Blind Item – April – Hollywood 2

We knew the super famous actor in the blind item below likes models, but we didn’t know he likes a specific type of models. What this blind item is telling us that he is not into all models. Speaking of this actor, there was a hush-hush rumour that he might just be in the closet, which is the reason why he keeps on hooking up with one model after the other. That’s not as shocking as when we found out the dude doesn’t like to shower and use deodorant. He does it all because he cares for the environment. As for the girl in the blind item below, may she have better luck next time. Who isn’t fame thirsty these days? Getting hooked to someone famous seems to be the IT thing nowadays. Whatever happened to working hard and proving your worth? Check out the blind item from Blind Gossip below.


Hollywood Blind Item

Hollywood Blind Item


Mushy Girl

This model was convinced that she would leave Cannes with people buzzing about how she was the new chosen girl of one of the most famous movie stars in the world!

That didn’t happen.

She was trying hard, but he thought her personality was just very blah. He also said her body was mushy. Not fat, just not toned at all. He wants someone hot who’s fun to be around. She wants to meet up with him in New York, but he’s just not that into her. Since she wants to be linked to someone famous soon, she’ll probably move on and find someone else.


OSOP Guesses

Model: Bella Hadid

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Blind Item – April - Hollywood 2

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5 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    A couple of comments about the design.

    The boxes (and the comment font) are too light. I literally couldn’t see the captcha box at all.
    Even after captcha comments are moderated? Strange.

    Lastly, can we please do something about the names? I know you guys rely on names for URL, but can we just go Blind Item – May – Bollywood – 1
    Blind Item – May – Bollywood – 2

    and upwards? The current convention is just terrible and all over the place.

    • Bollywood says:

      Than you so much, ghjk. We will look into it. As for the captcha and moderation, we were asked to do so to avoid spam comments. We have set it up now so that login users don’t have to Captcha before commenting. As for the names, bear in mind that there are same names blind items the previous years and the coming years. It’s why we use the month+year to differentiate. It’s not per say because of URL, it’s more to have different blind item labels for each blinds or else all will look the same.

    • ghjk says:

      “there are same names blind items the previous years and the coming years”

      Fair, so you can make it Blind – May 17 – Bollywood 1.

      You can choose your format that looks consistent, but it’s badly needed. Will give the site a much more professional feel.

  2. ghjk says:

    “Getting hooked to someone famous seems to be the IT thing nowadays.”

    Nowadays? Never heard of rock band groupies? Hanging around and mooching off the rich and famous has been a thing since money and fame have been a thing.

    As for Leo being in the closet, garbage. It’s just jealous women who couldn’t hold him down that would spread such rubbish. He might swing both ways, though.

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