Blind Item 3 – July 2017

Today’s blind item could just be about any of the young actresses out there. We have narrowed it down to this young and talented actress that we think Mumbai Mirror might be talking about. Frankly, it’s nothing scandalous so don’t be too excited. As it is, we have nothing else to say except that a lot has happened at this recent awards show. Varun Dhawan’s true colours came out and it’s nice how people made these culprits apologise. Anyways, check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THE problem with most Bollywood stars is that they take themselves too seriously. Take this popular actress, for instance. Recently, she was on a flight to NY, seated obviously at the pointy end of the aircraft. But thing is she wanted a window seat, and in a display of juvenile stubbornness, she made her manager request the other passengers seated in the first-class section to exchange seats with her. No one obliged. Whoever these guys were, we are proud of them.



Actress: Alia Bhatt

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  1. Rtm says:

    Wht did varun do

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