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We have another blind item for you today from PinkVilla. This blind item is about something that is related to Bollywood and Politics. It is about this senior producer, who recently got sacked from a very important job that he was doing. When people in Bollywood heard he was sacked, they didn’t shy away from showing their happiness on social media. Everyone thought he was fired from the job because no one was happy with him. As it turned out, this man has another theory as to why he was sacked and it’s quite interesting. Read on below to find out more.


Bollywood Blind Item


Did this film body member get the BOOT because this top SUPERSTAR complained about him to the powers-that-be?

A recently-ousted member from a film body has been telling people that the real reason behind him being fired is a top superstar (currently basking in his film’s success) and not a soap queen’s proximity to the ex-member’s boss. According to him, everything was going good till some changes in the dialogues (and words) relating to the superstar’s recently-released film (and box office success) were asked for. While the actor made the changes after much grumbling, along with that he quietly went and complained directly to the powers-that-be right at the top and the ex-member’s boss – hence getting the senior guy the axe.

Interestingly, the ex-film body member’s son was quietly working in the soap queen’s production company till recently, after which he moved to other pastures. The ex-film body member has also complained to the media that till now, neither has he got his relieving, nor has there been any intimation about him being sacked. The ex- film body member has been in the center of controversies ever since he came in and many members of the film fraternity are currently rejoicing by the removal of this guy so nobody is listening to him. Well, the ex-film body member should know that nothing tastes sweeter than success and the superstar’s current success ratio overshadows everything else so he should stop complaining and focus on his work instead!


OSOP Guesses

Ex-Film Body Member: Pahlaj Nihalani

Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Hit Film: Toilet

Boss: Smriti Irani

Soap Queen Production: Ekta Kapoor

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