Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January 10

Todays’ first blind item comes from Mumbai Mirror and it’s about this couple we didn’t think this blind item was initially about. Upon some research, it does seem that the blind item is based on them, especially when they both recently made an appearance at an award show, which we are guessing the blind item is based on.

Like they say, sometimes when you are with someone, their moods and habits rub off you and with these two, it seems the case. Who said that vegetarians don’t have a temper? That’s not true and these two are living proof of it. Besides that, we think that the actor might just be ready to flip out over his latest release. As guessed by almost everyone, the other younger actor is getting all the praise for his portrayal in the film.

Anyways, check out the blind item below to see who we are talking about.



Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 4


THE ways of Mr Diva and Mrs Tantrum are really getting the film industry’s goat. But more than colleagues, it’s the staff of these two that has just had enough. We hear the missus has a makeup person for all her public appearances.

The makeup assistant was late this one day, and Mrs lit into her. Soon enough, she threw a clutch of makeup brushes on the young girl’s face. The girl just stormed off using some rather unpleasant words for the madam in return. Welldeserved, we say.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 4

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54 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    She looks good in that dress. its simple and well fitted. Too bad that doesn’t make her a better person. So a pass from me.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    How tacky this girl and her dress is!! Spoiling the name of LSR college and Delhi girls in general. I hope the makeup girl abused her really well. No wonder shes shahids choice.

  3. b52bomber says:

    Shahid has always been very unprofessional despite not being very talented. Below are some details from a 2016 article.

    Fall out with Yash Raj Films and Aditya Chopra
    Working with Yash Raj Films is a dream of every actor in Bollywood but Shahid Kapoor dared to tick YRF’s head honcho Aditya Chopra off. The reports of fallout dates back to the Shuddh Desi Romance days when Shahid signed Maneesh Sharma directed movie but backed out citing the falling health of Maneesh. Sushant Singh Rajput was roped in place of Sasha. Another reason which came out as rift between Aditya and the 35-year-old actor was asked to leave because he turned up for one of their rituals in a pair of shorts. He had also refused to attend the reading and rehearsal sessions later.

    Arrogance and unprofessionalism
    There are several instances in Shahid Kapoor’s long stay in the industry which reflected his unprofessional behaviour openly. Shahid made Balaji Motion Pictures wait for two months before telling them on not being too keen on playing Chhota Rajan’s character in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara! His high headedness has been one of the reasons losing out on huge projects like Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang, Karan Johar produced Gori Tere Pyar Mein.

    Differences with close friends
    Not just renowned filmmakers and production houses, Shahid Kapoor is quite a character in not getting off well with his close friends as well. Director and friend Ken Ghosh who directed him in his first Bollywood movie Ishq Vishk was at receiving end during their third collaboration together Chance Pe Dance. Demanding to change lead actress from Jiah Khan to Genelia DSouza with people stating stuffs like Shahid took very long to complete Chance Pe Dance. The budget shot up and Ken had to shell out a few crores to compensate the producers. Other major differences with friends included choreographer-director Ahmad Khan and actor-host Manish Paul also garnered major eyeballs.

    A few weeks ago there was a the blind about Shahid’s behavior with team Padmavati. Last year his insecurity around Kangna Ranaut was in full display during Rangoon promotions. Always giving costars a hard time because of his insecurity.

    Seems like the entitled industry kid has met his match in Mira Rajput. When they feel needy and entitled, both give others a hard time.

    • Shivanisd says:

      I wonder if jiah had worked with shahid her career could have been better. I always thought she was simply beautiful. RIP.

  4. Admin Fan says:

    Admin – Thanks for being transparent unlike other blogs like PV or MM which I stopped reading btw. They only have Kareena or Taimur or MIsha or Mira. Are these ppl having some sort of PV competition? I mean why do we care about Misha’s grandmother? Taimur goes to his grand parents house too but they post pics of his grandmother. I am really tired of Mira and her daughter. She is not even cute anymore. Kareena should stop posting pics abt Taimur too and let him grow. I wonder how Mira would behave if she married any superstar. Somebody needs to tell her on her face that she needs to stop being news.

