Blind Item 3 – November 2018

Anyone can guess the blind item below. From Rajeev Masand, this one is about this senior actor and his disappointment with his latest release. To be fair, everyone is disappointed not just him. We kind of guessed something was wrong since we saw that video of him at a function with his wife and they were both asked about criticism and failure. The way he looked when he was asked that question looked like he was silently going off on the inside, quietly pissed!

Obviously, not all actors can take failure and criticism lightly even if the same actor has been part of Bollywood‘s worst films, some not all. He must be embarrassed how wrong they have all gone with this film. You know, we were thinking about this the other day. ‘2.0‘ has been released and we were thinking about how Rajnikanth, being the age he is, is still getting opportunities to act as a lead actor and that too, with girls three or four times younger than him. Surely, all these senior actors in Bollywood must envy him. If someone like this senior actor in the blind item below gets to play lead, it will be about a film regarding issues about what people of his age face. They don’t get to do these hero-type of films anymore.

Speaking of which, when we were young we met both of them for the first time. We were taken to a film shoot where both of these actors were shooting, Rajni and this senior actor. The senior actor was a huge star at that time and during the break, he was sitting down on the ground on a piece of cardboard. There were barricades and people surrounded to look at him. It was like staring at an animal at the zoo, probably what this senior actor was feeling like. The next part of this story comes from our old lady since we don’t remember much of it. So this actor was sitting on the ground and looking at all these people staring at him when he made eye contact with our old lady and greeted her. She took the opportunity to ask him for a picture and he obliged. He was still sitting on the ground and we just had to stand next to him, like you do with koala bears. That was it and we moved to meet Rajnikanth, who was sitting on a chair and who instantly stood up once we approached. He introduced himself, shook hands and chatted for a while. He made such a good impression that of a gentleman, which made him unforgettable. He is still very much the same today. And, we just realised how this post became like a tribute to Rajni.

Back to the blind item below. Well, this senior actor knew what he signed up for right? No one put a gun to his head and forced him to sign this film. He got paid for it and read the script beforehand so why complain now? Would his reaction be different if the film was such a huge hit? Since he is also considered a star along with his co-star in the film, he could have apologised like the co-star did. Imagine, he got paid for the role but his audience wasted big money to watch him on the big screen. Part of why people didn’t go again for a second or third watch was because the prices were too much. When the production house found out the movie was going to flop, they increased the prices. Who does that?! Well, they still ended up losing big money since they put in so much of it to make this film.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 3 – November 2018


A senior movie star is said to be especially upset about the failure of his recent film becauseβ€” among other thingsβ€”the movie had taken a serious toll on his health. Sources say the actor’s costumes were uncomfortable, and the film’s many physical sequences were hard to perform at his age. Looking back, he feels the discomfort endured and sacrifices made were in vain. Insiders also reveal that the actor was not particularly keen to do the movie in the first place, but was persuaded by the makers who were relentless in their requests for him to take the role. He is said to be disappointed in the makers for failing to spot the problems in the script and deliver a compelling film.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Star: Amitabh Bachchan

Film: Thugs of Hindostan

Blind Item 3 – November 2018


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8 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    He should be glad theater owners are only asking Aamir and YR movies for a refund and not him.

  2. Nur says:

    He could have retired gracefully and not sign Thugs. Why put your health on the line esp at that age?

  3. NARS says:

    Rashmi if you are here where are you on twitter world?

  4. Anonymous says:

    why is he upset? the movie was trashed but he was the only one who got praised. everyone else including Aamir was trashed for this movie. Not even film is a PINK. maybe he should take lighter movies then where he has to do less physical action. Also the fact that none of the Khan movies are working also indicates that the time is pretty much up for all of them. The mainstream now belongs to younger actors like Ranbir, Ranveer, Rajkumar Rao etc. Movie business is that fickle.

  5. Pooja says:

    That y he rejected race 3 bcz bad script but Amir n adi forced him to do film.I seen many articles how he hospitalized after every shot sequence in rain in that heavy costume at age of 75.feel bad for him.

  6. Sheena says:

    Someone please out this maglomania Sr Bachchan – Zeenat, Amrita Singh, DP, Sayali Bhagat #Metoo

  7. Amanda says:

    Amitabh might have agreed to the role because aditya might have promised dhoom 4 for Abhishek. That’s the only franchise were Abhishek gets BO hits.

  8. Deep says:

    I can only thank God, that he did not blame the editor of the movie, like he did when Raavan bombed and Abhishek was the butt of all jokes….

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