Blind Item 3 โ€“ October 2018

While many people have been wondering why this actress has kept quiet about whatever has happened, PinkVilla has released this blind item that explains why this girl is quiet. Her co-star has been going crazy since this morning trying to prove that he did nothing wrong. He is forgetting that actresses don’t have the luxury to sulk and get mad at their male co-stars, especially if the actor is very close to the film’s director. So, him showing off all these messages mean nothing because the things that he reportedly did to this girl happened only between them in person. He can still claim that she is imagining all this, like Alok Nath did.

As per this blind item, the girl has not come out publicly about this because this is her debut film. Like we told you before, if she comes out, there is no way this movie is going to get an audience, which will result in her having a failed launch. Seriously though, this is what will happen regardless because the allegations are already out there and everyone knows she is being quiet about it instead of speaking out. Of course, she must be worried what would happen to her career as a Bollywood actress if she speaks out. Would any of the other heroes want to work with her? But then, if she keeps quiet, the other people will think that they do can do the same thing and she will stay quiet. It’s definitely not a nice situation to be in, but if this thing is eating her up, speaking out would be the best thing to do. Who knows how the tide might change afterward?

This actor should be careful making his personal texts public. What if the other ladies he texted with come out with the texts he sent them? What will he say then? The irony is, the director of this film tweeted in support of this actor and soon after that, he himself got suspended by the production house. If, as this actor said, all this is not true then why were her parents involved? Why did the production house send someone to watch the situation on the sets? Also, why is this girl not supporting the actor in his latest message, why only the director?

Let’s see how far this will go. In the meantime, check out the blind item from PinkVilla.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 3 โ€“ October 2018


Actress retracts her sexual harassment allegations, terms it as gossip

With the #MeToo movement catching up steam, lot of incidences about sexual harassment in Bollywood are coming out of the closet. Actresses – both established and newbies and models are speaking up against many big names in the industry, who some point in time harassed them. After Nana Patekar, names like Sajid Khan, Vikas Bahl, Luv Ranjan, Anirban Blah, Mukesh Chhabra among others have cropped up. Many among these have also been asked to opt out of their upcoming projects, until they are proven innocent.

Today, another leading production house, suspended their director, who is working on an upcoming project with them. While this move has been applauded, netizens are also wondering as to why has the lead hero been retained in the movie, despite some massive allegations being levelled up against him by the leading lady of the movie, a few months back. While the actress has chosen to stay mum through out the episode, the actor is clarifying his stand on social media by sharing screenshots of his chat.

However, a source close to the actress informed us the real reason behind her keeping mum about this grave issue. โ€œWhen the internal enquiry happened, she was asked about those allegations on the actor to which she said โ€˜What allegations? I never said anything. That was all cooked upโ€™. Later, she discussed with her team and they arrived on the conclusion that itโ€™s better to stay mum. Because if she speaks up and the actor is asked to opt out of the project, then the movie will go for a toss. And under no circumstances does she want the project to get shelves, since it is her debut film. Hence she has been advised to keep quiet,โ€ informs the insider.

Given that the allegations werenโ€™t said on record by the lady in question, itโ€™s easier for her to change her stand now. But we wonder will it undo the damage that has happened for the lead hero?!

Also, we are wondering why hasnโ€™t she spoken up yet about the fresh reportage that is happening against this popular actor since the past few days, owing to which he had to share his โ€˜personal conversationโ€™ screenshots with the lady. Something fishy eh?!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Sanjana Sanghi

