Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January 9

The blind item below is from an incident that happened recently. It’s just something silly and it’s the media that’s making a big deal out of it. These two have moved on ages ago and are both married to different people. At least, the media should think of their kids before posting all these news relating to this situation. Thankfully, their kids are small as well, so it doesn’t affect them right now.

We have to wonder, though, what grandpa must be thinking. What about the husband? It must have been awkward meeting the other one since the two of them were supposedly brothers! We remember exactly how that story unfolded. Poor guy was injured on the sets of his film when a motorbike ran over his leg. He needed surgery and was bedridden for months. It was during the accident that the other guy got close to the actress the poor guy was supposedly seeing. Now that’s just a figure of speech, he’s not really poor. Back to the story, journalists became aware of a romance brewing between the other guy and the actress. Guess what they did? They asked poor guy about it and poor guy’s response was, “He’s my brother, so there’s no way this is true.” Damn, was he wrong! There’s no brotherhood in Bollywood and also, between boys when a girl comes between them.

But poor guy had the guts to take on the Godfather of Bollywood. We still remember how he let the world know that Godfather was a psycho. Well, he said Godfather’s brother told him that the man suffers from mental problems, which makes him act the way he did back then. Actually he acted mentally 41 times with poor guy. Obviously, after the 41st time, any decent man would have had enough and it’s exactly how he felt. Unfortunately, that step backfired horribly for poor guy and he almost ended up as a poor guy if not for his family’s involvement in the direction that his life was taking. Still, it’s because of what he did that Godfather didn’t do the same thing to the other young actor, who snatched his girlfriend from right under his nose!

Years later, poor guy is happily married with a nice wife and kids. Godfather is still very much playing godfather. The other guy, well you know the rest. Check out the blind item below from IndianExpress.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 9


Our film frat loves to host people from all walks of life and give them a sneak peek into what Hindi film industry is all about. At one such party, most of the industry folks had come together. Such parties are full of chatter, yummy food and free-flowing wine. All are happy and joyous and lots of fake laughter is in abundance.

However, this scoop is about an actor, who was once touted to be next big thing, but that led him to do things that eventually affected his career adversely. One of them was being extra vocal about his fling with another actress. Things obviously didn’t work out between them and they never spoke about each other post that.

The actress is also well settled in her life and our actor too is a family man now. I’m sure you all are wondering if all are so well now, then what’s the problem really? Right?

Yes, the problem was this party saw the actor and actress come under the same roof after ages. Our actor has always maintained a safe distance at any film events and dos in past. In fact, at many occasions, the actor has avoided crossing paths with this beautiful actress. But this time, paths did cross at this soiree!

Yes, they were under the same roof and as many knew of their sordid past, people were shocked to see both absolutely not acknowledging each other. And the actor continued being as far away from wherever our actress was enjoying the party with her gang.

However, there came a moment when the actor couldn’t resist his temptation to be part of the group picture where he actually jumped in the last minute so that he will not miss out being part of it. Well after maintaining a dignified silence and all the distance all these years, a group picture seemed very important for this actor who is currently fighting hard to be cast in a decent film.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Vivek Oberoi

Actress: Aishwarya Rai

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 9

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 9

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14 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Aish turned to Vivek when Salman was abusing her. Vivek tried his best to protect her but he was falling into depression as Salman went up against him. Aish then turned to Abhishek and because of Abhi’s influential father Salman dare not go up against the Bachchans. Aish had the solid wall of the Bachchans to block her from Salman’s abuse. Aish and Abhi’s marriage may not have been based on love in the first instance but I bet they did fell in love after. Which girl in her right man would not fall for the man who protects her, even if that protection is really via his father’s name?

    The media blows everything out of proportion. Aish and Vivek is long finished and Aish has her own life and so does Vivek. There are no regrets amongst them, well at least not with Aish. Actually, in this phase of their lifes they can be very cordial to each other. Aish still have her strong hold with her at all times.

  2. sweettooth01 says:

    i need to enroll myself in OSOP deaddiction program..its been 2 days and no new post..!!!!
    :p i can see my withdrawal symptoms already πŸ˜€

  3. WellMeaningFan says:

    Not trying to be insensitive and excuse me if I come across like that, but was Salman really mental back then?

    Like, disturbed or anything? Or just a heartbroken/jilted lover who couldn’t handle the alcohol well.

