazy men like the two Sajids…such a bizzare norm..

    • nefarious says:

      @kala, what surprises me is how she is always ‘giggly’ after indulging in all this. id be scarred or damaged. it almost seems like she enjoys it.

      I mean, Kat seems pretty damaged. Sorry to be sounding so judgemental.

      • kala says:

        True that….she probably has rationalised it in her head…like she claimed to be in love with the butterball Sajid ..

    • Ana says:

      It is quite possible Jacquiline is same sort of sleezeball as her bf is, you know like attracts like..
      What makes you think shes better

  8. Lucy says:

    Well for years there were rumor that Sajid got her killed or the underworld bumped her off.there were several theories about the reason,very gruesome and scandalous.dont feel like posting here,but if that was true then she paid the price of getting involved with someone like Sajid.personally I think she paid the price for being too beautiful in a time where the Mumbai underworld was at it’s peak.

  9. LondonThumakda says:

    ah divya bharti …her death was so fishy i still remember the front page of the newspaper that day with a picture of all the blood on the ground and one tiny ear-ring lying there in the middle of it…it was so creepy she was what 18 years old and romancing these middle aged uncles like rishi kapoor ugh. i was convinced sajid had something to do with her death. how can someone as sublime as tabu fall for someone like that….

    • Tina says:

      …Tabu’s personal choices have always been questionable, including her affair with the married Nagarjuna while being close friends with Amala.

  10. LOL says:

    I think she’s Nandita( pulled off a film.)
    Watch the Director’s Roundtable with Masand. She seems like someone who’d go any length to gain attention or, sympathy

  11. Amanda says:

    Can it be nandita das? Nandita is a divorcee and has never been in a commercial film. Tapsee is a commercial film actress and radhika also has few mainstream films under her belt. Moreover radhika is married and I doubt she will cheat. She has already avoided akki’s advances during padman shooting.

    • Admin says:

      Most likely, it would have to be someone who is actively working as an actress. Otherwise, other names would have been used to describe her if she was indeed Nandita…

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