Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – March

The blind item below is by Filmfare. This is probably after a long time that they have posted a slighter longer blind item compared to their two or three liners. Based on the clues that the blind item provided, there are two guesses that we think are right for it.

Read on below to see if you can figure out exactly who Filmfare is talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - March

Guess who? This A-list actor told his co-star to redo her scenes

In an industry where insecurities pile up with each passing minute and there are thousands in the queue to just replace the one ahead of them, it is often that we come across stories of people pulling one another down or proving that they are better.

The latest push for the rumour mill was when an A-list actor who recently delivered a humungous hit, told his current co-star to better her skills and redo her scenes in their film. It was then when the actress retaliated with the strongest weapon in situations when one expects a reply, silence. The actress, who also has a few good characters attached to her name, shunned his demands completely. She refused to give in to his demands, as she believed in what she had delivered.

Though in terms of the hierarchy the actor would be considered to be a bigger star than the actress, it was a good surprise to watch the actress believe in what she thought was right.


OSOP Guesses

Who it sounds like:

A-List Actor: Ranveer Singh

Current Co-Star: Alia Bhatt

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - March


Who it might be about:

A-List Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Current Co-Star: Shraddha Kapoor

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - March

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38 Responses

  1. Deepu says:

    It’s international womens day for gods sake stop bashing Kat! We Indians are so racists. No one says a word about the abuser-women-beater-criminal Sallu but all bashing Kat. Sad.

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin: latest blind on pinkvilla indicates alls over between Aamir and Kiran. Any truth to this?

  3. Sara says:

    What’s wrong in giving advice to redo the scene. Ultimately all are working towards a single goal. To make the best movie. There should be no pride and prejudice in any case.

    • Admin says:

      Ranbir asked Katrina to redo her scene on JJ and she got super mad at him. Katrina asked SRK to redo his scene in JTHJ, he was super surprised that KK dared to ask him do that. Some people are sensitive, especially actors!

      • sweettooth01 says:

        wow i never heard of kat doing tht to srk..
        some narcissistic delirious lady she is..
        srk is probably surprised that of all the people, kat asked him to improve his acting..rofl..that whole movie was about srk trying and trying and trying to create some love story(his acting was on point) and failing because its met with super cold irritating expressionless kat who just butchers the whole romantic vibe and suddenly u begin to appreciate kajol,rani,preity all the more bcos u realise how importnt they were in movies that made u fall in love with srk..
        when the worst person to give u advice does,then we are allowed to take offence..rofl

      • Amanda says:

        When Katrina herself can’t take redo requests from her peers,why she expects a senior actor like SRK to listen to her… Considering she has that wooden face and least skill in acting,what makes her entitled to give instructions to people……….. I heard Pari and Aditya roy kapoor say they get scared of katrina… Is she bossing type of lady?

        • Admin says:

          Yes, she is. That’s the problem, she doesn’t see that she’s actually not that good in acting. But she was alright in her earlier films like Sarkar or Humko Deewana Kargaye. Then she overdid it with the cosmetic procedures and her expressions ended up being bloated, not pun intended.

          • Pooja says:

            She also think films hits bcz of her at time of phantom promotion she again n again saying kabir’s bb break her film d3 record at least PC live in real world she said she can’t take credit of success of krish3 but take maricom

      • Pooja says:

        Just 2hrs ago I watch zooomtv that amir saw same footage of toh impressed by everyone performance except Katrina ask her redo all her scene n she happily agreed in media they send signal that her character is most imp in film. Need special effort to pull of lol.what u thought add???

        • Admin says:

          They took it from the blind item. Really doubt it’s her when news reports say that Aditya Chopra scolded Fatima and asked her to perform better.

          • Pooja says:

            Its really possible that they direct take name of all ppl its not 1st time that Katrina name involved her dhoom3 role all chopped of bcz of her bad acting.zoomtv mostly work as PR tool they hardly critical or criticize anybody

          • Admin says:

            Actually, it was cut because Aamir wanted more screen time on his role. If you notice even AB Jr didn’t have much of a role. In TOH, it was earlier reported that AK cut down KK’s role to add more screentime to Fatima’s role.

