Blind Item – August 2018 4

In Bollywood, there should be two rules that actors must follow. One is, do not date your co-star no matter how attracted you are to them. Second is, never leave your wife or husband for your co-star. Not saying that they should cheat on their spouse, but do not date. It’s as simple as that. Though in Bollywood, it is really hard for actors to follow through. Not everyone is like Mamujaan, who gets to have it all. Those with no means or intelligence to make it work that way has to make do with what they feel in the moment, lust and passion.

One such example is this actor and actress. The actor was married before he became an actor in Bollywood. He was married to the rakhi-sister of Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather. They were together for years before they ran away and got married. He did his first film with this actress and soon after, there were rumours surrounding these two. The actor broke it off with the wife by saying that his family does not want her with him. The wife was confused because all was hunky dory between them. It was only later that she found out her husband and that actress got together. She was in denial for a long period of time. It was amazing to see how she chose to take it out on the actress while maintaining that her husband was innocent. But the day the blindfold was off, she went all out on a rant against hubby dearest in a local newspaper.

That was sometime back, but the actor and actress continued to be together. No idea when they broke up, but people started noticing after she pretended not to know who he is. Classic! Going by the blind item below, it seems she has ghajini since she still can’t remember him. Can’t really blame her since she has been killed off in almost all of her films, perhaps this is starting to take a toll on her!

Check out the blind item below from Filmfare.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August 2018 4


This Bollywood actress ignored her actor ex-boyfriend at a B-town bash

After a dirty break-up, there have been several times when B-town exes have taken a dig at each other in public. While some do take the trip to Splitsvilla in a good stride, many take the bumpy road ahead of the break-up. The latest from the gossip birdie in town is about a couple who had quite a clandestine relationship in the first place and have become estranged since their break-up.

Both these actors were in the headlines for their little affair due to all the wrong reasons. The actors, who was earlier married took the plunge and separated from his wife because of his new lady love. While one would think that things would get better for this couple thereon, the two also separated only a short while after.

With no acknowledgement to their affair, the two continue to deny it even today. But their actions speak otherwise. The two bumped into each other at a recent Bollywood bash and while the actor tried to greet the lady, she completely looked past him and continued to ignore him throughout the party.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam

Blind Item – August 2018 4

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6 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    This Pulkit guy always comes across as arrogant and total wannabe

  2. Samantha says:

    I thought its Farhan n Shraddha!

    • Rashmi says:

      yes, it’s too similar to Shradds and Farhan, why did the admin decide that it was Yami?

      • Admin says:

        Farhan didn’t end his marriage, his wife did. Also, there are no kids involved in this blind item. Farhan and Shraddha have yet to come face to face. Pulkit and Yami did earlier this month at a party.

    • Rahul says:

      the ex wide was mentioned as rakhi sister of a superstar. Adhuna does not have any superstar rakhi brother. Shweta -Pulkit’s ex wife, was often described in the newspapers as Salman’s Rakhi sister. apparently she was/is best friends with Arpita.

    • Rashmi says:

      no, about the rakhi – the sister was written by the administrator. it was prehistory. but there is nothing in the blind about it. there mention only ex lovers and the fact that he was married

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