Blind Item – August 2018 9

The blind item for today comes from Mid Day. Now, the couple that they are talking about, it might be about two couples. Going by the clues, it seems that they are talking about an actor and his non-actor wife. We could be wrong, but if his wife is an actress – a very popular, we think they would have mentioned about it. Still, we are putting two guesses so that you know who we are referring to.

Check out the blind item below from Mid Day. Thanks to the reader, who shared this blind item.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August 2018 9


The actor, who is famous for his link-ups, and his bubbly wife were considered a reserved pair who fiercely safeguarded their privacy

This reticent star couple has been putting up their private moments on social media, including pictures of their children. The actor, who is famous for his link-ups, and his bubbly wife were considered a reserved pair who fiercely safeguarded their privacy. B-Town folk were wondering at this sudden change of heart till a birdie stumbled upon the reason.

Like most stars today, they have brand managers, too, who have advised them that if they hope to endorse high-end luxury brands, they need to stay in the limelight like the Gen Next. Another star couple, known for their classy coolness and being away from social media, is also following in their footsteps. It won’t be too long before they have social networking accounts in place. After all it’s the leading brand endorsements and the big fat moolah that calls the shot these days.


OSOP Guesses

Who it is about:

Star Couple 1: Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Blind Item – August 2018 9


Who it might also be about:

Star Couple 2: Ajay Devgan and Kajol


Blind Item – August 2018 9

Second Couple: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

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9 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    Who is the US singer with fake followers?

  2. Monalisa says:

    Admin the blind talks about two couple.
    The first couple: husband famous for linkups and bubbly wife is I think Kajol and Ajay. I don’t think anyone will call Twinkle bubbly. Also Twinkle and Akki became more open, posting pictures from vacations, kids pictures, lovey-dovey couple pictures since Reshma started managing Akki. She is his manger since last year. Kajol and Ajay started doing this more recently than the Akki and Twinkle.
    The second couple is known for their classy coolness and being away from social media who might join SM, is Saifeena. Wasn’t there some rumour that Saif might join SM.

    No hate on them but the reason why Virushka’s PDA is all over social media is explained beautifully in this blind. “Because to endorse high-end luxury brands, they need to stay in the limelight”.

  3. naughytrini says:

    I am swaying more to Kajol and Ajay because they were more private than akki and twinkle star. Twinkly was never private, her mouth starts working before her brain start to register what she is saying. I think Kajol is trying her hardest to make a comeback and she is being seen everywhere with her helicoper eela or whatever that movie name release. Sadly I do not see the old Kajol that everybody loved. I see a whitewashed trying to hard woman who is trying to look like the women her husband is being alleged as seeing behind her back. Well, whatever rocks their boat.

    • Samantha says:

      “Sadly I do not see the old Kajol that everybody loved. I see a whitewashed trying to hard woman who is trying to look like the women her husband is being alleged as seeing behind her back. ” sums up my one time favorite Kajol perfectly! Sigh!

    • Ageist says:

      I sincerely hope Kajol doesn’t come to this site and read your comment.

      Her only crime is loving a cheat and sacrificing her career to raise their kids. If she was one of those actresses who slept around especially with married actors like her cousin, I would have said “Karma”. As it is, not one rumour about her and SRK or any other person.

      Loyalty to Ajay even when it meant professional suicide as his film clashes ruined her relationship with Adi Chopra and Karan Johar, the two people who helped her remain relevant when her contemporaries weren’t getting film offers. If her new film flops, she possibly wouldn’t be getting film offers at all and I think she knows it hence her working hard to promote it.

      I don’t think she is getting film offers. Forget the so-called patch with KJo, I don’t think it’s true as he hasn’t posted a picture with her or with his kids. Besides, KJo being a business man is focused on Kareena and Alia who are doing well box office wise, and YRF is focused on Rani. Also, Kajol’s success has being attached to SRK for so long that most people don’t know she has had successful films without SRK including two successful female centric films in the 90s, unlike Rani, Kareena and now Alia who have had successful films in recent times without a male superstar.