    • adaora says:

      When continuous pictures and stories of someone like Kareena is allover pinkvilla, I can attest to the fact that she has a huge fan following but it has become over kill, Kareena has now morphed into a social butterfly the only going thing for her is her supposedly girl gang falling in and out of eateries, gyms and pure lazying about, her so called career has finally screeched to a halt.

      As for Shahid, suddenly his wife is dominating Pinkvilla media space, it is all paid for by him to promote her for what I don’t know.

      She is a no body with no defined pedigree or profession but only the latest boring and shallow star wife of Bollywood.

  5. leap says:

    out of topic but i have a qs for you guys admin considering how brutally honest you guys and people posting replies here are with opinions. about Bollywood. arent you guys hounded by stars and their pr teams to take articles down

    • Admin says:

      Nothing like that. It only comes from fans or trolls, who blast us on every platform by calling us names. We do get invites for events, but we ain’t going. Once you are open up to them, you have to do what they want. It’s hard to keep things neutral and not bias once you get into their world. We don’t crave to be associated with stars, so that helps. PV and MM were like that ages ago, but now it seems they are held in by reins, which make it difficult for them to post what they actually would want to post. All these blogs look similar now. That’s the reason why.

      • leap says:

        oh ok considering how giant ego every actor seems to have do you guys know if it was true for fawad, ali zafar, atif and mahira too, ???

        • prvilla says:

          Actually I can answer the Ali Zafar part,the guy is actually really far as Atif Aslam is concerned..the less said the better!Also back home when I was in school the rock/pop craze was at its peak in Pakistan and there were frequent mini concerts held in our school and Fawad was in a band called EP,the girls loved him even back then and from what I got,he wasn’t particularly mean or anything but was a little bit full of himself but nothing major!Btw those were some of the best days of my life and imo Pakistan was musically flourishing,it was almost a mini revolution of sorts as modernization was taking place and free thinking views were being expressed through media and arts.Sad that a couple of years later how the tides have turned and what a sad state the country currently is..Anyhow enough of my reminiscing,this is all the info I have for you as these are the only ones from the afore mentioned which I have personally been acquainted with.Although I have heard some disgusting rumors regarding Mahira at a common beauty salon she and I both visited but I refuse to mud sling as they are below the belt and could just be hear say..So yeah i’m not going there!

          • leap says:

            As long as they were dedicated towards their work while in India and were not arrogant towards people when they worked there is enough to hear. Fawad I know through people hes an introvert moody well had to be he was lead if a rock band (hes was 18 at times so what do you expect) and he is as picky about his projects as he is about people around him and his circle so come across as arrogant. Actually music is back on track just check out the app patari there is a lot of original PK music there. I never trust beauty salon gossip because I am aware of the bitchy nature of those places if they dont like you they can say shit gossip so lets leave it at that . Also admin one reads a lot news saying fawad was offered XYZ projects is it actually true or fake to me it feels like its just PR to get a film buzz in the press. I mean fawad was literally one hit old film before the ban to be offered that many films

          • prvilla says:

            @leap Are you a fellow Pakistani?

          • leap says:


          • prvilla says:

            @leap great!

          • bucketbot says:

            @prvilla, if you don’t mind, and since you mentioned, I’m curious about Atif Aslam. I do think he is quite a talented guy and amazing voice but i’ve never bothered to google anything about him (still don’t) Ish a musician doing a James Franco?

