Blind Item – December 2018 – Bollywood 2

The blind item below is not something you would normally expect. It’s about a cricketer and two actresses, who are not really that famous but are not unknown. It has been going around for a while now that this cricketer is dating this actress. Then, another news mentioned he was dating someone else.

If you know famous cricketers and the rumours surrounding them, you know it’s all true. These players literally become players once they get some kind of fame and money. It’s funny because for them, they are enjoying everything fully but for us, as the audience, you get to see their graphs. As in, you see what happens before and after.

Take Yuvraj Singh, for example. When his career started off, he was quite happening. He dated famous women left, right and centre. He enjoyed the attention fully. Rumour has it, the film ‘Victory’ was made with him in mind. He got cancer and recovered from that. He continued playing and is still known as one of the greatest players, but as far as his fame goes, it pretty much went down many years earlier as other players came and conquered. Other than David Beckham, there has probably not been an athlete whose fame and money lasted this long.

It is like these young men get so much at once and then it’s all taken away from them little by little. Obviously, they all think it will last forever and very few of them had their head on their shoulders during their going-up time. The cricketer in the blind item is not as hot property as Yuvraj once was, but these actresses are hoping that he gets there and when he does, he is going to pick them. It will be interesting to see how Virat Kohli’s graph goes since he is doing it right at his stage of fame.

Alright, so what about this hot actress? Sure, it’s her life and she is allowed to live it this way but if you think about it, she let go of a nice relationship with a boy she has known since she was a young girl to stay in Mumbai and become a famous actress. She did become an actress and he was still with her then, but things went south when they broke up and she wasn’t getting any interesting roles. You all know what she has been doing to survive, there were enough blind items that reported it.

You might think that’s a pathetic way of living, but there are people who think this is all worth it. It’s worth doing all this for fame and money. You might not want to, but someone else will in your place.

By the way, this cricketer, we thought he was from another country. We didn’t know his name at the beginning and initially, we thought he was an imported player. It was only when his name was revealed that we realised. Other than women, you can see where his money is going!

Also, notice how in these people’s Instagram, they are almost like advertising themselves. Not for products and brands to notice them, for other purposes (wink-wink).

Check out the blind item from BollywoodLife.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2018 - Bollywood 2

Lingerie confusion in cricketer’s bedroom leaves actress fuming

This happened in a cricketer’s bedroom and not in a sitcom

If you thought such scenes happened only in comedy films or sitcoms, you are mistaken. This tall cricketer is getting maximum benefits out of being single and popular. Well, it seems he was two-timing a couple of stunning starlets at the same time. One of them after a night at his place forgot her bra in his bedroom. The lingerie was from a popular brand that is known for its colourful lacy creations. Now, the other actress came to his home and saw the bra.

Since, she possessed a piece that was identical in colour and design, she initially thought she had forgotten hers at his house. Later, she discovered that the size was slightly different. It belonged to other gorgeous actress whose hot photoshoots send temperatures soaring. Needless to say, she was fuming and gave an earful to the cricketer. Later, she even had a showdown with the other lady, whose name has also been linked with this stud.

It is evident that this cricketer is having a whale of a time. Buzz is that many actresses also do not mind being linked-up with him as he is quite a flavour of the season and popular on social media. We have read stories of cricket’s greatest playboys but this lingerie mayhem is indeed an unique one.

OSOP Guesses

Hot Photoshoot Actress: Esha Gupta

Cricketer: Hardik Pandya

Actress: Elli Avram

Blind Item – December 2018 - Bollywood 2

Blind Item – December 2018 - Bollywood 2

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9 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Just the fact that his name is Hardik and that he has these stories about him…sorry it just cracks me up
    He reminds me of a young Kambli…hope he doesn’t end up like him.

    • kala says:

      Hardik yeah….Russel peters would have cracked some choice jokes about how such names confuse English speaking foreigners…sukhdeep ,Hardik, Anal…

    • Lucy says:

      He is just so cocky.especially when around women.he was sweet when he came on comedy nights with Kapil show.but now he had become such a show off always posting half naked pictures ad if he is some hotshot model.its so off putting.

    • Fact says:

      @Tina: That is what racists in white countries say to mock and degrade other cultures, guess many NRI’s have also been assimilated in that culture now.

      BTW Hardik Pandya going Kambli way in impossible in this day and age when there is so much support staff and coaches from BCCI, Once in a generation player who can bat as well as bowl at 145 KPH. Except Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya you can replace any player in the national team with decent options in domestics.

      Whenever Pandya is rested or injured Virat is forced to play only four bowlers to balance the team as Pandya provides that balance and guess what there is no such player in India right now, heck there are just 4-5 such players in the world who can bowl fast at 145 KPH and Bat too.

      This is why even Sachin Tendulkar’s son is also training and playing as a Fast bowling All Rounder, very difficult skill to master but if you master then you are literally one in a Billion !!

      • Tina says:

        Have you ever heard of a β€˜pun’? It’s basically a β€œa joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.”

        Racist on the other hand is β€œa person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.”

        In the context of Hardik’s sexual escapades, my comment is a valid pun and not racist. Unless you can explain better why it isn’t?

  2. Fact says:

    Let the young girls and boys enjoy, Whereas your Yuvraj ramblings are concerned, he will always be a legend of India, starred in both of the recent world cup wins of India: T20WC 2007 and WC 2011.

    As a young guy Yuvi had his fun, achieved the World Cup glories, made more than 500 crores and is now settled in life after marriage.

    • Fact says:

      Not to forget his match winning performances in World Cup came while he was vomiting blood, fought back cancer and he is now leading his NGO for fighting cancer: Youwecan is the name of NGO.

  3. Preeti Bhambhani says:

    Bur Esha is officially dating Nachiket Bharve

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