          • Pooja says:

            Doesn’t in fitoor too this happen director give more space to tabu n they reshoot major portions again bcz abhi kapoor not happy(rekha ma’am not involved those scene).

          • Admin says:

            No idea about that, but the film ended up being not what it was supposed to be. The producers were disappointed and mad at the director for that.

          • Amanda says:

            If KK’s role got reduced,how will sallu react?… I mean Aditya Chopra cares for Sallu too…. A tricky situation for Aditya…

            Actually I think, Ak movies should go lesser known actresses…. No dilemma to producers and directors at least;;

          • Admin says:

            That was the plan, but he insisted on Fatty while AC insisted on Vaani…Sallu has no films with Yash Raj, he took their director over to his home production. Remember Bharat?

          • Amanda says:

            Yeah I know about bharat… But aditya may need sallu’s help in future and if he offends him now, sallu will not care to look at him… Sallu can get easily offended and doesn’t forget any offense….

            Ali Abbas had to work with katrina, the same lady who refused his movie at the nth hour…

          • Rashmi says:

            Aamir has already removed a few scenes with Kat in Dhoom 3, and everything was fine between Aamir and Salman and between Salman and Adi. Now Aamir repeats the same trick

      • Ananya says:

        Well first of all isn’t it the director’s job? And this is funny, Kat didn’t like being ordered while she ordered Srk of all people?! You cracked me up.

      • leap says:

        LOLZ kat asked srk to redo scenes is funny

      • Nam3less says:

        @Admin and all, is it me or did KK looked weird in Tiger Zinda Hain in every face angle. I first watched the movie online on a very bad print and then later catched up HD on movie channels. In both KK’s jawline look terrible especially in those scenes where she is fighting or tied to chair by the villain. I have to admit she has great body and very athletic but i just wished she never did anything with her face. She was very fresh and innocent and pretty to begin with.

  4. Kiran101 says:

    Ranveer and shahid are not even at same stardom level for this confusion. This blind is more shahid than ranveer . Also , Alia – ranveer did photo shoots and maybe a scene or two for gullyboy … Alia has not been in the sets since a long time …

  5. Samantha says:

    Vote Up if u feel Alia is an over rated actress!

    It surely pays to be KJo’s (n Ayan’s) toy boy’s fake love interest!

    • Rashmi says:

      I think that Alia is the most talented actress of her generation. Overvalued is Katrina, maybe Jacqueline, Sraddha, I consider them to be pacifiers. Aliya is a talent, only she does not give rest to anyone.. and by the way, Shahid was never kind. never. His actions with Bebo, Priyanka, Vidya even Malaika on one of the show talking about it. but if you want to be wrong, it’s your right

      • Samantha says:

        Parineeti is hands down more talented than Alia… just going thru a bad phase (was going..thanks to idiotic but superhit Golmaal Again, got back some of her lost groove).. M not comparing Alia to Katrina n Jacqueline (who r insult in name of actresses); but to th likes of Kangana, Parineeti etc.. Alia surely got (n stl gets) lots n lots of oppties just cos of sucking upto KJo

        • Rashmi says:

          nothing like this. Pari is a talented actress, but she is not more talented than Alia. Alia’s haters all think that Pariniiti is going through a bad phase because of Alia, no, she goes through a bad phase only because of her wrong choice. Alia has an Highway and a Udita Punjab, Pariniti would NEVER play these roles so brilliantly. Aliya was praised by all critics, and this is not because Johar, who also has Sid, is because aliya is really talented. If Pariniti had a brilliant career and she was considered the best actress of her generation, then everyone would write something overvalued and get the roles undeservedly. This is an obvious fact.