          • prvilla says:

            @bucketbot Tbh my account of him is of way back in the day when he was just starting out as the lead singer in a pop/rock band named JAL.From my own personal experiences during some outdoor gigs/concerts Atif used to be completely wasted half the time and his behavior with girls was extremely inappropriate,not to mention the constant loud swearing in public amongst other rude behavior patterns.The guy would openly make fun of his female fans and comment on their physical features such as moti,churi(an urdu slang word for a not so physically appealing female) e.t.c.Once while exiting an outdoor gig we saw him peeing on the grass in plain sight..oh the horror,lol!Also my brother knew him personally during his school days and honestly from his accounts the guy was quite inarticulate back then and had a very typical,non worldly way of presenting himself and thinking.Anyhow these are all my personal accounts and who knows maybe he sobered down over the years but i remember him as a complete jerk!Also,I don’t know if the general Indian public know this but back home it’s a known fact that he sold his old bands songs for a chance in btown and basically screwed all over their hard work,the songs which were a joint effort.I hope that answers your question.PS;I do think the guy has been blessed with a nice voice though,cuz i’ve heard him live!

          • Shivanisd says:

            A very typical,non worldly way of presenting himself and thinking- I think that’s bcuz hes a Pisces they are like that head in the clouds.

          • bucketbot says:

            @prvilla Interesting. Thanks for this. I remember Jal and Strings coming fresh onto the scene here in India when the independent music scene here was seeing some growth. I used to listen to a lot of Indie Indo bands then. Absolutely hated anything bollywood produced. It was only since some of them crossed over and got a chance to sing for movies that I started listening to some bw songs. Disappointed a little hearing all this, especially the screwing band members over for personal benefit part.

      • Hmmm says:

        Thanks for keeping the site real Admin. This site is a breath of fresh air.

      • Lisa says:

        That is interesting. Do the individual stars invite you or production houses if I may ask. And kudos to you guys for staying real!! Not many people would that πŸ™‚

      • goldengirl says:

        Respect ADMIN.

      • Daenarys says:

        You guys rock!! Please never change!!!!! People from all over the globe appreciate the hard work you put in here!

      • bucketbot says:

        Ha! I did always wonder how MM and PV had almost similar content. It’s why both have become the epitome of mediocrity.

  6. naughtytrini says:

    Please, stop bashing this girl. Who knows, maybe some jealous ex of shahid’s who is raging because of Mira constantly being profiled on pv and other bollywood blogs could have planted that blind just so people could bash her. PLease give the girl her due respect. One, she married Shahid and we all know the ego Shahid have so she adjusted to suit him and to please him. Dont we all adjust ourselves to please our partners in life. Please give her the benefit of a doubt, though I must confess that she was like all frontish at Padmavat screening lol while Shahid walked behind like as if it was she who acted in the movie lol This girl have got guts and I am two-sided about how I feel about her. After all, she have to have the belly to tolerate all the criticism she get online especially from miss gossip queen and her clan, and dont tell me it doesnt happen. I especially love her choice of outfit above, she is already dressing as a STAR wife πŸ™‚

    • prvilla says:

      You and I have had our disagreements in the past but I do agree with you on this particular subject..your explanation seems plausible enough,atleast in this case!Makes sense i guess..

    • Amanda says:

      Btw, Ranveer’s parents had also come but there are no pics of them… While mira’s parents pics are all over the place… She does seem to like limelight..

    • Kiran101 says:

      Hi , I defended her in some of the posts…but cause and effect is clear. Shahid has big ego with insecurity and he lost on women and stardom because of it. He picked a girl who will nurse his ego but she is making a fool of herself . None of Shahid’s ex are jealous of him…since there is nothing to be jealous of. Shahid is a very good actor …i liked him better than kareena in JWM . But he was unable to win people’s hearts…and thats how you achieve stardom.Mira is only hurting his cause…even if she is doing to please him.

      • Monalisa says:

        Agree with you that even though Shahid is a good actor and dancer he could not achieve stardom because he was unable to win people’s hearts. He comes across as a very insecure, petty person with an inflated ego.
        When during Rangoon promotion he and Kangana were at each others throat I thought it was because of Kangana. But when stories of him and Ranveer not getting along on Padmaavat and his subsequent digs at Ranveer made me realize it’s Shahid who has a problem with people more successful than him not Kangy’s fault.

        • Kiran101 says:

          yes, Kangana was with Shahid the way she was with everyone else…Shahid has a problem here. Every movie he worked with in multiple cast he always ended up having issues.

