Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January 4

There is nothing better than when blind items get created based on a recent situation. This blind item is probably the fastest one created by Mumbai Mirror based on something that recently happened. It’s about this young actor and his dating ways. He has been the subject of blind items before and if we are not mistaken, all were related to his relationship matters.

It does seem that he listened to his family and decided to patch things up with his girlfriend of many years and at the same time, letting go of the whatever-relationship he has with this young actress. We have a feeling, though, that he has figured out a way to keep his family and himself happy.

He will do what other stars have done and are still doing. Have a happily married image and have fun on the side. If you think about it, it sounds like one of his daddy dearest’s scripts! Check out who the blind item from Mumbai Mirror is talking about below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 4


IN case you are also surprised by the hand-holding pictures of this young and dashing hero and his former lady love (just as we are), let us tell you that this is what stars do when they want to make a statement. A rising star and his girlfriend of several years had called it quits six months ago β€” thanks to the growing friendship he shared with a female co-star, who just happened to discover she was in love with him and not her boyfriend of two years. After six confused months, the actor has decided to return to his childhood sweetheart. Because commitment is commitment. How refreshing.


OSOP Guesses

Hero: Varun Dhawan

Girlfriend: Natasha Dalal

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January 4

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16 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    How can someone be richer than David Dhawan and still look like that?

  2. kiran101 says:

    No love is permanent here aneways . Varun loves Alia ? Who does Alia love? Sid- SRK – Varun ?
    Lets say he breaks up with Natasha and marry Alia…will that love be forever ?

    If Natasha is so rich…why is she hell bent on marrying Varun ?

    • prvilla says:

      I’m guessing Alia loves herself!lol

    • Amanda says:

      Let me guess – She is rich but not a star.. I think no one in her family is a star.. I think stars have their own appeal and that’s why people like hanging out with them… I think Varun conducts himself decently wrt women .. He treats all his costars(female) pretty well. He is only one among his generation to have successive hits..

    • Shivanisd says:

      Bcuz of the fame. Though she seems quite sweet. Akways dressed decently not like those half naked Wannabe star kids.

  3. Helen says:

    Reminds me of govinda, who broke up with Sunitha to pursue Neelam. His mum put her foot down that he must marry Sunitha as he had promised to do so. He budged, heard wifey is very possessive. No surprises.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Thats true. And later when he was with rani Mukherjee the wife hired an underworld guy to threaten them and break up their affair! If u watch the interview with simi grewal its hilarious.

  4. Rad says:

    Varun can have the cake and eat it too. Maybe Natasha also gets what she wants i.e marry Varun. What about the girlfriend, I’m guessing Alia Bhatt. Does she have any self respect or not? She is successful attractive, Is it that difficult to find some nice unattached guy who is ready to commit to her? Maybe the forbidden fruit is the sweetest after all.

  5. Monalisa says:

    Natasha is perfect star wife material. Varun must be on top of the world because he now knows (before marriage) that Natasha will put up with all his affairs/flings even after marriage. He definitely will marry her even without his parents pressuring him.

    What luck these cheating and philandering men of bollywood (like Varun, Akshay, Ajay, SRK, Amir) have. They find women (doormats) who have no self repect and spineless enough put up with their cheating ways and help them protect their loyal husband image and family man image.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Its not a coincidence that their wives become doormats. They do it bcuz of the money and fame. Even a cheater like akshay understands that his wife doesnt really love him shes just with him for the money and status. Thats the arrangement in Bollywood marriages

  6. Amanda says:

    Almost all bollywood actors are cheaters and yet some people marry them knowing all this.. Natasha should wake up…

    • Shivanisd says:

      Those people Marry actors for the money and fame, not love. U think natasha cant get someone more faithful? What was Varun think while hooking up with alia? Doesn’t he know what kind of girl she is and her family background.

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