Blind Item 2 – February 2018

We are not going to lie, some blind items are written in such a way that it looks like the titles of Mills&Boons books or in recent times, ’50 Shades of Grey’. If you don’t know what M&B is, just ask your old lady and she will tell you. SpotBoye has the habit of writing some blind items like if they are writing for these types of books. Maybe someone there lives in the LaLaLand of lust or something.

The blind item below is of the same type of language. It’s so silly that it sounds fake. Just promotional strategy for no reason. We are guessing it’s because this young actor’s movie is up for release and they needed something to hype people up. But how in the world does a blind item likes this help get the audience to theatres? It doesn’t make sense.

They need to review their strategy because we don’t think this is working. That said, we are actually wondering now what is she working on at the moment? We don’t remember she announced any upcoming film aside from the one she is currently working on. Maybe she’s giving her platter to her sister, who is going to be launched in Bollywood soon.

Anyways, check out the ridiculous blind item below from SP.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – February 2018


Hormones Just Went Into An Overdrive Between This Expressionless Actor & Actress

They don’t have too much work and they are sort of scarred, so yeah you know how it is!

It happens, and it happened recently between this actor who can only give you the same look and the actress who is a beauty without talent. They got together-and how! Both are sort of wounded and maybe the healing is now complete. But not really, as at the time of going online, we heard that the two are still at it.

Their hormonal drive is the talk of town and we have really sharp ears. Some wounds never heal, isn’t it?


OSOP Guesses

Actor and Actress: Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif

Blind Item 2 – February 2018

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24 Responses

  1. Vehle, blind likhne wale says:

    Itni ghatiya writing. Blind items likhte waqt apni pasand or napasand ko kinaare rakh kar dhang se likha karo bakwas. Or kaun keh rha hai katrina vehli hai?? Zero or thugs ke baare mein nahi suna kya? Kyunki film release ya shoot hone se pehle koi faltu ka cheekhti nahi toh vehli maan liya? 2018 mein do khans ke saath aa rahi hai or guarantee hai ki itni nautanki katrina ke film ke release k waqt nahi hogi jitni deepika or alia or pc ke film ke release ke dauraan hogi. Deepika toh nautanki queen hai hi. Or Yeh blind likhne wale or sochne wale duniya ke sabse bade vehle hain. Sharam karo chutiyon.

    • prvilla says:

      kaunse gaayo mein se uth ke aye ho jahil insaan?If it were up to me your ass would have been long blocked from this site which is for civil people with actual opinions and not disgusting,cheap,limited vocabulary like yours!

  2. Nikita says:

    If this has an iota of truth in it then I hope its about Adi and Kat and not Sid and Kat but its obviously false which is most likely being peddled by Kjo or Rk because of the Alia-Rk rumours where they are coming across as bad friends(Alia to Kat and Rk to sid).
    And answering your query admin,Katrina just came out of one of the biggest hit where she was actually praised for her role when everyone was sure she will only have a flowerpot role and is currently shooting for Thugs and Zero and will go on tour in July, I will say she’s doing quite well for a 30+ actress with limited skill who was completely written off just a year ago.

    • Nimi says:

      Agreed, she might be limited but she has made it so far, hopefully she finds a nice guy to give her the relationship stability that she needs.

  3. ath says:

    If this all blinds are true then the friendship of Kat and Alia will be affected they can’t be friends dating each other ex xdd

  4. ath says:

    When this happened!?in which moment this two become a thing? They have a secret relation? I never spotted Sid and Katrina outside work

  5. fansofblinditems says:

    and why is siddharth Malhotra scarred?? i thought he had a comfy upbringing…can anybody please explain…

  6. fansofblinditems says:

    In this pic Kat looks so bad. Sorry Kat fans, don’t mean to be mean. she does not have a photogenic face. She also looks bad in a picture with Aishwarya Rai. she should pose with angles that make her look pretty.

  7. Goldengirl says:

    I don’t like Kat at all but I feel this blind is fake. Kat is now licking her EX Salman was again to reserruct her career and to launch her pornstar sister. She is calculative and need powerful successful men not a flop like sid.

  8. Monalisa says:

    What a tangled web Kjo is weaving. Ranbir-Alia-Sid-Kat.
    If you must plant blinds about your favourites, atleast plant ones that people will believe.

    • leap says:

      kjo is out to prove Bollywood is one giant orgy which might be true. if Ranbir-Alia can hook up why not Sid-Kat . its just a simple case of switcheroo lolz

      • Admin says:

        Oh, you are! We forgot about the Ranboo-Aloo connection. Maybe that’s why KJo sent out this one!

        • NightGlory says:

          Even for the sake of gossip, all this sounds way too messed up! It’s like KJo trying to live his dreams in fantasy land with doing all this. I hope all this drama does not destroy all 5 people involved in this, personally and professionally.
          P.S. What happened to bro code and gal code?

          • leap says:

            Kjo needs to get laid seems to be behind this or else he likely to keep serving this nonsense. its Bollywood what brocode gal code its a simple case of all is fair in love and Bollywood . Also this nonsense being still put forward to people when now people can see through his BS is proof how lost he is as a filmaker from reality . Also sid needs to get rid of kjo and find his own way in Bollywood or find something other thn Bollywood

  9. Amanda says:

    People who have been following bollywood gossips very well identify who planted the blind… KJo, The gossip aunty… Both the dead fish eyes should stop acting and start modeling instead… Their respective sugar daddies can get some good modeling assignments for them…

    • Amanda says:

      I have a feeling that aiyaary will flop… Siddharth has no charisma to draw crowds

      • Manisha says:

        I’m sure Sid will try to piggyback off of great underrated powerhouse Manoj Bajpayee’s talent in the film. Unfortunately MB will carry the film on his shoulder meanwhile Sid will look dull as usual.

        • Amanda says:

          lol… MB is great in whatever films I saw,but still not a crowd-puller… With Sid’s zero BO draw and the other two ladies hardly popular in Btown,I have doubts abt Aiyaary’s performance…

  10. Nimi says:

    LOL Kjo trying to make Sid hot and happening. I don’t believe this at all. 😀

    • Athl says:

      Sid is hot don’t need to try it. Most handsome actor in the industry by far. The girl can be Jackie more than Kat but who knows

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