          • Pooja says:

            Alia get highway bcz its kjo who recommended alia to imtiaz Ali n get her film.that is advantage outsider lack.adi force their protΓ©gΓ© to sign only film under yrf banner.that difference between godfather n mentor.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i would have to agree on this after watching dear zindagi..her acting in that movie is soo superficial and she has this “i act so welll” expression on her face and how she did tht character ws similar to how she dealt with her other characters but this is probably her worst acting ever..i wont be surprised if this is alia or parineeti or shradha..they can only act in one type of role..
      i do think alia is overrated after dear zindagi movie since it felt too repetitive her expressions and all..but if i have to compare her with the lot that cant even express like katrina then sure shes alryt..but i honestly think shes given more hype than needed..

      and to be honest when a co actor wants u to re do the scenes and if hes smone like aamir or ranveer who do it for the benefit of the film and not their ego, one shud be open to constructive criticism and do it..ur never best at what u do and shud be open to learning everyday irresp of the field..its funny the actor dealt with it in suchan immature way

  6. Samantha says:

    I generally am 100% wit all the commenters here; BUT honest confession; u guys r too harsh on Shahid at times! He s a genuine good performer; just missing that elusive hit (Ranveer took all credit fr Padmaavat)! Kaminey, Haider,,,he has great range! N honestly i feel all actors r insecure n its a healthy sign; even Ranveer wanted to excel compared to Deepika in Padmavat! So, nothing wrong! Yes, Mira Rajput is an irritant, I agree!

  7. Monalisa says:

    If this was about Alia it would have described the actress as talented/critically acclaimed.
    “The actress, who also has a few goodΒ charactersΒ attached to her name” sound like someone who got great roles but never performed well in them. So it is most probably Shradda. Recently she did an author backed role in Haseena to prove that she can act and got panned by critics and audience.

    • Pooja says:

      I don’t think shahid such insecure guy want anybody to steal his limelight with great acting in film like rs does in padmavat. Its must be guy who genuinely want to film became great that could be guy like rs haider all limelight shahid get shraddha was OK if ur costar weak its make u look more better than what actual u tabu in fitoor.(happy that rekha ma’am avoid doing such role n film).

      • Monalisa says:

        @pooja Looks like after all the flak he recieved for his behaviour with RS, Shahid is trying to change his image/damage control. There were recent articles on how he was a team player on Udta Punjab and on the sets of Padmaavat he asked Ranveer to play his music loudly so they can bond over music and it took time for him to get along and bond with RS because they were a new team. Maybe Shahid is helping Shradda because he wants to be known as a helpful co-star and a team player.

        But because the clue given for the actress is very vague it is difficult to be sure as admin said, but I’m still more inclined to believe it is Shahid-Shradda and this is part of his image make-over.

      • Rashmi says:

        To a greater extent, Shahid was very jealous and unsafe about KanganΠ°, I still remember his tantrums when the film was called Julia (Rangoon after) and I remember that Shahid asked his friend Vishal to cut out many scenes from KanganΠ° and Saif and so happened. I guess you’re right, I did not even think about this version. If the actor asks the actress to improve the work, then he worries about the project and does not want bad (my opinion) I doubt that Shahid will take care of this, he is too insecure and fixated on himself. Ranveer always works in a team, in a team people listen to each other, this is a normal workflow. but I’m embarrassed by hints of an actress. has the best roles, but nothing about the performance. If it concerns Alia, then it would be written critically evaluated or talented. This hint makes one think of Sraddha, but again not about Shahid

  8. Rashmi says:

    the admin has the same versions as most of us))) Shraddha is so presumptuous that she believes in her talent? who else believes in her talent? If Shahid gives advice, then it’s because of his ego. first comes the ego, then Shahid, if Ranveer counseled Alia, then that’s fine. Alia may well refuse to follow his advice because Alia a really good actress. I’m surprised at the people who think this is Salman and Jacqueline or Salman and Katrina, do not you think that they will refuse to listen to him? they are too dependent on him and will not show their character

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