          I do not understand Shahid…Mira is only getting bad press for both of them. I am pretty sure everything is happening with his consent or design. Its been 15 years since he has started in BW. He is never going to be the star he wants to be in all likelihood. His attitude weather good-bad is not conducive to be a superstar.
          He made all wrong moves…he needs to make peace with his current level of stardom to become a better star.This is his biggest problem i think. Bitterness.

          Abhishek Bachahan made peace with Hrithik becoming bigger, Akshay – Ajay etc did with Khans. Even Aamir – salman at one point made peace with SRK being bigger.

          They all rose up later…but not shahid. He is a sore loser and winner all the time.
          Super-stardom is a matter of destiny…and audience chooses the superstar. He did nothing to again audiences heart. All superstars worked their ass off to gain people’s hearts. He just does not get that. I mean even Ranbir kapoor kind of made peace with Ranveer’s success. Shahid has a problem when Ranveer is not even his generation like Ranbir is Ranveer’s .

          • Shivanisd says:

            Agreed. He needs to realise that rajnikant became a superstar bcuz of his humble attitude, not just his acting! If his attitude was better shahid cudve been as huge as Ranveer is right now. As per reviews Ranveer is the best thing in padmavat.

      • Amanda says:

        Shahid kapoor’s statement ‘Honestly, it’s not the most author-backed role in the film’ made me laugh out loud… This guy certainly has ego issues… He should be more concerned about his films fate and its success… Such statements were unnecessary at this point..

        • Monalisa says:

          Did he not read the script before agreeing to do a role most actors rejected. Did SLB force him to sign the movie. Why now acting as if he just realized that “Ratan Rawal’s role is not author backed”.
          Shahid making a statement dismissing the role in the movie just when the film has released is truly unprofessional on his part. He could atleast have waited after the movie stopped running to diss the movie/ his role.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Exactly! What is there in shahid or mira to br jealous of?? Shahid was great in haider and even Rangoon but that doesn’t justify his insecurities. Why is he acting like this.

    • Kiran101 says:

      Nothing justifies throwing stuff on people’s face. Its pure arrogance and feeling that someone is beneath you.

      • prvilla says:

        @Kiran101 well if it is indeed true then yes her behavior is extremely entitled and only complete scum bags or extremely insecure people can abuse other people on a whim or drop of a hat!no one has the right to lay their hands on another human being period!

    • sweettooth01 says:

      agree to disagree on this..all the justifications based on an assumption that she dint actulie throw the brush at another person’s face and failed to respect a fellow human being and it was a work of some imaginary jealous ex. common really just a mere assumption..??a benefit of doubt is something u give smone once or twice..but when they time and again come across as dumb,lacking a perspective at life,self obsessed and borderline narcissistic,benefit of doubt no longer exists..

      i think no jealous ex of shahid wud do this..wonder if thr r any jealous exes..most of his famous exes r doing very well for themselves and doing great work in films..

      and we adapt to please our significant other..?? if my spouse has ego issues then il start being rude to my staff..?? NO..!! because u get to have ur own identity, a sense of self and characteristics that can alter/be influenced a little but u cant change altogether soo quickly just to adapt and make him happy..!! big NO..u do it because u think u can do it and get away with it..not to please some xyz..

      • prvilla says:

        Stop being so salty over someone else’s views which do not concern you!Also why didn’t you reply straight to @naughtytrini directly,why jump my bones,I only agreed with her initial comment and assumptions?!I’m not a btown insider that I would know what exactly went down and how It would..if you happen to be one then please enlighten me!Also,i don’t need to justify anything because meera is not my mami chachi or rishtedaar that I have to speak on behalf of her just stated my opinions in accordance with other commentators and yes I said this before and saying it again if she really did show such despicable behavior then she is scum but if there are people out there who want to exaggerate and throw stones for know reason then even that is despicable..Stop being so butt hurt over silly things!

