Blind Item – August – Bollywood 5

We don’t know what’s going with PinkVilla and how they are getting that many blind items published. Do they have a new inside source? We are asking because the blind items are getting weirder and weirder as they come. This one, though, it can be true. If you read it below and see who it’s about we are sure you will not be surprised either. So, there’s a 50/50 chance that this blind item can be true. From what we are reading, it looks like it has been shared from the guy’s or his current girlfriend’s perspective. It’s like they are so mad at this actress that they are letting the world know how cunning she is offscreen or when she’s not in front of him. Ironically, both of these ladies are foreigners and this superstar is their pass to a better and secure future. There’s nothing more to say as this blind item pretty much says it all. Before you go on reading it, remember that it might not be true. It sounds more like a storyline from the daily soap/drama shows than from a real-life situation. Check out this blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 5


Super-star’s LEADING LADY wants to move in with him but his GF REFUSES to give way!

There have been speculations about this super star ever since he and his ex-girlfriend started working together again in an action drama. The ex-GF has been posting mysterious pictures on her social media hinting at a closer relationship between the two but apparently all’s not as well as they seem to portray on their relationship front. While the whole industry knows that the super star-still nurtures a huge soft spot for the ex, the ex herself is trying to build on, on that front so she can move in with him again but the path isn’t as smooth as it looks. The current GF in question, who is very popular with the super-star’s family and friends, is in no mood to give what the ex wants. The ex had dumped the super star badly and hitched herself to another star but that star dumped her too. Ever since she has started working with her ex BF, the super star, she has made sure that they have patched up and that nothing upsets him. People talk of her as the smartest cookie in town. In front of the super star she puts on the coy, sweet and helpless act but when he’s not there, she’s someone else altogether. Of course when the ex and the current bump into each other both are sugary sweet to each other (as fake as they can be) but can’t stand each other in real life. Things have been heating up with the ex and the super-star while shooting and the ex makes sure that the current is nowhere around when they shoot for the film in foreign climes so she can enjoy the super-star’s attentions solo. She always calls the super-star for the littlest of help and he’s always there for her. But her absence at his brother’s birthday recently raised a few eyebrows.

The current ex, an aspiring singer, is said to be a very nice person and all his friends vouch for that. She spends her own money (unlike the ex GF whose laundry bills and house rent were paid by the ex super-star) and really looks after the super-star and his family. The super-star too appears to be truly in love with this international beauty and is not in a hurry to replace her with the ex – at least in his home where she lives in. While he welcomes the attention of his ex, he is in a dilemma about what to do as he’s devoted to his current GF (she’s the only GF that has made public appearances with him and gone for family holidays too) and doesn’t want to replace her with the ex. The ex has been sending feelers of wanting to move in with him but the super-star has smartly been avoiding her overtures as of now. Kal kya hoga… Kiss ko pata? Will the ex win over the current GF and shift into the super star’s home? Only time will tell…


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Ex-girlfriend: Katrina Kaif

Current GF: Iulia Vantur

Another Star: Ranbir Kapoor

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 5

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 5

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34 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Also these women hate foreigners like Katrina, Iulia just bcuz they are different and better looking. While they turn a blind eye to the slutty behaviour of Priyanka, anushka, deepika etc. Xenophobia much? Even you admin, why do u hate kat and Iulia so much..

    • Venus says:

      Iulia Katrina better looking than indian women ? hello have u heard of Aishwarya Deepika Rekha etc. Katrina is talentless, and doesnt deserve the spot she has in the hindi film industry.Shes here only because of Salman Khan. Also i dont think anyone hates Iulia here.All the hate is directed towards Katrina only.

      • Shivanisd says:

        That ways pc is only here cuz she had an affair wt akshay Kumar in her early years. And then she was sleeping around wt srk. Dont see any hate for her cuz, shes a dear punjabi.

      • Shivanisd says:

        I meant kat iulia r better looking than women commenters here.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    nice to see ppl here supporting Katrina for a change, Dont know why women love to hate her- I have always found her sweet and hardworking. Much better than calculative priyanka and arrogant anushka. Just bcuz Katrina is smart doesnt mean she should be vilified. And the woman here commenting dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka should first look at her own bank balance (most likely zero) and compare it to the Katrinas bank balance! LOL. Dont these women here let their husbands pay the rent/ utility bills etc. Do these women not spend one penny thats not theirs? So why are they making such a big hue and cry when Kat does the same thing? Reeks of hypocrisy. SMH.

    • Nam3less says:

      Care to explain what did anushka and priyanka did which Kat hasnt done. Not sure why would you bring those or any other people in this blind. Blind is clearly about 3 people and not the ones you mentioned.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Anushka is the rudest, most arrogant actress. Read about it on quora how she treated a luxury goods store guy. PC jumps from 1 married guy to another wtout any shame. Ppl here love to mention kats botox, wat abt anushkas horrible lip job and jawline surgery and pcs multiple nose jobs??

      • Shivanisd says:

        I have to bring other ppl here bcuz i need to show how biased commenters here are against foreigners like kat vis a vis indian actors. The hypocrisy disgusts me.

    • sharuna says:

      oh hello, Katrina and salman are not husband and wife you idiot.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Oh so u feel that once married a woman using her husband for money is okay?? But not so for a committed relationship. Hypocrite!

