Blind Item – December 2017 – Bollywood 3

We don’t know how many people this young actor will go around pissing off. Maybe he thinks he’s being real or being cute or something or maybe like the other cases he was drunk. Either way, it seems that he was left red-faced for this time around the other side got something to tell him back.

We all know how much of a big fan he is of this actor, it’s obvious from the way he talks, dances and even takes his photoshoot. But there can never be another one like this superstar, so the others should just give up already on trying to be him or be like him. Speaking of which, this blind item reminds us of the time Ranbir Kapoor thought he was really good at imitating other actors, including Amitabh Bachchan. It was such an embarrassment to see him to that in front of Big B and Bachchan Senior was trying hard not to show his astonished or puzzled look; you know the same one he has when Rekha calls his phone and Jaya B is sees her name flashing. We’re just kidding!

Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in its blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 3


A superstar actor seems to be yet another from the industry who this young actor has rubbed the wrong way. We hear the two actors met at an event recently, where the young gun proceeded to tell the superstar how his imitation of the superstar was better than the senior actor’s performance itself. The senior, well-loved for his quicksilver tongue, retorted by saying: “I have two dubbing sessions tomorrow. Why don’t you fill in for me? Cough, cough.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 3


Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 3

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20 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    I agree how pissing of influential people in BW can bring damage to even successful stars. But Kangana is hailed for exact same things that Sushanth is shown in poor light for. when you stand for something you should stand for it regardless of who the person is.

  2. Rashmi says:

    I think of Sushant writing the truth in most cases. Even in his video interview I see his arrogance and contempt for people. another question is that someone in his immediate circle is too talkative and gives the media all this provocative information. this is my opinion

  3. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    How is this a blind? SRK’s performances are so terrible right now, may be he was serious. LOL. Anyways this blind is ridiculous and who is feeding this nonsense to the press? Who does a non-drunk Sushant threaten? He doesn’t have mega star potential or anything – the most is Shahid Kapur wala success.

    • Admin says:

      More like annoyed…Sushant annoyed him…and if u are in the industry, u are expected to respect and boost these superstars ego…no one dares to tell them anything they don’t like..

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        I get that he annoyed him and he snapped back but really is this blind worthy?

        The number of condescendingly worded blinds about Sushant is overwhelming – I get he might have some problems but this many? and most are very detailed – here, we have a direct remark in quotation marks. Pretty much the blinds are live and direct. Other actors have issues too, y not more blinds about others? Is it an agenda? or someone is just having a sinister laugh?

        • Manisha says:

          Not a big SSR fan but I have thought same thing – why so many blinds about his attitude and drunkenness at parties? Kind of hard to believe given the number of blinds just on him. I feel as if someone has an agenda against him…especially since he isn’t a son/nephew/brother-in-law/godson of anyone in the industry.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            I am not a big fan either but he is talented but I only read about him thru all these so called blinds. I remember they were many blinds about Fawad and his “drunkenness” too

          • Manisha says:

            Blinds get boring after a while if they say the same thing pretty much – @admin, any reason why there aren’t so many blinds on other celeb ‘superstars” like Kareena? Is the best there is is that she gets an enema? (nothing personal against you, just curious in general)

          • Admin says:

            To be very honest, it’s hard to have blind items published about Kangana, Kareena, and Kajol. Because all three have been so outspoken so the only way blind items can be written about them is if it includes their husband cheated on or in Kangana’s case, something more shocking like she’s an alien or something. Blind items are written to show another side of an actor or actress, like in the case of SSR. He seems all there and well-behaved but only a few have been privy to his drunken state.

          • suyash says:

            More luv to u Admin :-), ppl expect too much from you, may b you urself can start blind and guess them next day…hahahaha… read news about Neeraj Vora Passed away…looks he wz ill for the long time and like dark side of bollywood, even he faced bad time during his tough days….I really loved his comedy…You have any more on this?.

          • Admin says:

            True, thanks… πŸ™‚ We will be posting about him soon because he was a great artist. During his sickness, he had someone who was by his side and that was nice. Very shocking that he was sick and passed away so sudden like that. May he rest in peace.

          • jyoti says:

            Aamir khan was by his side and even paid for his medical expenses.

          • Rashmi says:

            about Fawad was not so many blind. in my memory 2 3, o Sushant really a lot, he is the leader of the blind

      • Pepeas says:

        Did SSR annoy SRK, or was it SRK’s sarcastic humour coming through? It could be the former, of course, but I’ve noticed often that people don’t get him when he’s being dryly witty.

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