Blind Item – April 2018 3

Alright, so the blind item below is being spoken about. Honestly, we weren’t surprised because we have heard most of it. Of course, some parts are exaggerated and some parts might be untrue. The thing is, this blind item is by CDAN, which is a Hollywood blind item site or gossips site. We have mentioned about CDAN before with a warning that some of their stuffs are fabricated and are not true. What they do is, they get emails about particular news or blind items and they just publish it.

The highlighted in bold part in the blind item is the part that we don’t think happened. Why? Because a similar incident was reported about the same director, except in that scenario was the main culprit and made the lady’s mother watched. We are sure some of you had heard this story before and when you see the blind item, you will connect the dots. We cannot blame CDAN for that because they don’t know anything about Bollywood, they only received this info and published it without any fact checking.

Most people familiar with the scandals in Bollywood know about what this director did to one of his leading ladies. Word on the street was, he forced himself on most of his leading ladies and that time, he was a very famous and bankable director. He did what the blind item is suggesting they did to his wife, he actually did that to a leading lady of his and made the mother watch. If you wonder why some old time actresses stay away from Bollywood once they get married, it’s because of the torture they went through. They are more than happy to stay far away from the dirty land of Bollywood!

Also, note that this actress’ significant other back then couldn’t be on Indian soil. We don’t know whether he was forbidden or barred from coming to India back then, but he wasn’t around that time to do what the blind item is saying he did.

Enough said, just check out what we are talking about below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 3

Four For Friday - The Trafficking Train

A lot of moving parts here that involve not just sex trafficking, but also drug trafficking and an obscure piece of geography that makes it all possible.

A couple of decades ago, this foreign born actress was the hottest actress in her country. She wanted to be known. She pushed the boundary of what was socially acceptable in that country and eventually paid the price when the public wanted her to reign it in a bit and she refused. The last movie she made, she was kicked off when she wouldn’t sleep with the director. That all changed when a mafia leader in the country went to the home of the director with three other men and raped the director’s significant other at the time while making the director watch. The next day, the actress was back on the film, but it was her last.

That mafia leader became the husband of the actress and they moved to the Middle East to, you guessed it, Dubai. There they started trafficking in men to be exploited in the construction industry and in women to supply maids and housekeepers for private homes. Those women were often sexually assaulted by their employers and also abused and even in some cases murdered.

Other women were trafficked to the country solely for use as sex workers for the men working in the construction industry.

The pair never got into any trouble for any of the human trafficking, but did get in some hot water for drugs. They had paid enough in bribes over the years though, that a potential death sentence just led them to having their visas revoked and they were kicked out of the country.

The couple then found themselves in an African country. Kenya to be exact. There they continued their human and sex trafficking business and added Kenyan women to the growing list of people they were shipping all over the world. What brought them down again was their thirst for more money and drug trafficking. They just couldn’t stop and they were busted.

In order to get a lighter sentence, they sold some people higher up in the food chain to authorities and also dropped a lot of high powered names around the world who were the recipients of these women for their “household staff.” A shocking number of them went through Canada to the US by a fluke of geography that allows a piece of what should be mainland Canada to actually be located in the US. The border there is porous or non existent and once across, the trafficked women can be moved easily to another state.

The way it worked was the women would be flown from India to Canada where they didn’t need a visa or were able to easily get one and then walked across the border to the US where they were then put on a boat for an hour to a more easily accessible US location. The couple estimates they shipped 500-600 women that way that were basically sex slaves to their employers. Over the past few years, some of those employers have been exposed when their “employees” have managed to escape.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Mamta Kulkarni

Husband: Vicky Goswami

Blind Item – April 2018 3


Blind Item – April 2018 3


Blind Item – April 2018 3

Blind Item – April 2018 3

Mumbai: Non-bailable warrant has been issued by a special court against former Bollywood actress Mamta kulkarni and alleged international drug mafia Vijaygiri aka Vijay Goswami in a 2,000 Cr drug bust case.

