Blind Item – 2017 – Bollywood – October 5

We don’t know what was the point of the blind item below. Perhaps, Mumbai Mirror thought that the lady is arrogant when it’s actually just her behaving like an adult. Just because she did that song when she was young and not happening, doesn’t mean that she will try on anything to perform the song again.

Either way, what she wears doesn’t really matter since when she and this co-star of hers take the stage, no one will care about their attire. Speaking of stage, how many more dance shows will they launch? Should we rephrase that? Let’s try again. How many hopes and hearts will these TV producers break? Aren’t the number of reality shows enough already? Especially the ones on dance. There has to be a limit. These producers are using the talent of the common people to make money for themselves. These poor people get the hope that something big will happen to them when in reality, the struggle is much more bigger than that. It’s a sad situation and we wished people were smarter to see what is really happening.

Anyways, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. How many of you grew up watching these two senior actors



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - October 5


THIS popular actress, who has been away from the big screen for a while, recently reunited with one of her former costars for a reality show. The makers of the show had grand plans of making the duo perform one of the hit raunchy numbers, in which the actress had to wear a nightsuit, but she flatly refused. She insisted on shooting the episode in her classy gown instead, and the team had to change its plans in a hurry, and find a number worthy of her gown.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Karishma Kapoor

Co-star: Govinda

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - October 5


Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - October 5

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5 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    Sorry, as we have said many times before, we don’t much about the world of TV and we also don’t know much about the world of swingers though it’s quite famous in Hollywood. 🙂

  2. Kali says:

    A nightgown on stage? Did they expect her to dance to Sarkailo Khatiya with Govinda? That’s the only song I can think of that’s worthy of a nightgown. Do you remember the number of protests resulting from that song? Only surpassed by another gem (Khada Hain) picturised on Juhi Chawla and Anil Kapoor.
    Lolo had to push through some hard days in her early innings in bollywood, courtesy of being Babita’s workhorse and a ‘Kapoor Kudi’ which guaranteed zero support from the Kapoor Khandaan. She dropped out of school at grade 6 to pursue acting. Meanwhile Ranbo, the golden male child got to go to HR college, NYU and Lee Strasberg. She even married someone on the basis of her mother’s heckling – a sullen divorcee who was the son of her mother’s then best friend. I’m glad she’s being headstrong for this phase of her life.

    • Admin says:

      True, she deserves better.

      • Ananya says:

        Admin I always admired Karishma though not a fan. But recently I’ve heard a lot about her. About her Dubai visits, how she got roles, how Babita used her as their money making machine etc.

        And how her marriage with Abhi broke. I’ve always felt she was too innocent for all that happened with her at that time. But many say Babita and daughters are only after money. Bebo marrying Saif or still unresolved divorce issue of Karishma is because of their greed. Is it true?

        To me it seems like Karishma is someone who is badly guided in life and even now doesn’t know how to correct it. Even now I feel her as,humble compared to Bebo who ishas full of herself. Why isn’t she coming back to films like Bebo is? What are your thoughts on Karishma? If I’m being honest, she alone seems to be an innocent/bechara Kapoor to me.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Srsly. her mother might mean well but she has proved to be a curse on karishmas life!! I always liked her and growing up she was the most stylish and prettiest actress.

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