Blind Item – 2015 – Bollywood

We will be closing in soon on the blind items of 2015. We still have a few more that we are going to publish, but first here are the latest one today. Today’s blind item comes from Miss Malini. Very rarely does MM posts blind items and this one is one of those rare occasions. MM does interviews with stars, so we gather that the website got this one from the star directly. No word yet on how true it is or will be, but if it is there will be lots of heartbreaks among young kids. Read on to see who this blind item is about.

Is This A-List Bollywood Star Getting Engaged?

Blind Item – 2015 - Bollywood

Rumour mills are abuzz that a young Bollywood star, who has seen a long string of successes at the box office, may be ready to take steps towards settling down. Word has it that the actor – who has a long-time, steady girlfriend – may announce his engagement within the next year or so. He prefers to remain tight-lipped when the topic of his girlfriend comes up, though, so no one knows much as of now!

Recently, during an interview, he was asked once more about his girlfriend. Again, he tried to deflect the topic by saying that he’d already said all he needed to and had nothing more to add. However, when prompted, he replied simply, “You’ll come to know within 6-8 months.”

OSOP Guesses
Young Bollywood Star: Varun Dhawan
Girlfriend: Natasha Dalal
Blind Item – 2015 - Bollywood

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