Blind Item – May – Bollywood


Today’s blind item is about two actresses in Bollywood, two famous actresses. It has been said in the past, it’s not the first time, that these two actresses can’t stand each other. One is younger than the other one and apparently, it’s the younger one that’s jealous of the older one. There was a rumour that she once referred to the older one as “Aunty”, but she denied it when she was asked about it. Now at a recent film festival, the older one got more publicity than the younger one, so she’s back at being envious at her. Check out and see if you can guess who this blind item is talking about.

Bollywood Blind Item

These Two Actresses Can Barely Stand the Sight of Each Other

Blind Item – May - Bollywood

TWO female actors, both legendary beauties, bring up the old chestnut that actors can never be friends. Their rivalry we hear is barely restricted to the beauty brand they both endorse–instead, one can barely stand the sight of the other. So much so that at a recently-held style awards function in Delhi, the younger actor kept calling the organisers to enquire when the senior actor would leave. She wanted to ensure they wouldn’t share the room together. She conveyed she would arrive only after the former left. Luck didn’t favour the young lady, as the senior was still around when she arrived. But the young one decided to make herself scarce when the older one received her award. And here we thought all the effort taken in an event is couture, hair and makeup.

OSOP Guesses

Two Female Actresses: Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai
Style Awards: HT Most Stylish Awards

Blind Item – May - Bollywood

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