Blind Item – 2017 – Bollywood – December

Apparently, this is what has been going on with this actor and this young actress. What we think though is that they are not going to get married anytime soon. While he’s a senior actor, she’s just a young actress and with all these flops behind her, there’s no way she’s thinking of marriage now.

The minds of young actresses don’t work this way. Maybe it’s something they told her family since they strongly objected to them sharing an apartment together, as in living in. Maybe this is the story that they concocted to make the family feel better about their relationship. We do find it strange how everything has quiet down on their side. There was a time when every other day, there was a blind item written about them.

Anyways, we won’t say more. Just check out the blind item from below to see who we are talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - December -


Guess Who? Actress And Filmmaker Couple Are All Set To Tie The Knot In 2018


This celeb couple has starred in various blind pieces right after they worked in a film together for the first time. While the whole industry and media had been talking about their torrid affair in hushed tones, the two went ahead maintaining the β€˜just friends’ stance. The past couple of months, the two have been lying low, keeping everyone guessing about their current status. While she is busy working on another biopic and a much awaited multi-lingual project, he is invested in developing a script.

It’s not like their love life was all rosy. There were issues aplenty. In fact, the actress’ parents were wary of this alliance, thanks to the multi-talented boyfriend’s interfering nature. They suggested that their little girl have an open and assertive discussion, before going ahead and taking a deeper plunge. Looks like, communication helped the two mutually agree on what’s fair and what’s not in the realm of their relationship and now the parents are on board as well.

We hear the two are all set to take their relationship to the next level. From what we hear, 2018 might see them make it official, turning all rumours into reality. If not marriage, an engagement is definitely in the offing. Considering how much fans love to see real love stories from Bollywood, this one will be one big event when it does happen next year. We can’t wait. Have you guessed who this actress and actor-producer-director jodi is? Comment below and let us know.


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Celeb Couple: Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - December

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3 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    They seem to really love each other to be overcoming all these obstacles thrown at them and still trying to hard to be together. Their relationship needs to be given a chance and again only time will tell if they really meant to be with each other.

  2. Pav says:

    Shraddha can’t act but she’s getting movies for some reason (unlike Pari). Perhaps it’s all because of her looks. Talking about her boyfriend, he’s annoying. For me, he’s neither a good actor nor singer. He should stick to directing.

  3. Sara says:

    Shraddha is a vulnerable person. She is homely and has needs to settle down. And farhan reciprocated. Nor all girls are head strong and ambitious.

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