Blind Item – 2017 – Hollywood – November

Today’s first blind item from Hollywood comes from CDAN. It goes in line with the updates that have been happening since last year. We are sure that even though you are not familiar with the man in this blind item, you know exactly who his wife is. This man was in the news last week for telling the world that he did cheat on his wife and somehow made a couple of other revelations regarding his marriage. If you think he’s doing all this to clean up his image, you are dead wrong.

Coincidentally, right before his big revelation, the Grammy nominations were announced and he is the artist with the highest number of nominations. Frankly speaking, all that he said in this interview was nothing new because their whole world knew he was cheating, including his wife.

It’s sad that despite being more successful and famous than he is, she choose to stay married to a cheater and have his kids. Maybe it’s the power that is making her stay or the money, but it’s really sad for a woman like her to go through this. To have a husband with such a big ego that doesn’t even feel sorry for you, but feels free to let the world know how he cheated on you just so that he can secure a couple of awards. Pathetic!

Still don’t know who we are talking about? Check it out below.



Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2017 - Hollywood - November


This permanent A list rapper knows there are multiple women who are about to expose him for the hundreds of times he has cheated on his wife, so is hoping his admission of a few women will cover for the hundreds. Nice try.


OSOP Guesses

Rapper: Jay Z

Wife: Beyonce

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10 Responses

  1. shivanisd says:

    One of the women jayz cheated on Beyonce with is a half bengali half American fashion designer.. Shes the one Bey was referring to when she said becky with the good hair.

  2. lightsaber says:

    Yes, admin. None of this is new information. Remember the Met Gala elevator fight between Solange and JayZ over JayZ’s proximity to Rachel Roy? There was also JayZ and RiRi, and several other before this. Bey will continue to be in this relationship with JayZ because for both of them, staying together has not been about love and companionship for the longest time. Its about business/empire/wealth + power/domination in the music industry. They are more powerful together than separately, especially as they are growing older now.

    • Admin says:

      Ah, well. The life of the rich and famous, who are we commoners to understand that? But we have a feeling she will leave him one day when she’s had enough. Just wait and see.

      • Pav says:

        Well, I think she’s smarter. From which planet can you find a faithful man (if he’s rich, famous and powerful_remember there are plenty of women waiting to throw themselves). She must be knowing it better and surely made up her mind to stay in the relationship without tarnishing the image she has built over these years. She’s seen beyond all the other females and that’s her brand/value. Plus , just like the above comment correctly mentioned, they are more powerful together.

      • Ramzil says:

        I dont think so. She is a very smart woman but then you never know. She might divorce and play the victim/strong woman card and sell out her album

      • lightsaber says:

        Hey admin, here is a possible reason for JayZ’s sudden admissions of infidelity (from BlindGossip: ): “So the point of his sudden β€œadmission” that he β€œcheated” is to redefine the actual victims as consensual partners… and to make him look like he is the real victim!
        That’s an interesting and sneaky strategy.”

        Its still a blind, but my guess is that the blind is about JayZ. Sneaky indeed! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • shivanisd says:

      Isn’t it pathetic that a woman whos supposed to be this great feminist is letting her husband cheat on her so many times. But b is so fake that she keeps on pretending to be the strong independent woman. Imo both her and Obama dont deserve the hype.

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