Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January 7

What is there to say about the blind item below? Nothing more than what has already been said. This actor makes a journalist’s job easy. Is it journalist of gossip writer? Never mind, it’s just that this actor literally says anything to make people listen. He’s like that attention seeking boy, who jumps around wanting people to pay attention to him. No, wait! That’s a dog. You get what we are trying to say.

We are pretty sure every detail concerning this actor is leaked by himself. He leaked that he enjoys doing recreational drugs, he leaked that story about his mother being a lesbo which led to his parents fighting and then, what else? The underwear sniffing story was most likely leaked by the ex-girlfriend. The blind item below is funny, because if we remember correctly Aamir Khan said that the blind item‘s subject needed help with his winky dinky to function.

Speaking of winky dinky, we once were given a stray kitten that someone threw outside a restaurant. The kitten looked very much like a female, cute and lovely. It wasn’t until it grew a little bigger that his winky dinky made an appearance. In honour of that, we named him ‘Weenie’, much to the dismay of the old lady and everyone else in the house. But guess what? We found out some months later that the name of the wife of Nelson Mandela is Winnie! There’s also Winnie, the Pooh. Don’t know why we are making excuses, it’s not as bad as that woman who named her son ‘Vagina’! Weenie is a cat and no one is going to pick on him because of his name. In fact, he grew up to be the onscreen Nawazuddin Siddiqui of the house; all the female cats are scared of him! By the way, weenie is another term for wiener, for those who don’t know; it’s popularly used in England.


We know we have diverted slightly from the blind item, so without any delay here’s presenting Pichkari’s blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 7

This A-List actor is referring to his private parts as the title of his film

This handsome young Bollywood actor has a legion of female fans. He has the looks and talent that can ensnare a woman’s heart but it seems he is prouder of his other assets than his dil. He has just begun work on his next film that has him paired with one of the most exciting young talents of the present day. Well, the title of the film is a little different from the usual and the actor has found a way to amuse people through it. Now, comes the shocker. What the actor has been doing might have been damn offensive in some sectors but people are laughing it off.

Well, the actor has been going to actress, director and crew members and suddenly pointing to his crotch and saying that this is the real weapon. Well, the title of his film literally means weapon/ammunition/bomb. Initially, everyone was taken by surprise but now people are laughing it off. The actor last film was a dud at the box office but his upcoming kitty looks exciting with an intense film and this hi-tech one. People close to him know about his crazy sense of humour that range from quirky and horny and are not surprised.

Talking about this young man, he has the reputation of being quite a Casanova and ladies. With a number of link-ups to his name, we are sure that his family jewels must have been discussed by some of the girls. But to hear of the actor openly flaunting it is kinda weird!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Film: Brahmastra

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 7

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34 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Emraan hashmi had advised ranbir on koffee with karan to lose the ladies man tag. He didn’t take the advice and has now become a joke.

    • guest says:

      he should have Emraan hashmi was speaking from experience he could never shave off the serial kisser title from himself even though he tried to do better films . Ranbir and Emraan should be a warning for alia to stop prey to kjo pr moves of linking her to every guy she works with

  2. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    So apprently RK is pissed at kjo & alia for spreadig this story….esply since alia is suppose to be Katrina’s friend and he is having none of it. …. considering the Alia & RK link up not this blind about his winne

    • Manisha says:

      Sid-Alia, Arjun-Alia, Varun-Alia…all somewhat (esp Varun) believable. But RK-Alia? Hahaha worst attempt at a linkup by Kjo. She looks like she could be his little sister. And he seems to have a type – “Hot”. Alia comes off cute and def not his type. I don’t see it at all so I think RK should rest easy knowing that this linkup is so unbelievable as is!

