Blind Item – October – Hollywood – 2016

A lot of people was surprised when this couple announced that they were getting separated. Well as always in the entertainment industry, there’s always something else that is happening that’s far from the truth. You might not know about this couple below, but many years back this would have been counted as a very interesting blind item as this subject was the star of a very popular superhero franchise movie aimed for kids. Since the franchise decided to go younger, this subject pretty much has been in a few movies here and there, but nothing matched the success and money that he got from the franchise. Read on the blind item from Blind Gossip to find out more.

Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October - Hollywood - 2016

Daddy Demands A Quiet Divorce

Just a couple of quick notes about the separation of this movie actor and his civilian wife.

It’s not just a separation. There WILL be a divorce. They are just trying to keep it low-key and as undramatic as possible.

They originally got together because her Daddy could give him a big career. The marriage may be over, but Daddy is still very powerful and Actor is smart enough not to burn bridges. So, as long as no rogue third parties chime in, this whole process will be VERY quiet, because that is the way Daddy wants it!

In fact, you might say that this divorce will be almost… pleasant.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Tobey Maguire

Wife: Jennifer Meyer

Daddy: Ron Meyer (Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal)

Blind Item – October - Hollywood - 2016

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