Blind Item 2 – January 2017

Today’s blind item is from Mumbai Mirror. Frankly, we were a little surprised on reading this blind item. We are sure you will too. What’s the reason? Why the sudden urge to be recognised or to get acclaim? We doubt though people are that interested in her or her business. All they want is access to her husband. We don’t know too, just check out the blind item to see for yourself.

Bollywood Blind Item

A certain interior designer, with family connections to a superstar, is earning herself a bit of snigger for her newfound pushy avatar. We hear she has hired the services of a PR firm to discuss every small business venture of hers. She’s also actively pursuing top industrialists across the country to become her clients. A recent billionaire from Bengaluru is her latest target, and though he can and probably wants to hire a big international name for his property, our lady has been requesting him for even “a small room” to redecorate.


OSOP Guesses

Interior Designer: Gauri Khan

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

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