    Because time and again, he has severely damaged his own reputation and career. Still no idea how he managed to be the star that he is today after being the most hated man in Bollywood during the early 2000s

  4. prvilla says:

    As usual Amitabh and his tag along son and dil will be the first one’s to kiss any foriegn dignitary’s butt!From one criminal( Sikh Genocide 1984-Panama Leaks-farming land allotment case(cheating poor farmers and scamming could a person in his position do that..baffles me?!)e.t.c to another who has commited crimes against humanity and is for all to see(benjamin netanyahu)-one of the most evil people on earth!Shame on ALL these people,there is such a thing called as conscience yaar..but here nada!

  5. pooja says:

    Foolish story poor vivek he paid price for speaking truth exposing ultimate bhai of Bollywood.

  6. Rad says:

    Vivek Oberoi has become the cautionary tale that mothers will tell their sons to avoid being played by a beautiful woman. He was stupid in love and paid dearly for it. However Admin I don’t understand why he shouldn’t be part of the group pic. After all he was invited for the party and that’s why he was there. Is it because AB Sr was taking the pic?

  7. kiran101 says:

    Vivek is a great example of how being talented will do bat shit if you have no control over your orifice called ‘Mouth’.
    Truly smart people will learn from others experience and wont dig their own grave and learn from the mistake.Some actors are not as intelligent as they think they are.

    • Monalisa says:

      To succeed in bollywood as an outsider one should be smart and know how to play the bollywood game well. Or else you will end up being like a Vivek (he had the looks, talent) yet failed because of his arrogance and loud mouth. Sushant can end up like him if he is not careful. Shahid eventhough a good actor and dancer could not make it to the top because of his ego and arrogance.

      Deepika and Ranveer are smart actors among the current lot. It took Deepika sometime to learn the bollywood game, but she eventually did learn and she is still playing these bollywood folks brilliantly. Also she marketed herself brilliantly to the audiences. And Ranveer from the begining was very smart and played these bollywood people like a fiddle. At first by acting as a loud mouth gushing on and about these actors so bollywood folks thought he was a starstruck one hit wonder. And later when they were not taking him seriously he made a complete u-turn and marketed himself to both the masses and multiplex audiences brilliantly. Ranveer comes from a wealthy upper class Bandra business family and has a BA degree from US, yet he used his people skills smartly to build his brand so well that people from every class/walk of life can connect with him. Not to mention they are both by nature warm and humble without huge egos, so it did not require much for them to connect with fans.
      Special mentions goes to Aishwarya and
      Katrina but their modus operandi is totally different from DP and RS but they are really smart too.

      • Xyz says:

        But vivek wasn’t /isn’t an outsider. He must have known industry’s ways well before. He just wanted to become a hero. But turned out a fool. Its funny he doesn’t know how to switch off his phone or block a number to stop someone from calling 41 times.

        • Monalisa says:

          Vivek’s father was not a big shot A-list star like Amitab or Dharmendra or Jeetandra etc.. He was mostly a character actor. He didnot have such a great influence on the industry.
          Vivek was acting very arrogant after his success and when he got Ash his arrogance tripled. Even after the whole Ash-Salman debacle he did get movies yet they all failed miserably. I think his downfall cannot be blamed only on Salman or Ash/ his loud mouth because his own arrogance regarding his talent and stardom was huge back then and it also contributed to his down fall.

        • sweettooth01 says:

          hmmm and imagine if vivek was a girl and someone calls a girl repeatedly to give dhamkis..wud it still be her fault if she comes out and tlks about it..??
          this is exactly why there wont be anyone in india who ll come out and talk about the harvey weinsteins here..
          its sad that a bully gets to walk away without any damage being made to his image while the arrogant guy who arrogantly talked and vented about the bullying and torture had to bear the brunt..
          being arrogant is one thing but bullying is a whole different offence..

          • Amanda says:

            @sweettooth01,agree to your comments above… Cant blame Vivel alone… Arrogance doesn’t deserve the harsh punishment,but bullying is a serious crime and the person doing this has gone unaffected,unpunished..

      • Kiran101 says:

        The reason why i appreciate ranveer- deeepika … I have immense amount of respect for wordly, practical, sensible and handle success and failure gracefully people in all walks of life. As long as one does not harm or hurt anyone.

  8. NightGlory says:

    Oh! I did not know about this Aishwarya-Vivek-Abhishek love triangle :o.

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