Blind Item – September 2016 – Bollywood

The blind item we have for you today comes from the silliness of Bollywood relationships. There has been numerous reports about this young actor’s relationship with this young actress, despite the fact that there hasn’t been any proof. The only difference we see is that they were distant for some time and now their sugar daddy paired the young actress with another young actor that also made his debut with him. But the fact that this young actor in the blind item below is making news because he was promiscuous sounds too far-fetched. If he is, then he must be really good at hiding it.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – September 2016 - Bollywood


This insecure girlfriend is her boyfriend's shadow!

There is a reason why this young superstar has earned more than just box office moolah. He is bankable and dependable, both at work and his personal life. His steady relationship vetoes the gossip about his philandering ways. However, every gossip has an inkling of truth in it. And there is this one piece of gossip that just doesn’t get stale. A co-star with whom his romance was made out to be more than just friendship, is an eyesore for his current love interest. In fact, it is a cause of such discomfort for her that she is willing to drop everything and travel saat samundar par, to be by his side, lest anything serious begins to brew between the exes. Meanwhile, the exes, who are spending quality time around each other these days, are maintaining safe distance. The young superstar is steadfast in his mantra – better safe than sorry. After all, he is too ambitious to let his picture perfect career go downhill for matters of the heart.


OSOP Guesses

Young Superstar: Varun Dhawan
Insecure Girlfriend: Natasha Dalal
Co-Star: Alia Bhatt

Blind Item – September 2016 - Bollywood

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  1. Diti says:

    Ha, all the male actors are same. Pigs.

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