Blind Item – April – Bollywood – 2018

When Sridevi passed away, it was brought to our attention that it was her husband, who decided how much she would be paid or deserves to be paid. It was because of this that she lost out on many movie opportunities. The reason why we are mentioning this now is because the blind item below is about an actor, who is in the same situation. Is or was, but this is why his career suffered. When he got married, he let his wife take charge of his acting career. She decided which movie he signed and how much he should charge for it. It’s funny because she is not even from the movie industry to know the rates.

Like most new wives, she too thought her husband was a big deal hence quoted producers and directors such a high price that they couldn’t afford to sign him. He was never a big deal. Sure, he was well-loved, but all that was due to a lovable movie character he played. Then, he started doing some really bad films. So bad that they really had to put him away to stop people from going crazy (this is what we tell our old lady why they put him away).

He thought when he would come out, directors would come flocking to his bungalow to sign him up. Sure, some of them did but the high fee turned them away. Last month, there was another blind item that said he was reducing his acting fee to get more roles. This blind item from Mumbai Mirror is no different. Maybe things will get better for him when his rainbowed biopic releases and he will be in demand again, could be.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood


A well-known movie star isn’t having a great time. Not only has his age caught up with him, his own personal crisis has also cost him his best years. He is now back in action and making sincere attempts at making films, but there seem to be few takers. All the meetings he has had ever since he came out of his exile have been in vain, thanks to his high salary. But now, the actor has given himself a pay cut, and is ready for round two of talks.


OSOP Guess

Star: Sanjay Dutt

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood


Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood

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17 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    It was no secret that boney was managing Sridevi’s career… They never tried to hide it… He was the one who took care of the loans which Sridevi’s mom had taken and was also next to sridevi during her mom’s treatment in US… Boney also helped to resolve property dispute between the sister’s… He was also took care of all Sridevi’s requirements and arrangements, almost like a spot boy…. Which husband in these days acknowledges himself as wife’s fan and big admirer… Boney did that.. One could see admiration for sridevi clearly in boney’s eyes… And who knows the price quoted by boney were done after consulting with Sri… After all Sri is a big star and they might felt they deserved certain high price… BTW, boney doesn’t spend much money on himself… His clothes, looks etc look ordinary.. But Sri and her daughters have a certain lifestyle for which earning high amounts is necessary… I refuse to believe boney manipulated sridevi or something…. It’s he who facilitated her comfort and stay in Mumbai and produced some amazing movies for her… It’s easy to think that their beloved star is the most vulnerable, innocent and naive, but that may necessarily not be the truth….
    BTW the bahubali role was not suitable to Sri at all… I don’t think Sri was ready to play mother and grandmother to grown up men… Also the scene where Ramya shouts bahubali’s name from the top needs powerful voice…. Sri’s voice is more delicate……

    • Kiran101 says:

      as big as a star Sri was and as good an actor she was. ‘Sivagami’ role was not for her…. Ramya suited the role perfectly.

      Its a misconception that just because you are a good actor you suit every role. Like ‘Shahid’ in padmaavat.
      At the same time even if you are not best actress of all time…no current gen actress can suit some roles like a few…ex Aishwarya Rai in Jodha akbar and ‘hum dil de chuke , Deepika Padukone in ‘Bajirao and Padmaavat.

      You could be a great actor and yet be miscast…So i never believed in the theory of timelessness of actors.

      • Monalisa says:

        Kiran101 I totally agree with you. There are very few actors in bollywood who got the range and versatility to fit any kind of roles. Actors like Aamir and Ranveer (who are to some extent method actors) got that chameleon like quality. And they are passionate about their craft so go the extra mile to mold themself in to the characters they are playing. Aamir and Ranveer totally transform themselves to suit their characters by changing their appearance (weight gain, weight loss, hairstyle, body building, facial hair), body language, acting style, dialogue delivery, voice modulation, tone of voice, accents/dialects, … etc.. They phsically, mentally change themselves to become that character. So if an actor don’t have this quality they can be miscasted in roles that does not mean they are bad actors. Sometimes while watching some actors onscreen, even though they are great actors and acted well in the part, audience can feel that they are watching an actor playing a certain role . These types of actors adopt their roles to suit their acting style.
        But some actors mold themself in to the character so well that there is no trace of that actor left so while watching them onscreen you feel you are watching the real character and not the actor performing the role.

        • Kiran101 says:

          An actor has to be intelligent too . Like Jhonny Deep antics are all his own self stylized not by director or script. Same with Robert Downey Jr… she looks nothing like a marvel super hero… the production house was extreme skecptical to cast him and was paid only half a million $$ . Today toney stark = RDJ= Ironman. by IR 3 he grabbed 100 mil.

          Same with Shahid… he was saying he will play underrated and what not BS hinting at Ranveer as OTT. Look what happened.

          Aamir does not have range… he acting looks same but has amazing script sense. He knows to tell a story well. his body may have had transformations…but his looks did not change nor his mannerisms…

          See ranveer Padmaavat interviews…and then when u watch the movie he looks and behaves nothing like RS. Have you noticed Khilji’s hand gestures in the entire movie….epic.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Agreed. Rdj was paid less than Terence howard for ironman 1!!

          • Deepak says:

            At-last someone saying that Aamir does not have a range….when I say it, I get abused.. hehehehehehehehehe…… His last role that I really loved was Rang De Basanti.. after that I don’t think he has done anything worthwhile as an actor….. He has supported some good movies….but that is it….

          • Kiran101 says:

            I feel his last good performance was ‘sarfarosh’ anything after that ….There is self righteousness , hubris and dishonesty in his performance.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Huh? U didn’t think aamir was good in dangal?? I hate the guy but hes a good actor.

        • Sara says:

          i just got to watch Padmaavat and what a treat it was to see ranveer play khilji. He completely transformed himself for that role and his character appeared to be so scary. wonderful job done!

  2. NightGlory says:

    Sanjay lost a great deal of his acting time when he was away and sadly he thinks that he could just make a comeback and be as successful as when he was there before. I dont think he knows or his wife knows that he is old now and cant really make a comeback as he was before, is he by chance looking to play hero roles? because if he is then he is really deluded. I think he could try villainous roles, he sure looks the part now.

  3. Shivanisd says:

    Manyata (real name dilnawaz) really needs a reality check!! Her husband is not some 30 yr old young and happening actor. I hope sanjay doesn’t become another srk, refusing to quit Bollywood and boring us all with his creased and lined face. Why can’t these actors retire gracefully?

  4. suyash says:

    yeah…as soon as Boney stepped in Sri’s life, her movie career went down…becoz of his issues with producers/directors, she suffered and lost on many good offers, Many Yashraj movies she had to let go because of him. I think hez very selfish & business minded, when he wz suffering losses, he used her to act on television & that too on channel like sahara which wz never hit among viewers. Even she lost Bahubali becoz of him…Pitty Sridevi…Good now shez at peace. Just worried about Janhvi…i find even she is lil innocent like her mom…hope she play wise for selecting movies.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Don’t blame boney for it. If she was so concerned with her career she should have taken decisions independently. But she was always doing whatever her husband said. A woman who can’t stand up for herself… Obviously her career will suffer. Ramya got the iconic role of sivagami. To be honest i prefer Ramya only for that role.

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