Blind Item – December 2015 – Bollywood

We have another blind item for you today. This time, it comes from Filmfare. We are not too sure on who this blind is referring to. Check out the blind item before and let us know if you have an idea who this is about.

Guess who?
This big-shot director upset a veteran actor on set

Blind Item – December 2015 - Bollywood


This director, who’s known to deliver commercial blockbusters, has allegedly become too big for his boots. He’s currently shooting his next big budget bonanza and insiders reveal that success has gone to his head. Apparently, the unit of this film, including its lead actor, is extremely annoyed with his attitude. He only comes on set when the lead actors arrive and is known to be far from polite with the junior actors. He has even pissed off a veteran who’s doing a small role in the film. Tch tch.

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