        • sweettooth01 says:

          @prvilla–ur comment was meant for..??
          it appears right below my comment πŸ™‚

          • sweettooth01 says:

            @prvilla–just fyi my comment was a reply to naughtytrini’s comment..i clicked reply to his/her comment and not to urs or anyone else’ can see this clearly since i qouted his/her lines in my ws only a comment that includes my personal view point on the issue and i was not snubbing anyone in any way and neither did i do any personal judgements whether others view points are salty or nice but only expressed mine while raising doubts..neither did i make assumptions about the person who typed their viewpoints but in ur reply i see a lot of assumptions being made and calling things like butt kindly reply if that was intended for me or anyone else..

            if it ws meant for me–i clearly expressed my views while ur only calling another person names,got personal and its for everyone to see who is butt hurt and cant take someone else expressing their disagreement with valid points..and id like to tell you,it was never meant for apology wud be just nice since u unnecessarily drew conclusions about my personality and views..
            also ppl always have diffrnt view points on the same thing,u cannot ask smone to not express their views..u just told me not to tlk about ppl and issues that dont concern me,but its ok for u to do that and most importantly for u to talk rudely about me and my views..think straight!!!!!

            if it wasnt meant for me– then its all chill yo

          • prvilla says:

            @sweettooth01 acha okay my bad!I misunderstood.I thought you were talking to me?!That is why I found the response a bit odd in that context.Chilll yaar no issues.Next time tag the person your replying to,just makes life easier during an ongoing convo.Any how all good?

          • sweettooth01 says:

            @prvilla – appreciate ur reply..also i took notes and started tagging haha πŸ˜€

      • Shivanisd says:

        Agree with sweettooth. How the hell is shahid responsible for mira throwing stuff at her staffpersons face?? Think before you type.

    • Anisha says:

      @naughtytrini Shahid has no jealous ex; all of them are doing way better than him. This couple is not liked in Bollywood circles; they are just tolerated, that’s about it. And Shahid is to blame for this.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Ugh. That dress looks like something picked up, from sarojini nagar for 400 bucks. She looks pathetic. Stars lol girl ur no star. Effing a star doesn’t make you one sorry.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Thanks for all the loves darlings!!! <3 <3 <3 Yes, Mira is a STAR WIFE! and she looks like a STAR WIFE! Also I think some of you all in here are living in lookalike bubbles just like those actors. It is right there in front of your noses that these actors lives their lifes just like us. Whether you want to accept it or not, some of us have ex(s) and yes, some of us may not have any more feelings for our ex(s) but tell me if we really would love to see our ex(s) prospering and being well known and popular. and in bollywood, being featured just as much as we are? Jealousy is very prevalent in bollywood. Tell me with a straight face that all Shahid's exs do not care an inkling that Mira and their daughter are being posted all over bollywood blogs.

  7. Pooja says:

    Paris Hilton of Bollywood no work just face bcz of famous husband

    • Shivanisd says:

      Paris hilton is better. Shes a successful businesswoman unlike this loser married to an, arrogant insecure man.

  8. Amanda says:

    Ye to hona hi tha… Mrs kapur considers herself a star.. Though Shahid is yet to be called one… The way she conducted herself during padmawati screening and at HT most stylish awards, she may be the become media star… Only pr, no achievements of her own… Girl, wake up…. You are just a star wife…. Not an actor in padmavati…

  9. Golden girl says:

    Who is this mira to throw tantrums? Her hubby is not even a superstar. I guess this fame and glittering world of BW has gone into her head.

  10. Chandni says:

    Unf*cking believable!

    The girl should have thrown those brushes back at that ungrateful and arrogant woman’s face!

    Jesus, Mira’s head is so freaking far up her ass, how the hell does Shahid even tolerate her? Ungrateful, arrogant and obnoxious! Someone needs to tell her that the only reason behind her fame is because she’s a trophy Wife and her brainless comments on how woman should be good mothers and of course,being outright b*tchy!

    And yes, I’m against woman bashing too, but not if you feel like being female and famous entitle you to treat other women like sh*t

    God bless Misha and Shahid!

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