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What can we say about the men of Bollywood? It seems that once the cameras are off, their bitchiness are on. But as for this young actor, can’t really blame him because this superstar is really a pain in everyone’s behind when he wants to be. He has the mentality of a mental MCP and does what he wants and when he wants. After seeing what happened to those who dare oppose him or speak against him, most stars stay away from upsetting him. What they do then? They have to stand and take it all in. This includes the heroines as well. If you are wondering why he is given so much freedom, well the reason is simple. If you know someone has mental issues, you avoid that person or you just keep quiet out of respect. They are all doing the same thing. Dude is so messed up that nothing can fix him. It’s too bad his family stays quiet because after all, he is the one who foots their bills and look after their respective families. Anyways, check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in their blind item for today.


Bollywood Blind Item


WHILE these two actors -one a superstar and the other a well-established newbie –claim to be friends, and even `brothers’, it seems all of it is but a charade. In his interviews, the young and good-looking Turk all but bitches out the senior actor. He insists that his comments stay β€œoff the recordβ€œ. That too, only when he deigns to comment on the bigger star. Or else, he just says he doesn’t want to entertain any questions about the other.


OSOP Guesses

Newbie: Varun Dhawan

Superstar: Salman Khan

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8 Responses

  1. nilaam says:

    LOOOL this for sure no salman and varun . this is about Sid and Akshay only , the words “brothers” n good-looking Turk say it all . better luck next time Admin . stop ur blind hate towards salman it just too much man

    • Admin says:

      Nah, it’s definitely Sallu and Varun. Akki and Sid shot Brothers a long time ago and since then, nothing about their camaderie was reported. We would have gone with Ranveer and Akshay, but Ranveer is not the bitchy type and neither is Sid.

      • nilaam says:

        the blind would have been difficult to guess , but they put the word brother as a clue , go through sids twitter timeline n u will see him talking alot about Akki. Sid the one promoting his movie now . the blind seems false anyway

        • Admin says:

          Do you think or have you seen Sid being bitchy? Not once. Varun, yes he has. After Brothers, Sid promoted other movies as well and never was he asked about Akshay so why not? Varun is remaking Salman’s film and he also performed with Sallu at IIFA 2017.

          • nilaam says:

            The blind might be false but this is about Sid/Akki . salman n Varun never heard someone referring to them as brothers , they call him mini salman . just check the acticle about Sid n Akki catching up in london last mounth N check the title The β€˜Brothers’, Akshay and Sidharth catch up in London . seem like Sid get hurt cs he promoted Akkis film but he didnt for Sids movie . Judwaa 2 is ages away compared to Gentleman which kinda makes this obvious that this is to hype up Sid’s movie.

          • Admin says:

            Ok, so if it is about Sid and Akki then it’s not a real blind item because Sid ain’t bitchy and also what could Akki have possibly done to him? As for Varun, he has a history of stories regarding Salman and it’s always something about how Salman bullied him.

          • nilaam says:

            I told u that he Akki didnt promote his movie thats why he got hurt . another blind come out today which only confirmed my guess it is Sid/Akki
            Todays”s blind ;
            This bollywood star who has been part of the industry for decades now has been using the younger lot to promote his film. Turns out he’s not too keen on returning the favour though. This has majorly turned off a much younger and former costar who in the past couldn’t stop singing praises of the star. Now the young turk turns red at the very mention of the older star’s name.
            So if after all this u still insist it Salman then sorry dude its just too much . Salman n Varun genuinely love each other .

          • Admin says:

            Oh please! No one genuinely loves Salman Khan, not even his lulu. Anyways, if you are right then you are right..But do send us the link to that blind item and we’ll check if it’s legit or simply written to match this blind item. Ok?

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