Blind Item – December 2018

These two Bollywood celebrities have been married for not so long, but they announced their separation earlier this year. Everyone wondered what could have happened since he was always so high on life. There were rumours of him cheating on her, but she publicly refuted all these gossips and supported him. So, if all is good then why announce the separation? Usually, when celebs do that, they want to see other people, which is exactly what the husband has been doing. Probably the wife thought that by separating from him, he would sort out his mess and get back to his senses but the mister is busy chasing someone else while wifey is holidaying with her mother overseas.

Man, the things women do for their cheating husbands! She is sticking around and giving him time to be a better man. Hopefully, she sees the best solution for herself and get out of this mess. It does not look like he is changing anytime soon. He will have his fun and get back to her when he is done!

Check out the blind item from BollywoodLife. About the pretty lady mentioned, feel free to drop hints on who she might be.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item


This film producer’s marriage is on the rocks and the reason will leave you STUMPED

This is why this film producer’s relationship with his wife has gone kaput

Everyone was shocked when this film producer and his well-known wife announced that their marriage was in trouble. After all, they hadn’t been married for a long time. The couple who can be described as a very dignified one did not allow any gossip to get in and have continued that way. However, if sources are to be believed then it was the guy’s flirtations with a famous personality that made his headstrong wife see red. It seems she chanced upon some very flirty texts between the two. The nature of the conversation made it clear that something was brewing between the two.

The other lady in question does not belong to Bollywood and is a part of the Page 3 or intelligentsia circuit. She is known to be quite a looker and quite a few guys have fallen flat over her. Well, there is something more than links the producer and this distinguished intelligent young lady. Both of them were in the news sometime back for common reasons. It is not just this film producer who went weak on his knees over her. Another prominent personality from her own field was also left moonstruck with disastrous results.


OSOP Guesses

Film Producer: Madhu Mantena

Wife: Masaba Gupta

Blind Item – December 2018

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3 Responses

  1. Berna says:

    It’s Ira Trivedi, they both were together for years until he left her to marry Masaba and finally ended up flinging around with her again, she’s always been like that, basking in the glory of famous men and wooing them.

  2. Amanda says:

    Admin, masaba gupta doesn’t have children. Please correct it.

  3. kala says:

    Who is the other woman?…is it it’s trivedi ,yoga enthusiast , writer who Chetan Bhagat flirted with?

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