Blind Item – April 2018 – Bollywood 8

The blind item below was posted by SpotBoye on the 19th of April, which was before the Mijwan Fashion Show happened. We are mentioning this beforehand to show that the blind item is not the aftermath of what happened at the fashion show. So, SB had this blind item about an upcoming awards show. You know how awards shows these days are just other ways of making money for actors and directors. It’s sad because there was a time when award shows had some really good hosts. Hosts, who were able to perform well and pull the legs of the nominees without caring. That time, award shows were big deals, at least to us. You were able to sit with your family to watch award shows. Jokes were taken lightly and everyone laughed at themselves. Well, everyone except Ashutosh Gowarikar!

We can’t remember the last time we watched an award show full, as in watch it from beginning to end. We just watch an interesting dance performance on YouTube and that’s it. How did this happen? Maybe the infiltration of stars as hosts did it. These shows tested the waters with Shah Rukh and Saif Ali Khan as hosts after they did ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, it went great and everyone was happy. Then, they did it again and it was not as good as the first one. It’s understandable and it happens.

Do you know how these fake laughs and applause came about? We remember vividly there was this award show where SRK was performing. Maybe he performed ‘Bole Chudiyan’ and all the others, it was during that time and that time was also during his bad phase in the industry. He performed and when he finished, the audience’s applause was very thin. Like, not many people applauded. It was even worst that SRK realised this and mentioned it to the audience with a sarcastic, “Thank you for clapping”. The year after that, the fake everythings started!


The fake stuffs count as one and stars acting as hosts count as another reason why we can’t stand award shows. After SRK and Saifu hosted, SRK probably realised he can make more money hosting, which explains why he went on a rampage hosting bits and soon after, the whole award shows. Not just one show or one particular award show, he hosts a lot. There was a year when he hosted almost all of the Hindi film award shows. Now you might think, “Why is SRK hosting such a bad thing?” It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that it becomes the SRK show and then he sort of becomes overexposed because you are seeing him everywhere doing everything. He’s a good actor, but he should be more onscreen than off it! He’s doing all this to make money so that he can get he budget of the biggest VFX-made film of his dreams! When we saw the below piece, that did it for us.

No more award shows on the menu. They freaking made him sing! Like there wasn’t any versatile singer available to do the honours! It’s like award shows have become like school performances, where you have to be polite and clap at whoever is performing because it would be rude not to. There was a time when SRK performing on stage was special, like when he would perform his hit of the year at SOME of the award shows. It’s not his fault, it’s the organisers’ faults for ruining the sanctity of award shows. These were the good times, there are more but the only ones we can find are below.


  • P.S. At 2:15-mark might just be the reason why Raymond’s mama hate his GF at that time. Saas-Bahu drama must have happened!

Karan Johar was good at the begining, but then he too got overexposed. Guess, all these people got so greedy and took the hosting jobs from the talented ones. That said, maybe organisers have also pushed for a more international look of their shows since comedy Hindi bits won’t really work with an audience, who don’t understand Hindi. Now these shows are all about nominating the most popular films and having the same actors perform every year accompanied by the fake loud shrieks and applause.

Alright, so the blind item below is in relation with award shows. It’s about these two actors, who are in the running to host an upcoming award show that is usually held on international waters. Frankly speaking, don’t really care who they pick because we ain’t watching it. But, have to say that their theory on who to pick and who not to choose is so wrong. Check out the blind item from SpotBoye below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 8


This Popular Star May Be Ousted From An Upcoming Awards Nite

He was all set to be part of this prestigious awards gala but the organisers have decided to do away with him. They are planning to rope in another hunk instead…

This actor is a fans’ delight and you can often spot him obliging them with selfies. Owing to his impeccable connect with well-wishers, he was all set to host a prestigious award show.

However, looks like the organisers have had a change of heart and are in the mood to let go off this gentleman. Reason? Whispers are strong that they feel he is overexposed and viewers are keen on a fresh face. We hear, even if they retain him, he will be seen only in segments.

The organisers are now trying to rope in another A-list actor who is known for his superlative acting skills, but hasn’t had much box-office success in his career so far, probably owing to his choice of films. They are of the opinion that he might prove to be a bigger crowd puller.

Well, ways of the business. Isn’t it?


OSOP Guesses

Popular Star: Ranveer Singh

A-list Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Awards: IIFA

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 8

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