Blind Item – August – Bollywood 8

We have another version of the WTH blind items from PinkVilla. This is a blind item so cheesy that you might become lactose intolerant after reading it. It’s so funny right from the first paragraph. We couldn’t stop laughing!

This blind item is another take on another blind item, which was released by BollywoodLife earlier this week. It’s just a rehashed and longer version. So now, we don’t know whether it’s the star himself leaking these stupid details out or PV found got it from someone else. One thing for sure, it’s freaking ridiculous.

This actor wants to be talked about so much and wants to prove that the ladies are still interested in him. The way this whole thing is described makes us think of the way his ex-girlfriend used to have her stories written. You know, the stories that her friends tell the papers about her. It’s sounds exactly like that. Anyways, check out the blind item below to see who it’s about. We wonder if his parents are aware of what he’s up to?


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 8


TOP SECRET! It’s a COVERT AFFAIR in FOREIGN climes for this star and the beautiful actress from a neighboring country!

Speculations are rife that this star has formed a special relationship with an actress from across the border.

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 8


They say love conquers all – but this time, thorns are making it difficult for this love affair to flourish. The increasingly cold relationship between the two neighboring countries is preventing their love story from blooming and keeping the couple from coming out into the open about their red-hot love affair. They have been in a relationship for more than a year and it is one of the best-kept secrets of Bollywood – so much so that nobody except the star’s closest friends know about it.

Though his last films have fared badly at the box office, the young actor & scion of one of Bollywood’s oldest film family still remains one of the top stars of Bollywood and is one of the finest actors ever. She’s from a neighboring country, has been married before and has a child from her first marriage. He had one of the most public breakups last year with his girlfriend of many years when he dumped her badly and has the reputation of a Casanova who loves anything in skirts.

The actress had just signed her first Bollywood film and was shooting for it in Mumbai with a top Bollywood actor when she met the young actor (whom she’s currently dating) through a common friend, a handsome actor (who was also from the neighboring country) who introduced them. The Bollywood star was shooting for a prominent Bollywood filmmaker’s (who is also very close to the foreign actor) film (co-starring the foreign actor) then and he and the foreign actress hit it off instantly. They kept meeting at parties thrown by the filmmaker, sparks flew and the romance kept simmering between them. It was a quietly kept secret as they kept meeting in foreign climes – till a video surfaced of a fight between them and things threatened to get blown open.

The video was of the couple attending an event in a Middle Eastern country earlier this year where the emotional and obviously upset actress, almost in tears, kept pleading with the bemused actor about something. It was their first public fight. While both gave smooth denials of anything special between them, fact was, given the cold political climate between the two countries, both had no option but to keep the affair a closely guarded secret. But they are hopelessly in love as is known by their interviews of each other. The actress always tells people she likes him the most among the younger lot of actors and the actor too tells his friends that he finds her very beautiful. He talks about the actress with love and proudly shows off her pictures to his friends. She tries to watch all his releases whenever she can.

The two often meet in foreign climes for a few days and it’s an intense time for both. They met this year (a month after the fight in the Middle Eastern country) in Europe. He traveled with his mother to London and stories were given out about how he went to meet a prospective bride chosen by his mother, when actually he was meeting the love of his life. Three months later, they met in USA where he was shooting for a film in New York City and she was in California on the pretext of some work. He flew to meet her in Los Angeles, away from prying eyes in NYC and people who could take their pics together. They romanced, laughed, cried and shared some precious moments till both had to go their different ways again.

The actress travels a lot and smartly posts pics on her social media – which can be of any time frame while the actor is not on social media. Though both are single and very eligible, it’s a love story which appears to have no ending – at least till the two countries enjoy a better relationship. One is not sure also whether his parents will accept a marriage between the two. While they can’t meet as often as they want to, the lovelorn couple Facetime every day to keep in touch. This romance doesn’t seem to have any signs of cooling off. We hope that love somehow, someday… Finds a way for them to be together.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Actress: Mahira Khan

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 8

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6 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Why would ranbirs parents object to this match? yes she has a kid but so what. They know their son is no angel with his drug use and casanova ways. Besides the kapoor family is from Pakistan originally (Lahore or Peshawar) So why would they mind a pakistani bride.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Ranbir seems extremely calculating to me but I think this rumour is true ie them dating each other. Mahira is beautiful, at first when I saw her I thought she was bad looking, her jaw is weird. But after watching 3 episodes of the serial I realized she is really beautiful. Her looks are such that you need to adjust to them lol. like SRK. Now Im gonna search for their fight video.

  3. nefarious says:

    @Admin, is this really an affair? or just a PR to keep ranbir in the news and portray him as desirable despite his series of flops?
    I just dont see how thesr two could be an item. or fourse, one things for sure, Ranbir is into older women.

    • Admin says:

      It definitely sounds like it was written by Ranbir’s team…He’s making a fool out of this girl!

      • nefarious says:

        Why her of all people. He could easily attach his name to BW actress, that may help his career. Affair with Mahira is only gonna get him more hate,. Also., been trying to figure out whats so pretty abt Mahira for a while now :/. Ive never found her pretty, just fair and good skin

      • ghjk says:

        She’d have to be the dumbest girl on the face of the planet if she thinks he’ll remain loyal lol. This is probably fake news, can’t see anyone falling for Ranbir like that.

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