Blind Item – April 2018

The blind item below is the last one by Filmfare for today. It’s about this star kid, who was supposed to make her debut in a film that subsequently got shelved or the shooting stopped. It’s hard to say when the director is saying one thing and the producer is saying another. It’s a good thing that this star kid didn’t have to sit around and wait for these two to resolve their issues, she signed on to the next offer, which is opposite an actor who has been doing very well for himself.

You know, someone joked on Twitter how the director and producer, who signed this star kid for their new project, were in a reality TV show that promised contestants of stardom. They are nobodies, who were given this platform to showcase their talents so that someone can notice them and cast them in the film. As it is with all reality TV shows, this one too was in vain since its own judges decided to go with a star kid instead of any of these talented contestants. The irony!

Anyways, we have said enough. Check out the blind item from Filmfare below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018


Hot! This Bollywood debutant doesn’t want to settle for anything less than her famous male co-star

This hotshot filmmaker, who’s on the wish list of every actor, had a project to offer to this newcomer, daughter of a famous showbiz family. But the family suggested he rework the script and give equal footage to the girl, as to the superstar around whom the film revolves.

It’s believed the script has now been approved and the girl will be greenlighting the project soon.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Rohit Shetty/Karan Johar

Daughter: Sara Ali Khan

Superstar: Ranveer Singh

Film: Simmba

Blind Item – April 2018

Blind Item – April 2018

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11 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    If Ranveer keeps acting alongside nepo kids,I am wondering how his career will go… Hope he takes break from nepo kids and sign movies with other actors(non-nepo)…

  2. Pooja says:

    Movie mafia what kangana was said was so right I never realized till seeing all this look this starkids or user kat all get film only bcz nepotism.

  3. leap says:

    There seems to be a technical error.
    The leave a reply coloumn already has a prefilled username and email id. might want to fix that error.
    I have already posted a comment using the same username. that kjo comment is the commenters own, rest were posted by others

  4. leap says:

    How is this even a blind item.? Blind items are not what they used to be.

  5. leap says:

    Kjo doing what he does best using the shinning sun of ranveer to benefit his fav a star kid. Also amazing benefits these star kids have pr, big production houses, script changes, hit directors

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap Don’t forget he got Alia a movie opposite Ranveer as well. Next on the list is Jhanvi..

      Also wonder what will happen to Alia when Kjo have to pander to his other protegees/ star kids; Jhanvi and Sara, Ananya.. etc.. Will she still be his favourite or will another star kid take her place? Would be interesting to see how these star kids fight among themselves to get Kjo’s attention.
      Even for Simmba (before the female lead was finalized) Jhanvi pr and Sara pr were releasing articles attaching their names to the movie.

      The most funny part was, Kat (as per articles released by her pr attaching her name to the movie, which Rohit himself denied) was also fighting with these newbies for the role. And sending feelers out to Kabir to get casted in Kapil Dev biopic opposite Ranveer. This is the same Kat who rejected Gunday opposite him saying she wanted a bigger star to be casted opposite her. Bet she regret saying no to Gunday now.. lol

      • leap says:

        @Monalisa kjo is so predictable lol.

        Alia needs to stand up on her feet the fact that she is so highly dependent on kjo may cost her she is already more talked about her linkups like ranbir thn work,She is too dependent on him. we all know how alia indirectly goes after her competition she will go after these star kids too kjo has trained her well. Star kids dont have to worry they can have flops till they get a hit

        kjo never leaves a star kid that honor goes to outsiders you will be dropped at earliest if you are an in-convince even if you are talented

        kat has bhai backing she is covered she got ABCD with varun which fits her because its all about dance also the next Bharat with salman shes covered

        • leap says:

          @leap Your username and email id are pre filled if one tries to comment. please ask the admin to fix that error.
          i have already commented thrice using your username.
          I swear this is the last one. i will use my own username if at all i coment here!

          • leap says:

            @admin hey admin a little help here my username and email id are pre filled if others try to comment.
            Thanks for pointing it out I have sent an email to support as well

          • Admin says:

            Hello. Sorry for that. It seems that old problems are coming up again, which is strange because it’s a different format of comment box this time. Who else is having this problem?

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