  3. nefarious says:

    @Admin, Etios, I hear, Salman is playing her now. He pretends to be nice and sweet to her , gives her hope, bt he actually dislikes her now. Salman hasnt forgiven this cheater. But shed like ppl to believe otherwise. His katrina kapoor comment reflects all the bitterness inside him.

    • Shivanisd says:

      His, comment was 2yrs back. Seems uve nvr had an ex so u can’t understand how complicated that relationship is!!

  4. Etios says:

    Katrina situation is just like that famous Hindi Quote ” Dhobi Ka Kutta, Na Ghar ka Na Ghaat Ka”
    Still She is doing whatever it takes to maintain her hold in the Bollywood industry which is what all these Bollywood people do, using whatever tactics they can for as long as they can.

    Katrina can easily last for another half a decade in this industry by doing strategic compromises and flings along with a massive improvement in her behaviour, she is too bossy and rude which will not be tolerated as more younger and hotter options are getting available for Stars and Filmmakers, why approach Katrina when Jaqueline can do the same role for cheaper, is younger and hotter and has much better behaviour.

    • Manisha says:

      Ummm Jacqueline is 32 vs Katrina’s 34 years of age (if both of them are not lying about it of course)

      • Etios says:

        When Katrina lies so much about her own name, heritage and past jobs, do you really believe she will tell her real age?? Add on 3-5 years to that 34 then you will get the real age, even all those botox sessions are not able to help her now.

    • Shivanisd says:

      If everybody in bwood is the same why is the hate only directed towards kat?? Bcuz shes successful?

  5. bucketbot says:

    Admin is it true that Salman khan used to pay for Katrina’s rent and other utilities until she moved in with Ranbir?

    • Admin says:

      Of course, it is…even this blind item says it..he used to pay her phone bills too..She was living with him until she rented her own small place and wanted more freedom…

      • Golden girl says:

        Salman paid her bills and rent. He also gifted her a car which she sell after she gets involved with Rk. salman called her kat Kapoor coz he was mad at her for cheating him for RK. It was his way to confirm that she is unloyal and a cheater. She was shameless to attend the party after what she has done to him.

  6. Richa Singh says:

    How is this a blind if its a straight up smear post on Katrina? Honestly, she doesn’t come across as this clingy uncool person.

    • Admin says:

      Straight up from Romania, where vampires live!

      • Ananya says:

        So you mean to say this blind comes from Lulia. But how does she have Pr or hold on media to leak it discreetly without Sallu knowing?

        I mean if he still is friends and softy to Kat will he allow such a blind to be published. Or it means it is leaking by his own pr by lulia or him. But if he does it, then why would he helping her on the other hand by offering films?

        Also if Kat is really close friend for him and his family, then why she’s not invited to his family functions these days? I don’t believe Sallu is avoiding her to appease Lulia. I’m sorry but he doesn’t seem such a guy who gives damn about such things.

      • Golden girl says:

        no admin . Vampires lives in Uk or she herself know where she is from. Its a truth not a lie. Kat is like this.

    • Venus says:

      Lol she does come across as a calculative person.You must be smitten by her if you don think so

    • bucketbot says:

      On the contrary, imo. she immediately went back to salman on breaking up with ranbir (mostly so that she can sign films), knowing fully well that he still has a soft spot for her. The whole time she was with ranbir she was on the outs with salman and his family. Then those two broke up, the only thing she had when nothing else worked for her.. People realised she was nothing without big names because she couldn’t act. Since then she has been trying to get back in Salman’s good graces. And now finally she got small roles in two films.

      I can’t say anything about her trying to move in with salman again but for the life of me, I can’t understand why a grown ass woman who has a job would let anyone pay her utilities. It wasn’t like he was her husband. That rubs me the wrong way, really. It almost makes this belivable but i want to hold my judgement.

      All this seems really cunning to me. Just because a person is sweet looking, or is sweet talking doesn’t mean they are sweet people.

      Salman is no angel but lets call a spade what it is. He deserves shit but don’t make it seem like she is the purest person to ever walk the earth.

      • Admin says:

        She did the smart thing by not distancing herself from Salman’s family when she was with RK. She continued working with Salman in ETT and attended his family functions, including wedding of his sister, where Salman made fun of him…

        • bucketbot says:

          Are you sure admin? I do remember reading reports that his family didnt like her anymore and didnt want her near them because they realised she was using him.

          ETA:Okay just checked. Ett matches the time line. (Well,m not going watch those kinda films even if you pay me) And sisters wedding also, yeah okay I that wrong. Thanks admin.

          • Admin says:

            How can you forget? Salman took pleasure in embarassing in front of the whole crowd by calling her “Katrina Kapoor”! Also, there’s a possibility that during ETT, Salman had no idea of Kat-RK being together. They were in hiding then..

          • bucketbot says:

            My apologies. Sometimes the crassness as well as the stupidity of these people tires me so much i need a break.

          • Admin says:

            No, it’s fine. Be thankful, it’s not your life. πŸ˜‰

    • Golden girl says:

      kat is a clingy and uncool person. Her insta posts and statements are the prove of it

      • Shivanisd says:

        And pray tell which actress doesn’t post pics on Instagram. Cheap PC does it every 2 seconds.

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