      • guest says:

        Ranbir has a type he dates outsiders , Hot and tall for sure also the girls know how to carry themselves in public forums you might find them boring but they have poise whether it was dp or kat unlike hyper alia . Also Bollywood karan , alia and ranbir need to grow up people are no longer buying their BS of linkup, blinds and later denials. focus on their work if its a good movie we will see it if we want a BS reality show we would rather watch big boss or keeping up with kardashians. kjo is out to prove bw is one giant orgy which might be true . kjo will use anyone and everything good or bad for the sake of his bad movies. all this pr nonsense by karan and company had made me like irfan, rajkumar, ayshman more their work does all the talking

      • guest says:

        people didnt buy the blind about ranbir mahira that ended up being true. Ranbir Alia will be true considering its ranbir anything is possible also radhima is showing interest in alia Alia may end up being the kapoor bahu its ranbir anything is possible

        • Shivanisd says:

          Alia is kapoor bahu rofl.

          • guest says:

            well a lot of people were of the opinionthat after his statement supporting thought it he will marry mahira (Prince harry/veerzara effect) but that isnt happening so why not alia the kapoor bahu

  3. ghjk says:

    “We are pretty sure every detail concerning this actor is leaked by himself. He leaked that he enjoys doing recreational drugs, he leaked that story about his mother being a lesbo which led to his parents fighting”

    The website which kept insisting to take everything with a pinch of salt is now not only believing literally everything that comes out, but is also making up conspiracies and is “pretty sure” of everything they made up themselves, because of the constant positive feedback loop that they get from their viewers who don’t know any better. Amusing.

  4. AnanyaR says:

    I never knew Ranbir leaked a story about NeetuJi being a lesbo! When did that happen?

  5. sweettooth01 says:

    wow so many superlatives to describe one person in a single blind item.. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„and what is the purpose of this blind by bollywood life..?? the blind item article contradicts itself..firstly they describe what he did as a “quirky” sense of if its a joke why write a blind item about it..?? like xyz super hot, going to be super successfull superstar just made a joke..!! arghhh..either call it crass and write an honest blind item about it or simply dont..

  6. Monalisa says:

    This blind was clearly written/ leaked by Ranbir himself. Using phrases like ‘handsome young’, (women are not throw themselves at him because of his looks but because they want the Kapoor bahu tag. Which imo is not even all that great), ‘has a legion of female fans’ (in his dreams this is true. Most women I know and women commenting on pinkvilla and this site and other gossip sites hate his guts. He should read these online comments about the hate he gets especially from women. Then maybe his inflated ego will deflate),

    On a different note, has anyone noticed whenever Padmaavat trailer/ poster come out a news regarding this man and one of his recent conquests come out on pinkvilla. A day or 2 after the first look of Padmavati was released, his Newyork pictures were posted (which was more commented and viewed than the movie Padma first poster post) and today when the new promos of the film were released an article on how his romance with Mahira has fizzled was also released. Ranbir must be insecure of Ranveer. So to divert attention from Ranveer’s movies he is leaking pictures and info on his personal life. clearly even he knows no one is interested or bothered to watch his movies and are more interested to know about or gossip about his relationships/flings/ family drama.

    • guest says:

      So glad to hear mahira is no longer with him. he was making a fool out of that girl for sure and hope in future girls stay away from him. If he paid half the attention he pays to spreading gossip about him people might consider him an actor

    • guest says:

      So glad to hear mahira is no longer with him. he was making a fool out of that girl for sure and hope in future girls stay away from him. If he paid half the attention to his work that he pays to spreading gossip about him people might consider him an actor

    • prvilla says:

      @Monalisa You hit the nail on the coffin!I’ve noticed a similar pattern with this loser!I think he has a superiority complex which basically stems from an inferiority complex..honestly there was a time when people were heavily buying into his drama’s but I think now people have woken up and see right through this miserable person’s antics.Quite frankly he has wasted his own heydays by making his personal life into a circuis!

