Blind Item – Bollywood – October 2013


This is an old blind item that was released some time last year. Originally by the Secret Life of Item Girl, this blind is not that hard to guess. It’s almost sad and pathetic how some people can chase fame and money. You really have to be shameless to do that and some people are just that: shameless. Read on to find out who they are talking about.

Bollywood Blind Item

She is a hot red young thing making her big debut with a hot star son, who has proved his mettle in his dream debut. The star son is slated to be tommorrow’s superstar and the pretty young thing is thrilled to her maniacally manicured nails. And even more happy is the heroine’s mother. But that is another story. She is a light eyed stunner from across the border who had made history with her debut film where she had also sung. The actress who once had the most stunning face of Bollywood had been embroiled in a spate of affairs but allegedly alcohol abuse was what finally did her in—even her more-than-ample bosom couldn’t help her. She soon disappeared into the blue after some B grade films.



Hot Star Son: Arjun Kapoor
Pretty Young Thing: Sasha Agha aka. Zara Agha Khan

Heroine’s Mother: Salma Agha

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