The investigating officers claim to have gotten β€˜clinching evidence’ against the duo, based on which they intend to file a chargesheet. The non-bailable warrants were issued by a special court led by H M patwardhan on Monday.

Both Kulkarni and Goswami are on the run ever since their names cropped up in the drug case.

Shishir Hiray, special public prosecutor for the prosecution, sought the warrant from the special court in a marathon submission and told the court that they have ample evidence against Kulkarni and Goswami and their alleged involvement in the drug case as prime accused.

Based on the confession of an arrested accused, Hiray said that Kulkarni and Goswami are main culprits in the case and had set up a well-oiled drug cartel. From procuring raw material of ephedrine from India to a well-planned transportation and manufacturing of methamphetamine in Kenya, the duo was involved in the entire process.

The arrested accused- Jai Mukhi and Kishor Singh Rathod- during the investigation apparently told the investigators about meeting in a hotel in Kenya where a deal was struck between Goswami and his aides, Akasha borthers, Mamta Kulkarni, ex director of a pharmaceutical company, Manoj Jain, Jai Mukhi and Abdullah.

β€œAmple technical evidence, call records are in possession of the investigators and various facts have been revealed during questioning of the arrested accused and statements made by them,” Hiray reportedly told the court.

Kishor Sinh Rathod, one of the arrested accused and son of a former Congress MLA from Gujarat, told the investigators that they (the accused) were to make Mamta Director of a company.”They also had plans to make Mamta a director of Avon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd,” Hiray reportedly told the court.

Police made frequent visits to Mamta and Goswami’s houses and recorded statements of people who knew them. Hiray produced a case diary before the court and finally got warrants issued against the duo.

Goswami, who got busted through a sting operation conducted by US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers, is in US custody while Mamta is absconding.

Mamta’s involvement was refuted in September 2016 by a bunch of domestic and international lawyers.

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29 Responses

  1. lince says:

    the movies name is kabhi hum kabhie tum 2002

  2. NewGirl says:

    Ash with Big B? Yuck.

  3. ssays says:

    Kitne ajeeeeeb rishte hai yahanpe…………….

  4. ssays says:

    Admin, mention in the article by Zoom’s Simi Chandoke could be Subhash Ghai coz as Rahul said, even i heared about Rajkumar Santoshi & Minakshis romantic relationship, but she refused marriage proposl to him. Subhash Ghai was big time in casting couch what we heard about him…

    • truthordare says:

      My husband was working in a hotel (will not name it) back when Aishwarya had just won Miss World. He was in the corridor when he saw Aishwarya come out of Ghai’s room alone. He wished her and she didn’t reply back, perhaps embarrassed? He told me all the employees knew what all went on in the hotel as the staff spoke to each other. A friend who worked at another hotel’s reception said Ghai was staying there and Mahima Choudhary visited him alone. When they were leaving, Ghai walked up to the reception and asked them to change the sheets in his room. You can draw whatever you want from it. I’ve heard more about Aishwarya from someone who was personally involved with an event(will not disclose in what capacity but it was a very important one). She spent a night with the Sahara guy, Ambani and one with Amitabh:)

    • Rashmi says:

      Oh my God! What dirt is going on in Bollywood, to be honest not only in Bollywood, but in any show business! there are not even pure, decent people, or it is a rarity. tell me something else secret if you know

    • truthordare says:

      @Tina, where have I even mentioned Amar Singh? On one hand you conveniently believe about Karishma’s ‘Dubai duties’, the Ghai- Mahima incident, but refuse to believe about Aishwarya. Why the bias? Poor Karishma and Mahima, should have had PR and crafted an image of themselves like Aishwarya and other actresses. People have a certain perception of Bollywood stars, Sports celebrities etc. and refuse to break the image they have of them.
      That doesn’t make incidents untrue.

