Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January 6

Today’s first blind item comes from Mumbai Mirror. It is a silly blind item, if you ask us. We mean that if you go by the logistics of celebrities, when they want to impress their fellow colleagues or the PM of India, they will go all out and spend a lot of money. Actually, come to think of it, perhaps they get all these items for free in a bid to have these people sponsor the gifts.

Celebrities and companies only give people with power high-class, fancy and expensive gifts. Why? Because not only these gifts represent the sender’s status, the recipients of these gifts will also share with the world what they received. In a way, the sender gets publicity. Something like that. It’s more of a show-off situation.

By the way, you should check out the gift hamper that Filmfare sent to celebrities to bribe them to come to the show. Not only do they give out awards to famous celebs, who come and perform, they send these people fancy gifts. Not even the Oscars do that.

Filmfare Hampers


Filmfare Hampers


Filmfare Hampers


Filmfare Hampers


Filmfare Hampers

Back to this actress, maybe she only had that much money left after spending it all on her event hence the gift she gave to her staff. Who knows!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 6


DON’T believe their social media shenanigans. If you really want to know anything about the lives of stars, ask their staff. The domestic staff of a recently married female actor is apparently quite miffed with the memsahib. On the auspicious news of her wedding, the staff were given a bar of chocolate. Yes, you read that right. A bar of chocolate, not a hamper, or even a gift box. One solitary slab. With this bitter taste then, you can’t blame them for telling their friends and family who work at other star homes about their pecuniary plight.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Anushka Sharma

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 6

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39 Responses

  1. Nimi says:

    I always thought that Virat could do better than this manipulative fake Anushka. She only married him for his popularity which will seep on to her now and she is now all over the news after the marriage. Ugh Fake celebs, I am so over them!

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Anushka has always seemed fake, arrogant and miserly to me. Read the quora answer where she went to a luxury showroom and acted horribly to the,staff. The question is what is the worst experience you have had with an actor.

  3. Rad says:

    Either she should have given something which suits her status or don’t give at all. If I were in their place I would feel insulted and prefer to throw it back at her face. Its as if they can’t afford a chocolate or because they are house help they deserve only this. Shame on her for treating her staff so disrespectfully..

    • Shivanisd says:

      Hahaha me too and i, would have left the job that same day. Sadly i dont expect anything better from sharmas. My experience with them- always bad.

    • Kiran101 says:

      True! Celebrity domestic staff are much more trainied and the job far demanding than domestic help normal people hire. The perks and gifts have to be in accordance.

  4. Monalisa says:

    To me Anushka’s marriage to Virat seems like a strategic career advancement move in disguise on her part. Look at how popular she has gotten after marriage and her social media following has increased tremendously. Not to mention for someone who had a destination wedding, just because she wanted to keep her wedding private and intimate, a lot of pictures and videos of the ceremonies were released. Outfit/venue/makeup/ honeymoon/ wedding invitation/ cost of her engagement ring, Virat and her net worth details, their house details and many more other details were released. We have seen private bollywood weddings and Virushka wedding was definitely not one of them. Their pr milked the whole wedding thing to the fullest.
    Not surprised by her actions because she does not come across as a good person to begin with.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Exactly! Why make a pretence of having a private wedding when u want to extract all the fame out of it? Anushka comes across as a grade a bit*h Sorry. Small hearted rich girl. Ranveer really dodged a bullet there. DP is 100 times better person than anushka.

  5. Isa says:

    Admin, what are the gifts/hampers that Filmfare sends to the celebrities? Also, please enlighten me about the token that you give to your surroundings when its your wedding please? Im not from India. lol

    • Admin says:

      We have added the hampers’ pics to the post, do check. As for wedding and other happy occasions’ gifts, Mithais are commonly given. Any happy occasion, such as birth of a child or new job, Mithais work perfectly. Doubt anyone gives chocolate unless it’s for Valentine’s Day or Easter. Food is also commonly sent over as gift, sometimes.

    • Amanda says:

      For special occasions like marriage, child birth etc usually sweets, clothes and even sometimes money is given as a gift to domestic helps.. Domestic helps are invited to wedding as well.. I doubt anushka did it..

      • Tina says:

        It’s funny….someone I know was gifted a bar of chocolate by one of her help, on the occasion of her wedding…reason being, as a child she (the bride) would always pester her to go to the store and buy her a Dairy Milk. I thought it was super sweet.

    • Isa says:

      Oh okay, thank you. Then she should have been a bit more generous with her gifts, she’s a celebrity after all.

  6. kiran101 says:

    Cheap or not is not the matter here. Goodwill ! and positive energy and appreciation for people who work for you. Why do corp-orates give perks ? Not because they just dont pay salary. Its a gesture , destiny gave you the privilege …giving a decent gift on occasion of your wedding and seeking blessings from not so fortunate as you that too for people who work for you is not something very grand or extreme expectation.
    Thats why Anushka is not a big star…she does not seem to have as big a heart as big as a loud mouth she has. With so many scandals they walk around its nice to have your domestic staff goodwill with you.

    There are several accounts in both Hollywood and Bollywood how domestic staff of stars stood like rocks in adversity. Today she had a fairy tale wedding…but then every fairy tale had dark-dark episodes.

    But then she has not paid her staff of her last Film from her home production…i guess expecting a salary itself seems like a biggie.

    • prvilla says:

      agreed ten fold kiran101!

      • kiran101 says:

        @prvilla … talking of goodwill…. i just read how Bhansali requested Akshay to shift date…and he generously did. Now Padmavati will have a solo release. Akshay’s luck is soaring high now .Padamavati needs a solo release… SLB let go of the ego and asked…Akshay did not refuse help.

