Blind Item 3 โ€“ August 2018

UPDATE: MumbaiMirror posted a news articles related to the blind item below. Since it’s a news article, it more or less confirms what the blind item from BL is saying and the guesses we had. But still, PR is PR and MM is known to be KJo’s mouthpiece or blind item piece! Check it out below after the OSOP Guesses section.

The blind item below was bound to happen. One, they need to link him up with one of his co-stars because how else would the film be a success at the box office. Two, the fact that he already has a girlfriend and that it is public knowledge is not going to work for the PR of this film – not in Kebab Jo’s world.

That said, it was already rumoured some time back how he just felt she was being too possessive. That was before they worked together and before he signed this film. He really did go all out for her since she is kind of his first. But then, they are both young and while he is really happening in Bollywood, so…

By the way, it’s nice to see that KJo didn’t think that the BFs of these two ladies in this film are important enough to give them importance. He literally just pushed them out of the way in his head to produce (if he did) this story.

Check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife.



Bollywood Blind Item


Bollywood Blind Item 10 โ€“ August 2018


This young hunkโ€™s girlfriend is losing her sleep over beauโ€™s hot co-star

This sexy starlet is getting increasingly insecure about her boyfriend’s new co-star

There are millions of men in the country who must be envying this young hunky actor for having a girlfriend as hot as this babe in question. However, the young starlet here is quite disturbed. There is trouble in paradise in form of another hot starlet who is sharing screen space with her beau in an upcoming flick along with another debutante.

It seems the young man has fallen head over heels for this young talented lady and is giving her workout tips. Fitness is his passion and incidentally, that had brought him closer to his now girlfriend. The lady has apparently lost it and tries to continuously track her boyfriend and his whereabouts. She got further infuriated when she found out that her man had changed the password on his phone. It seems the two have access to each otherโ€™s phones. She gave him an earful and people are talking about how sheโ€™s become totally โ€˜psychoโ€™.

Professionally, things arenโ€™t going too well for the actress either. She is doing an insignificant part in a big budget extravaganza where the superstar, his leading lady and another hot babe might walk off with all the eyeballs. On the other hand, the new interest of her boyfriend is being spoken of in high regard for her talent and charisma. This is not all. With things going awry, there is little this girl can do except make a splash with a swimwear pic or two.


OSOP Guesses

Hunk: Tiger Shroff

Hot Starlet: Disha Patani

Talented Lady: Tara Sutaria


Bollywood Blind Item 10 โ€“ August 2018


Bollywood Blind Item 10 โ€“ August 2018

Bid Budget: Bharat

Superstar: Salman Khan

Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif

Babe: Nora Fatehi

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13 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    I would so love to see and hear Jackie Shroff give Karan Johar an earful, now that would be fun. Not that Tiger cant pick up for himself but someone I feel like Jackie is not someone who you should mess with.

  2. Nina drone says:

    Tara is dating Rohan Mehraa who is way hotter tHan tiger cub so guess this is fake.

  3. Tina says:

    So a random detail here. Prakash Jaju the ex-manager of PC was very close to Dimple Kapadia – she asked him to break up PC and AKโ€™s affair, so Jaju leaked their text messages. You guys know the rest of the story.

    Jaju is also close to Tigerโ€™s Mom, Ayesha Shroff – right after rumors and of Ayesha not liking Disha came out, Jaju started tweeting Dishaโ€™s bikini clad pictures trying to shame her etc. This was before his Twitter account was closed down (he opened a new one).

    But I am reminded of that because of the very random reference to Dishaโ€™s bikini pictures here. Whoever put this fake blind out there is trying to hit her below the belt, and probably knows that Ayesha doesnโ€™t like her.

  4. Venus says:

    Tara sutaria is in a steady relationship from a long time,don’t think it’s her. Btw does else anyone feel Tara looks like a slim version of Sania Mirza ?

    • PSG20 says:

      She’s gf of Rohan Mehra …. Son of yesteryear actor Vinod Mehra .. he is also about to make his debut ….

  5. Two cents says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe this either!

  6. Monalisa says:

    Admin, there was a blind that Tiger was keeping his distance from his two co-stars and was not friendly with them.Now all of a sudden he has fallen head over heels in love with his co-star. And how did the person who wrote this blind knew that the actress is talented when she is yet to debut. Looks like a cooked-up blind to me.

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa there is blind on twitter by a journalist that kjo is pissed at a star kid for rejecting his multi starter so kjo has given that role to his new fav read vicky in takth. kjo throws people under the bus if they dont do his bidding this must be kjo getting even with tiger

    • Monalisa says:

      @leaps I saw that. I believe Tiger did the right thing by rejecting Takht. I mean, acting his not his thing. If he had taken up that role he would be labeled as the weakest in terms of acting in Takht. He (or his team) is smart enough to know to play to his strenghts; action and dancing. And he is marketed as the next-gen action and dancing star.
      Kjo should stop being salty about it. Tiger is not the only one who rejected that role anyways.

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa there was also a previous blind about tiger throwing tantrums on set after he signed soty this is definitely kjo being vengeful because tiger has defied kjo and kjo need to have his minions be submissive to his demads

  7. Pooja says:

    Don’t know if the blind is true, but Most actor’s likes/attitude/preferences change after success hits them. They’re too young ,have to pass the test of time and bollywood politics.

    P.s—– Disha’s true age is 27 and not 25. Even alia is 27 and not 25. Sara ali khan is 25.

  8. LOL says:

    Tara was dating Ishaan Khattar till 2016. She’s dating her boyfriend of two years, Rohan Mehra now.

  9. Amanda says:

    This seems to be a false blind planted by the ever predictable KJo. I was expecting this someday after observing k jo for a while

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