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Film: Kizie Aur Manny

Blind Item 3 โ€“ October 2018

Blind Item 3 โ€“ October 2018

Blind Item 3 โ€“ October 2018

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12 Responses

  1. Amie says:

    I’m a regular reader here but this time I have something to add. On a recent flight to Mumbai, I happened to be seated right next to this new girl and the casting director / director of the movie. The other crew was also on board minus the hero.
    I was right next to the girl on the window seat myself, she in between and the oldie on the aisle seat.
    I am pretty open-minded, educated and feel I have seen the world but let me tell you their behaviour was obnoxious.
    Firstly, they came in and were seated last, unlike others in the crew who turned up and sat in their seats like the rest of us mere mortals.
    They were giggling like two high schoolers giddy or infatuated with each other, which was pretty difficult to ignore and fathom – he a grown old man dressed in goan attire and she a rather pretty girl who did seem decent. They were obviously an item, as was evident in their antics and the way others hesitated in disturbing them from time to time in the flight.
    This was in mid-August and they were discussing the shoot that had been wrapped up and how relieved they were to just be getting back to the heaven that is Mumbai compared to the ‘some-typical-adjective-here place they had been in for the last 45 days.
    At one point, the man actually thought it was funny to steal the magic cup noodles from the stewardess’ cart, who was serving us and it made the girl as though it was the funniest thing ever.
    They had no intention of returning it but they did order another cup of noodles by paying the stewardess, but not before secretly copying her accent and voice as she asked all the passengers what they would like to have. He even told the girl you know this airline stewardess has a single expression and single way of delivering her lines and they went giggling all over each other. All handsie and wrapped into each other, it made me uncomfortable and i am pretty thick-skinned by the way.
    At some point, the man spoke to the stewardess and said he doesn’t know how the noodles rolled onto the floor and he is returning it – perhaps he noticed how intently I had observed everything.
    Anyway, now coming to the point I chose to share this, they were scrolling through some pics on his iPhone and kept mocking the ones which had Sushant in them. I’m not sure what he was whispering to get but she was going wild with laughter and obviously, they thought that was delightful for others around them.
    Finally, my ordeal ended when she snuggled into his arms and dozed off.
    Now I hear he’s been accused and I’m not a bit surprised because that is exactly the kind of vibes I felt all along. Only I still wonder what was she in it for?????? Surely, she was from a proper family as she even called her mom upon landing and informed that he would drop her home.
    She had been more than fine with him all along but I was mystified as hell about what was the deal with them??!!!?!!!

    • KA says:

      Thank you so much for sharing all these… Now people will know that this new girl was in no way harassed by the hero of the film. Thank you

  2. KA says:

    just go to instagram and twitter, and type this : #IAmWithYouSushant and see what all the girls are talking about him and then come and talk. He is in reality one of the most decent guys in this film industry, if you compare his behaviour with the behaviours of other people in the industry, he is far more decent and innocent from them. Even i used to believe these disgusting blinds on him, but now my eyes have opened. contrary to the blinds on him, he is a gentleman in real life. As i have always said he and Ankita broke up for their own personal differences, you guys know him just now, have you seen him from his T.V days, so how can you know much more about him? it’s painful to see a really innocent person being blamed for NO mistake of his.

  3. Tina says:

    These messages are from July…didn’t the blind about his abuse come out just 2 months ago? Sanjana come out now. You will get another chance as an actress, because the public will back you.

  4. Rad says:

    I can totally understand why she backed off and refused to talk further. The whole of bollywood is like a boys’ club. Once it comes out that she is the type to tell on others, nobody will be ready to work with her. Because its obvious that everyone indulges in taking advantage of women and how much these women are ready to take it and put up with it decides how far they go in bollywood.

    • Rashmi says:

      absolutely. Now it turns out that predators are not predators and victims are not victims. Vikas Bahle diligently cleans his image. it turns out he was not replaced in the Super 30, he is still there. Nana Patekar is the same.

  5. KA says:

    Suahant is saying the real truth , GOD never punishes the innocent,all will know the truth, if you are unable to believe right now it’s your suspicion, pink villa is lying just to save their face,they know their reporting was totally false

    • Lucy says:

      Well thatโ€™s the thing,what people believe is what they see.not what the real truth is.there was a possibility of saying he was wrongfully judged when things were out as blind items,meaning just gossip.but when websites directly name him then it is no more gossip or hearsay.what he does next will prove his innocence.does he file defamation suits against these websites or he just gives his version out on twitter.does he register his complaint of slander or not..will have to wait and watch

    • KA says:

      No it is totally wrong, please go to instagram, the people who have worked on the sets of Kizzie Aur Manny are saying the truth, nothing as such has happened with Sanjana, The first website said that “Sushant was passing flirty comments” and in other website later on “they said that sushant forced himself on her” but did not mention that “he was passing flirty comments” which the earlier news did, it shows that the reports have recieved really wrong information about him, and definetly we have asked Sushant to file a defamation case against the 2-3 news websites which carried this news. all the major websites are only carrying news that “Sushant reacts against allegations put on him” but they did NOT carry the news that “sushant harrased Sanjana” only pop diaries and bollywood bubble carried this news on 17/18th october 2018. Time is not good that why Sanjana Sanghi is keeping quiet, let the time come she will speak up.

  6. Lucy says:

    Itโ€™s better if she speaks up,atleast she will be called brave.the way things are shaping up I doubt whether the film will be completed.he doesnโ€™t anyways have a good reputation nor success,his films might also be affected by this controversy.her keeping quite is going to do no good for her career.

    • KA says:

      He does not have a good reputation only among those who have read all wrong and fake blinds otherwise most of the people who have met like him a lot, success is given by GOD but hard work is in our hands only, sushant is really doing hardwork for his films, GOD will definetly give him a very good life

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