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The blind item below is from 2015. If you are wondering why we are sharing this now, well there’s proof of it now, that’s why. Anyways, it took this couple 2 years to work on their marriage and unfortunately, they couldn’t fix their issues. There were also other blind items that pretty much referred to this actress as an alcoholic and him as a cheater.

Their relationship dynamic from the beginning to now is just mindblowing. When they got together, he was no one interesting and she was a successful female comedian, who acted in a legendary spoof film series. We are saying “legendary” because we grew up watching those films and they were hilarious as hell, especially their Michael Jackson spoofs as well as ‘Scream’ movies’ spoof. What no one saw coming was how the tide was going to turn in their relationship. He lost weight and became muscular and she slowly faded into a nobody. Big movie studios approached him for several films and suddenly, he was the “IT” man in Hollywood. Her career, for some reason, just disappeared and she had to make do with a leading role in a TV series that we pretty much stopped watching after a couple of episodes because of how silly it was and probably still is.

To be honest, we never thought they would be announcing their separation. We somehow thought they would make it work, but it seems they couldn’t. Anyways, Blind Gossip posted this blind item in 2015, which is a huge indication of what went wrong in their relationship. It’s funny how people are making the comparison of these two as a couple in their Before & After analogy. It’s also funny how people say they have been hoping bad things to happen to these two since news about them disowning their dog became public. In fact, we covered it back then when it happened and people naturally were outraged at how they could do this to their dog. We think two comedians can’t be married to each other. It’s never going to work. There’s always the race as to who’s the funnier or who can make the other laugh more and all that crap. Check out the blind item to see who we are talking about.


Hollywood Blind Item

Nice Guy Changes Overnight

This leading man is having marriage troubles. Although he has been a working actor for years, his latest high-profile role has definitely changed him.

Practically overnight he went from being a nice guy in a solid marriage to being an assh*le who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. [His Actress Wife] was really happy when he initially got the role but now she is crying all the time because he is treating her like sh*t.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Man: Chris Pratt

Actress Wife: Anna Faris

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