    • guest says:

      Ranbir might be considered a decent actor if he paid half the attention he pays to his acting skills and work that he devotes to making sure he keeps himself in news using people in life and his personal life details . He has the mind of a teen not a 35 year old man. What I still dont get is why he went after mahira although more than glad he is out of her life no woman deserves a man boy life ranbir since I do feel he was one who leaked the pics and the details in the blind were so detailed he must have leaked them too

      • guest says:

        People ranbir kapoor dont forget is a fifth generation kapoor thy know how to play the Bollywood PR game The kapoor legacy is filled with the men using actress for mileage and leaving them when they have found a new target. look at how rishi at times brags about the affairs his father had.
        Ranbir clearly beat the old records by fooling a single mother and actress with a clean image this clearly trumps going after salman’s girl by a mile . I think it was all planned. I find it odd that no one noticed that initial reports of him being very found of mahira came out end of july around the time he met her in nyc.
        The blind was extremely detailed only ranbir could have given such details no one believed it because of how absurd it sounded he made sure to end it by saying of parents may not approve. The world knows kapoor bahu will be some nri clean image rich girl only people who dont get this is the girls he dates.
        He waited till padmavati poster came out leaked the pics than pulled a prince harry to get brownie points. I am pretty sure mahira ended things soon after the leak the were over way before new year .
        Ranbir waited till padmavati trailer release to announce the fizzle out with mahira fact is she had served her purpose to help stay in news in September. Remember people didnt believe ranbir/mahira but it happened I have a feeling ranbir alia have hooked up the blaming on kjo alia pr is to cover up the obvious ranbir involvement in this PR stunt

    • Shivanisd says:

      The new York pics were leaked a year before they were picked up by indian/paki media outlets.

      • guest says:

        lol buddy do some research the story about how ranbir is fond of mahira came out on 18 July 2017. The paps clicked their pics on 21 july 2017. The detailed blind came out in august the pics and story broke on 21 september when padmavati poster came out. Mahira for sure got rid of him after the pics fiasco but he waited till the trailer of padmavati to use it as pr stunt to link up with alia he made a fool out of that girl. fawad was thrown under the bus by kjo at the time of adhm with all the false statements that were put out using his name while the fact is he was home since july with sadaf awaiting the birth of his second kid. Both mahira and fawad were too naive for understand bollywood PR games and were made a fool of by these PR stunt kings

        • Shivanisd says:

          Lol dude the admin herself has said, pics were leaked ages ago, mahira was misidentified as some indian chick bhakti something. Then media finally discovered it and the story blew up. Google it.

          • guest says:

            yes but someone leaked the oh hes very fond of mahira news to media. anywaylets call it a day on mahira ranbir because the fact mahira ranbir are no longer dating as per news whats done is done. although alia ranbir is hard to buy thats a pr stunt for sure and a stupid one at that

          • guest says:

            explain the detailed blind its either ranbir or someone really close who leaked those details.

  7. naughtytrini says:

    Ranbir Kapoor…A-List actor??? rofl now that is the biggest joke for the year lol who wrote that blind? Rishi Ji?

    • Admin says:

      Ayan wrote it or KJo!

    • kiran101 says:

      He joined as A list actor. He became A list the day he was born. He is being sold as next superstar since more than 10 years .

      If the same was done by sushanth it would have been crass but since its from Kapoor scion i guess its quirky sense of humor.

      • Amanda says:

        And yet he is far away from being a star forget superstar..
        I think Ranbir needs psychiatric help.. Something is wrong with him…

        • kiran101 says:

          seriously ! any woman who marries him must worry about STD’s.
          I wonder if these kapoor tag crazy women ever try to get pregnant on sly…just to get marriage out of that situation. Its not unheard of….in past.

          • Nimi says:

            BAHAHAHA yes he’s a walking talking STD collection. Ranbir has always had women when they are at their career best and then sucked the self esteem out of them and discarded them when he was done. DP got depression, Kat had plastic surgery, Mahira also got depression, the list is crazy. His two true loves Ayaan and Kjo are now coming out with ranbir and alia blind. Alia and Ranbir, seriously???? *eye roll*

          • guest says:

            mahira never got depression that was pinkvilla click bait story they have minted the max out of this ranbir mahira link up by using fan tweets as stories, misusing her statements. mahira was busy on the sets of her next movie.Also both ranbir and alia has a long list of significant others they are match made in Casanova heaven. Alia is happy being linked to every guy for her movies this will back fire in a few years when all press will talk about is who she linked with and not about her work. Alia is karan 2.0

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      always – all blinds about him refer to him as some God gift to bollywood. LOL

  8. OddEye says:

    He’s a psycho.

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