      SRK’s help is not so sure as Dilwale didn’t do as well as he expected and he is also trying to make a comeback of his own.

      Also, it doesn’t seem like she has a good relationship with other filmmakers or younger actors like Salman, Aamir, Ranveer, etc. especially as she kept herself within the YRF-Dharma-SRK camp for years.

      Ajay’s support is also shaky as he would have good reason not to produce a film for her if her new film flops and he’ll most likely continue cheating even more openly until he finally divorces her or she finally has enough. The way he has changed the release date of Helicopter Eela twice now says a lot as if it were a film he was in, he wouldn’t change the release dates.

      Frankly the fate of her new film would have a big effect on her both professionally and personally and I think deep down she knows it.

    • naughytrini says:

      Lovely read Ageist. I really enjoyed reading your comment and your writing is very articulate. I am not one of those posters who will immediately bash you because your view to mines may be a bit different but I would sure like your views on certain matters and just may be, I might sway to giving Kajol the benefit of the doubt.

      Firstly, I laughed out loud when you said that you sincerely hoped Kajol doesn’t come to this site and read the comments on her, gosh I am still laughing. Do you think we are afraid of the actors reading what we are posting of them? Do you think we post for other readers and not for them? I SINCERELY hope that Kajol and Twinkle and especially Katrina comes in here and read my comments about them. Actually I do not post for anyone but for them.

      Also you say that Kajol’s only crime is loving a cheating husband :-0 What about the crime of befriending a man, being in his bedroom when his girlfriend was calling him and being loud and obnoxious so that the girlfriend could hear you so she would leave the man who you would quickly move in with? So the man cheats on her now? That is karma hun. Karma did get her back and is still getting her. But that is far from Kajol’s sins. You claim she is Miss Innocent while her cousin, I assume you mean Rani, is Miss Homewrecker or at least hopping from man to man. The only reason Kajol hasn’t been called out and linked up rumours have only been known with her and SRK is because in that era people were not as vocal or social media wasn’t as prevalent. Or maybe it could just be because during that time the beauty or sexiness of an actress was her voluptuousness and how fairskinned she was, which Kajol wasn’t much endowed with so she wasn’t being hounded by her heros. Yet there was rumours of SRK and Kajol closeness floating around. Which would bring her to her talent as an actress. The majority of her movies that are highly acclaimed were ones with her and SRK which shouldnt really sum up that she aint such a great actress but actually with a good pairing two actors could make awesome movies, to a point that is, as shown with Dilwale.

      Which comes to another one of your points where you claimed she sacrificed her career to raise their kids. I do not know if you were trying to be humourous but exactly what career are you talking about after stating the fact that her movies that were hit was due to her being paired with equally great or greater actors than herself and also to the fact that Mrs Devgan did more than 10 movies after her marriage of which only 4 was considered successful, 2 of which she acted with SRK which was okay for Gauri now since kajol is now a married woman. Kajol didnt sacrificed anything, actually she made her bed and got married to Ajay who was a loaded man. She played her cards right knowing that with Gauri being uneasy with her equation with SRK and knowing that her own equation with SRK is what was giving the hits because they were everybody’s couple, she knew in time gauri would have stopped her working with him if gauri didnt even already put down her foot and stopped it thereby making kajol turn to ajay, it does makes sense doesnt it?

      By the way, Kajol and Rani are very much alike. They both married into money hoping to stay relevant and they are both suffering through karma. YRF is only giving Rani movies to keep her satisfied while Mr. India continue to play the field, just to shut her up and try to keep the home a little peaceful. And that is what makes Rani unlikeable. The fact that her own husband could bribe her that way to have his own way which just goes to show just how money/trying to stay relevant hungry she is. She didnt marry for love. Ajay too is also just giving Kajol movie as well to get some peace. These women, Kajol, Rani, Twinkle, Gauri will never divorce their husbands because they love the material things in life. Why am I so hard on her? What example is she setting for her daughter? Her daughter is dark skinned as her. Pretty soon we will see a fair looking daughter too. As I said before, Kajol is not the same person we fell in love with back in the days.

