Blind Item – August – Bollywood

We are sure you will not be surprised by the blind item below. It’s not surprising what this superstar can and will do to ensure that he gets his way. For him, it’s his way or the highway. While in a way, it’s that he goes out of his way to help people, but sometimes he does so at the cost of other people. Like for this movie he has signed up, he’s interfering in the casting without thinking about the producers of the film. If he enjoys giving non-actors chances to act in films, then why not produce films where he puts in his own money. Then only he will know the type of risks that he’s forcing these producers to take. To be honest, he’s the wrong choice for this movie. Unless he’s playing a character, who’s old and stuck to a wheelchair because the dude looks real heavy now; he ain’t no stud no more. We think you know by now who we are talking about, so just check out the blind item by PinkVilla below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August - Bollywood


This SUPERSTAR is INSISTING that his producer sign these two actresses as his LEADING LADIES for a THRILLER franchise

The franchise of a slick, stylish thriller has run into some problems with the male lead insisting on having his own way much before the film has started in fact almost putting the project together. This has put his producer in a dilemma because his long-term relationships with others are getting disturbed. It all started when the superstar was signed for it. The producer thought had managed a casting coup and was counting the bucks at the box office already till he got a rude shock! While the director was being finalized the superstar said he wanted a particular leading lady opposite him.

Now she has done a film with him and a few B-grade erotic thrillers and doesn’t have much claim to fame but it seems the superstar (she had debuted opposite him) wants to re-do her career and give it a fresh start. While the poor producer hummed and hawed (this actress was not of the top-class as the other actresses in the earlier franchises were), the superstar issued an ultimatum her or no one else. There will be two actresses in the film and both have been recommended by the superstar, whose last film didn’t match BO expectations. At one time, this B-grade actress was even linked to the superstar till he started dating someone else and is serious about her today. Now the B-grade actress has become like a hanger-on, always present at his parties in the hope of getting a role. She has been accompanying him also to his world tours and is a constant fixture by his side, while other actresses are getting dropped from them.

The second glamorous and stylish actress whom the superstar is insisting on as his other lead is also a fav of his. They have acted in a blockbuster a few years ago and talks are on about casting them together once again.

That’s not all. The superstar was to do another film, based on relationships, with a choreographer-director known for his musical dance dramas, but that project fell through because of lack of a good script. This film too was to have the B-grade actress in it (again recommended by the superstar) who has been telling the world that she has signed a big film.

Now the superstar, who is known to be benevolent towards his protgs, and close friends and family, and likes to give them umpteen chances (or breaks) to stand on their feet, felt sorry for him. So he told his franchise producer to sign on this director for the thriller though the director does not have any experience on this at all. Latest we know is that the director himself is not comfortable with directing the third part of this franchise but he has no choice but to say yes to this superstar because he has always dreamed of making a film with him. As far as the hapless producer is concerned, now he is feeling sorry for himself and the director duo who has directed the earlier franchises and was to direct the third one.

He has a long-term relationship with the director duo who were not even approached for the film. But the miserable producer has no choice but to keep mum as the superstar is calling the shots on this one and the producer feels he has a blockbuster on his hands with this one. Money and success talks better than relationships after all.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Actress: Jacqueline Fernandez

B-List: Daisy Shah

Movie: Race 3

Blind Item – August - Bollywood

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2 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    Doesn’t make much sense, Race has been trash. I thought it would be about Dhoom, but that’s clearly not the case.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Race is a hit movie franchise. Much better than idiotic yrf crap dhoom starring megaflop actors abhishek and uday chopra.

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