Blind Item – December 2017 4

We have mentioned before how this producer has to work extra hard to make money. He is a producer, who has inherited a movie production house from his father and yet, you see him everywhere hustling making his money (Ka-Ching). It’s because he has a company to keep alive. He has people who work for him, producers and staff that are all on his payroll. Personally, we think he needs to cut down on his expenses. The man wears a different pair of shiny shoes every time he steps out. What for? Doesn’t he have new babies to look after? Two college funds to sponsor? College funds or movies’ launches?

The reason he has come to this because he opened the doors to his production house and let the young blood and bad script flow in. Maybe he wanted to be like his childhood best friend, who also did the same thing. The difference is, after a few flops his movie production house can hardly bear to stay afloat. For a while now, you can see all of his products are ‘joint-productions’.

And now, it seems that he is finding difficulty to secure the financier of his next film. He does have one, but he’s finding it hard to get him on board. Frankly, we don’t know why he’s making a sequel to that film. If he is, at least do it with newcomers. The actor he signed for this film has done everything that needs to be done in the sequel. Unless the sequel has him playing a murderer, we have seen this guy dance, fight and sway. What more is left?

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Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2017 4

This Action Star's Next Film Is Stuck, No Financer No Heroine

Bad phase in the industry- No hits, no money. Producers and financiers running amok and tearing their hair out. Actors at the receiving end. Here’s a case in point…

It’s nothing much happening on this action star’s front.

And now, his next film’s producer is banging his head against the wall. The producer is finding it very tough to find financiers. He has a good connect with a big moneybag in the industry who backed him on his last venture- but Mr Moneybag too is not very keen on putting his hands in this one. He feels that he will end up burning his hands. So, he continues to have meetings and meetings, bas.

Reason we guess is that the director who has been hired does not have a great track record. And the action star in question too needs to pull up his socks a bit at the box-office. We hear that it’s taking a long time to sign the leading lady as well.

Ab hum kya karen? We toh can’t help this trio. We don’t even know if they have a great script with them. Jiski jaisi soch.


OSOP Guesses

Film: Student of the Year 2

MoneyBags: The Ambanis

Producer: Karan Johar

Actor: Tiger Shroff

Director: Punit Malhotra

Blind Item – December 2017 4

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  1. ghjk says:

    Oh no, those jeans look straight out of 2007. That’s the trouble with older people handling young people subjects, they’re out of it for so long they can’t even identify the person anymore.

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