Blind Item – April 2018 9

The blind item below is not that hard to figure out. It has become obvious to everyone now, whether it’s the public, Bollywood fans or Bollywood actors. When they are signed on by this big production house for a big film, they should know that the producer will want to cast his favourite girl in the project. He fights on until the stars agree. The only time he couldn’t get her on a big project was when this superstar actor wanted his protΓ©gΓ© instead of this producer’s girl.

With the deal she got going, can’t say whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good that she has someone powerful looking out for her and ensuring her that she will get projects. It’s bad because he is going to force her casting in every film that is produced by his production house and other people looking for opportunities might hate her for having this advantage. Also, the road that she is taking now seems like she won’t get any movie offers from other production houses, which does not seem like a problem at all considering how she waited for years to get offers from other production companies.

Let’s see how it works out for her because now she has to wait for this producer to get his films rolling so that she can get something to work on. Let’s just wait and see.

In the meantime, check out the blind item below from IndianExpress.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 9


Guess the female actor whose mentor is leaving no stone unturned to make her the next superstar?

This actor started her career under her mentor’s wings half a decade back. But she has barely scratched the surface. However, it seems like she is not so perturbed about her stagnant or slow-paced career graph. Here’s why.

Bollywood is a strange land, where some have to keep working hard for years to get noticed while some others are lucky to please one person who can make their dreams come true. Talent vs Luck is such an old debate that it is not just applicable to Bollywood but all walks of life. However, we will not get into that debate now as we have discovered some juicy gossip for you readers.

So, this actor started her career under her mentor’s wings half a decade back. But she has barely scratched the surface as in the same span her competitors achieved great success. However, it seems like she is not so perturbed about her stagnant or slow-paced career graph. Wondering why?!

Let us tell you that someone else is doing that on her behalf and its none other than her mentor. A close friend of the actor unwrapped this mystery to us at a social event, “Well she doesn’t need to go hunting for work because her mentor has ensured that she will be a regular feature in their movies now on. So why will she be worried, honestly! I feel she is so lucky to have met such a guardian angel at the beginning of her journey. He is taking a keen interest in her career.

While friends believe that she is indeed fortunate, we decided to do a little digging of our own to find out more on this. So a little birdie, who is working with the actor on her next project, restated that our protege is indeed damn lucky. “She was never the first or for that matter even the last choice for this role in the director’s mind. But a meeting with her mentor changed things so drastically that the director had to take her on board as the female lead.

Woah Woah! One meeting aur Heroine in! Wow… Definitely lady luck has been working overtime for our lucky actor. But darling as long as luck is by your side, please make the most of it by working on your acting skills if you too like your mentor desire to be the next superstar!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Vaani Kapoor

Mentor: Aditya Chopra

Blind Item – April 2018 9


Blind Item – April 2018 9

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11 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Vani had that freshness in Shuddh Desi romance. Looked natural too and not that bad in acting. But then Befikre happened. She could barely speak properly with that awful cosmetic job. I couldn’t finish the movie even from the comforts of my bed, people in theatres would have had a torrid time! And then again all these news items about her and Chopra isn’t helping her career. I think if she networked well and stayed away from cosmetic disasters, she could have been a decent actor.

  2. Amanda says:

    One thing I noticed about Vani,she is a good dancer and looks very fit… But the jawline change makes her look more masculine… She should pick good roles and YRF hardly has good scripts…. She should try outside YRF as well…

  3. Rashmi says:

    I like Vaani. she’s a good actress, an interesting character, she’s sexy and she dances very well (much better than Katrina), when I first watched Befikre, I was scared to see Vanni, she seemed repulsive to me. but then, I watched the clips, listening to the songs, I liked it. she’s emotional. I understand why Adi got carried away by Vaani, but I still can not understand how Rani could accept this

  4. Mo.nalisa says:

    Regarding the failure of Befikre (which contrary to popular belief was not a flop but a below average box officewise) it has a lot to do with the negativity surrounding the movie since announcement. All those blinds about Vaani and Adi’s relationship, the rumours got to such a point that Rani flew down to Paris with the baby. Rani fans were certainly against Befikre because of those rumours. Also the blinds about how Adi asked Vani to get plastic surgery and her vhenement denial through out the promotion that she had anything done to her face (when it was obvious that she had work done) got a lot of negative publicity as well. Adi himself is responsible for the failure of Befikre. Not Ranveer or Vaani. It actually got a good opening despite all the negativity and I think that was only due to Ranveer.

  5. Observer says:

    I guess Rani doesn’t have as much power as people think she has. But then, it’s Karma. She was Aditya’s girl too when he was married to someone else. The difference is, she can act.

    • Admin says:

      To be fair, she is making full use of this whole thing. She gets to ask him to produce whatever movies she wants to act in. She doesn’t care as long as she gets what she wants, which is to be still relevant in the acting world in Bollywood.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Admin are you actually saying that our dear Rani went into that marriage just so that she could get movies? Sounds like she just married Aditya so she can use him to further her career, yet she did give him a child, is it so that she would have something permanent over him? If that is the case, it is no wonder aditya’s eyes have strayed again to Vaani. I think vaani is getting alot out of being aditya’s girl. She aint getting that much movies but I bet she is his sugar baby and seems to milking it for all it’s worth. Rani have to be really cold hearted to allow this equation between her husband and vaani.

      • Admin says:

        Obviously! But “our dear Rani”, are you related to her or something? πŸ˜€ But yes, Rani planned well. Adi is basically supporting her whole family. Her brother had a sexual harassment case against him and that went away. Rani got security with him, in life and in Bollywood.

  6. pooja says:

    Vani Kapoor is literally being choked down our throat. People straight out rejected her after seeing Befikre. Vani might be a decent actor- but she dosen’t have the screen presence , charisma , charm , x-factor or sex appeal that other glam heroines have.

    If not for aditya chopra being interested in her at a personal level , she wouldn’t ever in her lifetime be considered for a heroine role in yrf or any other production houses for that matter. I personally fell adi chopra would do better if he casted parineeti chopra in his movies, if he only want’s to go with yrf talent. Pari might not have sex appeal or the glam doll look , but she can act way better and she has the charm and screen presence. And public definitely accepted pari.

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      In a recent bollywood hungama interview of Rani I watched on youtube, the interviewer asked her what are the 3 words that describe her. Instantly she said powerful and then realized that it was not the right thing to say out loud so backtracked and said she meant I was like we all know you married Adi to become the maalkin of YRF and wield your power. There is no need to hide what you actually feel.
      As long as Rani get to play maalkin of YRF, she will leave Adi alone with Vani. There was a blind on how Rani controls a lot of things in YRF.

  7. Rad says:

    Why so much hate for Vani Kapoor. She was good in Shuddh Desi Romance. She alone cannot be
    held responsible for Befikre debacle. And she definitely is not the only actor in Bollywood who has a married sugar daddy nor is she the only one who went in for a cosmetic surgery.

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