        Its for no reason Ranveer, Deepika and SLB are nice to people and work hard to gain public favor. Even super stars need goodwill . Giving into emotions and talking shit is far easier than gaining composure and remain silent. Only fools keep digging holes in rain and sit in them.

        • Amanda says:

          Akshay Kumar is a very calculative guy.. I doubt if the dates were changed out of good will…
          – this is the first movie his(he)wife is producing, so he doesn’t want to lose on any profits…
          – Padmawati is a big budget costume drama made for big screen… People would prefer padmawati over padman (including me) except the states where it was banned.. Now Supreme Court has lifted the ban.. So the release will be pan india
          – Bhansali has good track record too with his recent successes.. Akshay also has good track record and he doesn’t want it to mess it up this time..
          -padman hasn’t not censor certificate yet.. And it’s unlikely they will get it any sooner…
          There is no point for Akshay fighting over release date since censor certification is still pending and on top of that padmawati producers are bigger that padman’s..
          Had padmavati been banned in those 4 states, Akshay would try to release his movie on 25th Jan and maybe even bribe censor board.. But now, he can’t…

          • kiran101 says:

            Agreed! Now people are doing Jai ho to him. I am not saying he has nothing to get in return. He could have not done it and still make profits on the movie. I will not pay to watch padman in big screen. But padmavati can do with any money it can get considering 200Cr budget.

          • Amanda says:

            Yes, padman would have made profits but it will be less as compared to solo release.. It was wise on padman’s team to change the date…
            Also the padmavati producers approaching Supreme Court was the best thing they did… If they hadn’t gone there, the 4-5 states would never allow it to be released… Now the governments of all those states have to obey the Supreme Court… Padmavati has a lot of investment to recover… Hope it does well…

          • kiran101 says:

            My point is…even if he is calculative…he has the wisdom not let go of free goodwill. Now everyone is publicly thanking him.

            Anushka could have given better gifts without absolutely no dent in her fortune…yet she chose to be cheap and thankless. Just drawing parallels here…

            I believe Padman would have done good business regardless. Padmavati would risk a flop on any clash. Padmavati could do with solo release…now its has 2 weekends.

          • Amanda says:

            @kiran101, Agree!

          • Rashmi says:

            If Akshay was as calculating as you say, and really afraid to take risks, he would be the first to ask Bhansali to change the date. or originally changed the date of his film. But he was not afraid to release the toilet against Harry and Sejal, he still is not afraid. then he is not so prudent and more confident in his projects

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            U have abandoned me

          • Amanda says:

            Calculative doesn’t mean being afraid to take risk.. It’s about being pragmatic… When you feel your product will outdo others, you take risk.. When you see that your product will not sell as much as you want it to, then you give a second thought and probably work out other solutions…. That’s what happened in this case….

        • prvilla says:

          kiran101:I for one am quite looking foward to padmavati!But yes you do sound quite sensible!

          • Kiran101 says:

            me too .I would rather watch Padman on youtube or nextflix that too if it gets a very good talk. But, at the same time i dont want to sound like Lame fan who tries to defend every foolish move as masterstroke of their favorite.
            I sometimes try to be realistic even about my favorites.

  7. prvilla says:

    iss kanjoos makhichoos aurat ko dikhawa karne ke ilava koi aur kaam nahi hai?hec even we give mithai and some small tokens to our entire clan,including househelps as it is considered tradition..what a cheapskate.Having all the money in the world and yet behaving in such a petty manner..

  8. OddEye says:

    Anushka has always been cheap. Didn’t she refuse to pay the crew on her last production? Isn’t it funny that she’s demanding higher pay for actresses (I support that) but doesn’t care to properly pay or reward her staff?

  9. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    This is so terrible. Since I know so little about these other actresses, I’d be shutting my mouth off and have decided to support and defend my Kangana only.

  10. Deep says:

    Seriously.. Don’t the staff get their salary on time? Are they treated badly by her? Seems its not just the star kids who are entitled, but such domestic staff also fall in the same category……. Be happy guys….there is so much to be thankful about instead of cribbing about non-issues…..

    • Anon says:

      Sorry, but it’s a tradition in India to gift the domestic staff. Saris, sweet boxes…
      Heck were middle classed and we do it for wedding and birth of babies.

      • Deep says:

        Hi anon, nothing against tradition….I clearly talked about the complaining and cribbing…. they did get a chocolate….and I am sure she must be paying them good money too……..when someone gifts you, you can accept it with a smile and happiness… but when someone does not, don’t go around crying boo-hoo-hoo…….instead of just replying in a hurry, please spend some time to understand what is written…..I also know people in my life who don’t have a WEDDING FUNCTION with all the pomp and show-sha….they go for Extreme Simplicity…..that might not be the tradition but I prefer it….

        • Shivanisd says:

          If u want to do the wedding in a simple way. Then dont effing do it in Italy and splash ur pics all over the media. If ur doing things on such a grand scale then the least u can do is gift a box of sweets to the domestic help who work so hard for you. Despicable people these, Bollywood types. They have the mentality of a slumdweller.

          • Deep says:

            wow.. did you see what you just did there?? you used the term ‘slumdweller’ as a gaali…you should understand that most of the ‘Domestic helps’ that you are sympathizing with, live in slums….. it’s same as saying xyz looks like a ‘kaamwali bai’.or Salman saying he dances like a ‘Bhangi’…. Next time, please don’t take such moral high ground when you yourself look down upon others…..don’t turn OSOP into another Pinkvilla where anyone just comes to puke off their frustration without using brains…..and I am not going to entertain any other idiot who tries to make some nonsense point….

          • Shivanisd says:

            Hahaha says the guy who thinks anushka was right in giving a chocolate bar to her help. Ill let ppl decide whos the idiot here.

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