    • Tina says:

      The Amitabh/Ambani/Amar part makes me think you are faking it. Especially given the reason why Karisma-Abhishek engagement broke (Dubai duties). Especially because there is no way Salman and Co would not have used this information against her. Ditto for the very angry Amar Singh. So no, I don’t believe you.

  5. Rahul says:

    Sorry to rant about it..Zooms BI says ‘dusky actress’…but she was anything but dusky πŸ™‚

  6. Rahul says:

    My heart goes out to her…She was my most favourite actress of the step ahead of’s so saddening to see her in some of the recent one-off less hyped interviews…she looks so stripped out of confidence and out of place..I wish we get to see her charm once again even though age seems to have caught up with her…Let’s hope this story is not true for one time.

  7. Rahul says:

    Admin…I too am checking some old columns and blogs on this..Apparently what is coming out is that they probably might have been in a romantic relationship and that she had refused his marriage proposal too. In some articles, she is also mentioned to be his muse. Aldo do note that, she did a movie with him in ’96, an year after her marriage. Could she still have done that movie with him, had she had to undergo what has been reported.

    Also, not sure if the tag of financier sticks to Santhshi. He was always more if a director. Could that blind item by zoom be about someone else, as it could be about any other director too, given that it was the 90’s.

    • Admin says:

      Could be, but even before this BI, we knew about this story and it was always reported to be them because of the film with the same theme. It was more of a couch casting situation than anything else.

  8. Su says:

    mamta got raped in front of the director? I m still having goosbumps πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Admin says:

      No, she did not. The director raped an actress from one of his hit films and made her mother watched. This film was a huge one, both critically acclaimed and quite successful. The irony of it is that the incident in the film happened in real life with the lead actress.

    • Rashmi says:

      you’re talking in riddles. what kind of film was it, director and actress? Speech about Mamta and Santoshi?

    • ssays says:

      I guess it was Minakshi Sheshadri, similar incident happened in her Hit movie DAMINI, Rajkumar Santoshi was the director. But i never knew about he raped in front of her mother. No wonder she dont want to return to India…shez happy with her family in US.

    • NewGirl says:


    • Ananya says:

      Are you talking about Meenakshi Sheshadri and Subash Ghai?

      So are his rumours with Maduri, Ash true? Were all of them forced?

    • Rashmi says:

      in Damini I do not remember this moment

    • Rahul says:

      Admin…I am shocked to know about this. Had though RajKumar Santhoshi was the most talented directors of his time. Now, I can never see him in good light ever again !!!

      My heart goes to that sweet actress who had to bear this. Had always wondered why she retired so quitely into oblivion. Such a grace she had, I considered her as one of the most beautiful actress of hindi film industry on par with the likes of Madhubala. I wish she makes her comeback for her thousands of fans who have been waiting for her to see her again on the big screen. May God help her find her peace.

      • Admin says:

        Let’s just say this was what people were saying back then. We were not there, so can’t accurately say that it happened. But we do know that the incident is mentioned in the blind item, which is exactly what they said happened back then. The person who sent out this blind item just mixed that incident with the rest of the BI’s happenings.

        • Admin says:

          OK, we found the story. A blind item reported by Zoom’s Simi Chandoke:

          "A well-known producer and financier from the nineties always slept with his heroines. So we would call this phenomenon the casting couch. Seems like he took the term couch rather seriously. Someone walked into the room accidentally once and saw him in bed with this dusky actress. What totally stunned him was that this filmmaker had the hero's mom sitting on the couch and he was making her watch it."

  9. Rashmi says:

    Do you guys know that all the same Priyanka will star in the new film of Salman Bharat? Despite the blind that Salman is against and media rumors. To be honest I’m shocked. did not expect

  10. Nars says:

    They describe her has foreign actress because the blind item came from an american website.

    These dirty lowlife ppl need to be locked away in a 20 feet deep hole to think about the dirty things they have done. This is beyond disgusting.

  11. Rashmi says:

    why Mamta was called foreign and who was this director?

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