Blind Item – April 2018 – Bollywood 10

It might look like we are picking on this actor since there was already a blind item published on him today. This one was before that blind item and was released yesterday by IndianExpress. It’s about the same actor and is about a situation that happened months ago. By now, you all know this as it is so obvious to what has been happening. People are not fools to think that photographers have nothing else to do than stalk the wife of an actor.

It’s IS stalking when the person is not famous or relevant. It’s like someone taking your pictures when you go for your morning walk or to the gym or bring your kid out to play. It was very much obvious what they were doing and this actor wants people to talk about him so badly, he is craving for attention and adulation. Unfortunately, the movie released and it did not happen.

He has more movies, so he will have plenty of time to plan again these things. In the meantime, check out the blind item below from IndianExpress. By the way, we usually pick out pictures for the OSOP Guess section but this time we got this Instagram post. Just take a look. The way the wife snaps back in the moment is quite something. She is definitely enjoying the limelight on her, as opposed to what she used to say.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 10


Guess which actor decided to use paparazzi to promote himself?

Today, we got to know about a star who believed that his performance would do the talking. However, the actor was shocked when he found that he wasn’t part of the promotional plans of his film.

In Bollywood, there is a simple funda, β€˜Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikhta Hai’ but some actors feel that if their work is being appreciated, then why do publicity. Today, we got to know about one such star who believed that his performance would do the talking. However, the actor was shocked when he found out that he wasn’t part of the promotional plans of his film.

A little birdie close to the actor told us about the actor’s dilemma. Being a part of a big film gives an actor a boost. But he was in for a shock when he learnt that he is the least promoted actor during the promotional spree. A fellow actor’s manager gave him a whiff of this issue. However, the actor was unsure how to tackle this issue as he felt that the producers and filmmaker might make matters worse for him. And since the film was yet to release, the actor thought he can work out a new strategy. Wondering what he did?

He decided to hire paparazzi photographers to cover him every time he would go to the gym or have dinner with family. His better half loved this idea, and she too started paying extra to few papz for getting clicked. This way in spite of being neglected in promotions, the actor smartly got himself covered.

Wow, smarty-pants! But we are surprised why would your wife want paps clicking her snaps? What will she do with them? Or is this her stepping-stone into Bollywood’s first wives club? We will keep you posted on that too!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Wife: Mira Rajput

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 10

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9 Responses

  1. Sonpaapdi says:

    Hahaha good one trini

  2. Sonpaapdi says:

    I cringe every time I read the word β€œpaps” used for paparazzi because it reminds me of a pap smear. Wonderful if they are as painful.

  3. kiran101 says:

    @no clue who you are hinting at …who is stressed about Shahid having another baby ? Did you watch ‘Padmaavat’ ? If you did you should know its not a very well made movie …. there are 2 tracks in the movie

    Shahid-Deepika and Co and Ranveer- Jim sarbh and Co….As someone who watched a RS movie on screen for first time…i went 2nd time to see Ranveer and co track. Check out the audience poll on what they have to say.

    Lets remove Ranveer from Padmavat would it have done worldwide approx 600 cr business ? I like DP and Shahid…but truth be told…both were lame in Padmaavat … Watch Anupama Chopra’s interviews along with another Film critic how they tore apart SLB and Padmaavat… and if Ranveer did not carry this film on his shoulders the film would have been a disaster.

    Padmaavat is a badly made movie…I assert this as an audience… ranveer track was the only effing saving grace. This movie without Ranveer would have Bombed at box office….yes This movie was marketed around Deepika and her stardom…but after watching the movie you see what a waste of hype it was for DP.

    When Shahid was singed everyone said he will teach what acting is to Ranveer , Shahid took so many digs at Ranveer … i was hoping Sasha would blow my mind with his acting. And the way DP was talking of how a superstar she is compared to Ranveer …one must think Ranveer played some side character role.

    Shahid – Mira are unpopular not popular…and it is wrong…they both are trying in their own way to do watever they are intending to. Unless ur a shahid fan i can only see negativity towards them by everyone than positively. I wish they did not subject little Misha to all that….i am kind of partial to little girls. I dont have to prove myself referring to previous posts of me defending Shahid- Mira from Kappor khandaan fans. But truth be told…Shahid Mira are not popular in positive sense…I truly do not see them winning public hearts. I say this as a person how is willing to support and defend them.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Well all that detail is still just your own opinion of who you liked better in the movie as it is my opinion that all three actors did their best and I reiterate and agree that some were better than others, but I give all them credit for the movie being a hit after all the negativity that plagued that movie and it still coming out on top. Any of those three could have just packed up and left, saying it was too pressurizing. Deepika got a lot of pressure because she played padmavaati, she must be had it more harder than ranveer and even shahid but yet you says the movie was a hit because of ranveer only, shame, but that is your opinion and you are entitled to your opinion.

    • Kiran101 says:

      @ naughty … Shame ? It does not matter how hard one worked…ur performance in exam is graded not ur hardwork .

      All that matters is who Enthralls me on screen . I am just agreeing to what Film critics, Trade and other film goers said …as a fellow audience . When some opinion is wide spread its no longer just an opinion… when out of 100 people if 90 people watch a movie for 1 single reason it becomes a statistic and not just an opinion.

      Sunny deol fans thought sunny was better than SRK in ‘Darr’ … one can say that’s just an opinion . Opinion has became a mask to sneak away credibility from more deserving candidates… There is an excellent post on Quora on how ” not all opinions are equal and legitimate” . I read it once have been searching forever again.

      aneways, i am not ashamed of telling the truth. An underwhelming performance is what it is…but i do agree that no one could have been Padmavati other than DP.

  4. Rashmi says:

    I said it for a long time. It’s so obvious, I’m even surprised that there are so many people who think that this paparazzi is pursuing Misha and Mira. Shahid was always hungry to cheap glasnost, I still remember his 1000 and 1 Selfie on Twitter and instagram before marriage. by the way before he was more modest and not so advertised himself. By the way Bebo does the same thing with her Taimur.. she is afraid that it will be forgotten and she exposes photos with Taimur. the same applies to photos in the gym. Will the paparazzi be obsessed with photos of Bebo in the gym? all this thirst for publicity

  5. kiran101 says:

    Regarding ‘Padmaavat ‘ promotions… Shahid refused to do a photo shoot with Deepika….he instead did and said Mira is his Padmavati. He got more than what he deserved for Padmaavat… great pay check equal to Ranveer, equal screen time… even the trailer had his dialogs , he got the best dialogs in the movie. These are facts.

    His problem is …he constantly underestimated Ranveer. And everyone knows Ranveer is the only reason ‘Padmaavt’ is successful.

    Shahid kept on saying how he will play in underrated tone. When you see RS-Sasha scenes….its clear who is a show stealer and better actor.

    As much as i feel bad for Shahid…he reeks of bitterness so much that he is even unable to hide it. As far as the couple are concerned…I took Mira’s side so many times but Mira- Shahid are now making even Karan-Bipasha classy couple than them.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Ranveer is the only reason Padmavat was successful? so I guess they didnt need Shahid in the movie or Deepika…Ranveer could have done both their roles right? first tripple role movie lol It is okay to bash Shahid but credit should be given that the movie was succesful due to the efforts of all three stars, some who may have worked or acted better is fine because the talents of actors differs. I think someone is trying to sabotage Shahid and Mira popularity. I think the fact that they are going to be parents again is causing a great deal of stress for a certain someone who will have to find another innovative way of competing with them again. I honestly dont see how you all could fall for this fake blind.

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