    • Ageist says:

      @naughytrini, thanks for not bashing me. I usually hesitate to give comments because of that. When I see fans bashing each other over their favorites, I feel sad because at the end of the day, all we’re really doing is speculating. The stars we love may really be villains and those we don’t like may really be victims and vice versa. We can only make assumptions based on what we read in the media and sometimes our own experiences in life. However, I don’t agree with you in certain areas.

      I’m assuming the person you’re implying left Ajay because she heard Kajol’s voice is Karisma Kapoor. I recall hearing that story once. But something about it doesn’t sound right. I think it’s more likely that Babita put an end to that relationship than that Ajay dumped Karishma for Kajol. I find it hard to believe that the same Karisma who allegedly took Ajay from Raveena, fought with her and allegedly got Raveena kicked out of some films with Ajay’s help (according to an interview Raveena gave in the 90s) would just hear a female voice in Ajay’s room and walk out. Besides, she and her sister seem to have a cordial relationship with Kajol. That would not happen if Kajol took Ajay from her. I suspect the whole story of Ajay dumping Karishma from Kajol was to save face in Ajay’s case. Babita was looking for a rich man for her daughter and Ajay at that time definitely didn’t meet her expectation.

      You mentioned that there were rumors of SRK and Kajol’s closeness implying that they may have had an affair. Actually, the only actress SRK was rumoured to have an affair with in the 90s was Juhi Chawla, not Kajol. (I suspect SRK or Juhi leaked that rumour to hide the fact that Juhi was married in order to save her career as SRK and Juhi are close friends. I highly doubt Juhi’s husband would have a business relationship with his wife’s ex). SRK and Kajol’s chemistry onscreen was on the news so much that Ajay allegedly became insecure and banned Kajol from working with SRK and she started rejecting films with SRK. Her mother got to find out and had warned Kajol not to do so if it was true after which Kajol did KKHH. Gauri was even present for Kajol’s wedding. I highly doubt she would do that if Kajol had had an affair with SRK.

      Also, you say the films where she was highly acclaimed were only those with SRK but that isn’t true. Gupt, Dushman and Fanaa are some of the films off the top of my head that I can recall her receiving praise from critics and none of them were with SRK and they were successful box office wise. Also, I am right when I said she gave up her career for her kids. Mind you she got married after all four films of hers were successful, three of them among the top three highest grosses of the year. Everyone was shocked when she chose to get married at that time because she was considered the top actress then, similar to what Deepika is today and Kajol was only 24 at that time. Also, recall she was still getting film offers after marriage especially from YRF and Dharma but she rejected them. Some of the films she rejected eventually went to Aishwarya, Rani and Preity.

      Personally, I really hate adultery as I have seen the effect it has on innocent wives and children, and while I advocate that the innocent mate walks out of the marriage, I try to see things from another perspective. People are shaped by their own experiences in life especially early ones. Could it be that Kajol being the daughter of divorced parents had negative experiences hence she’ll rather endure in her marriage so her kids don’t experience the same thing? Could it be that as someone who grew up in Bollywood, that cheating is normal to her and hence not a deal breaker? I heard her grandmother left her husband for another man, and we don’t know why her own parents split up.

      It could also be that Kajol really believed in the Mills & Boons novel she reads and she really thought Ajay was faithful until his affair with Kangana destroyed her belief and self esteem hence why she puts so much effort in her appearance now. I pray she finds peace someday and realize it’s not her who has a problem. It’s him. And you are right. Her daughter is watching.

      Anyway, let this be a lesson for us. Women, please continue to invest in yourselves. Strive to have a successful career even with your kids. If your husband chooses to betray you, you can walk out knowing you will be more than capable to take care of yourself and your kids.

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